Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm offensive!

The other day I went for lunch in the Gay Ghetto of Ft. Lauderdale, Wilton Manors. There's a plaza there with a very popular gay bar, some gay shops, a gay gym, and some gay restaurants. Notice the word "gay" precedes all of the locations just listed.

So I drive into the parking lot, get out of my truck, step up onto the small sidewalk, and shriek. There's a big old sign with a picture of two leather daddies kissing in a sling (see photo to the left). And I'm one of the leather daddies! Damn, I wish they would tip you off when they are going to use your photo locally. It's nice to be prepared. Had I just finished lunch I may very well have thrown up on it.

I reached down and pulled out one of the postcards tucked into the rack attached to the sign. It's another shot with me. Basically, my ass in chaps leaning over a motorcycle kissing someone. Now that I think of it... I guess I really do kiss a lot of people. Is that wrong?

Anyway, it's been about 2 weeks now and the sign has become the focus of some drama here. (Well... as much drama as anything can be in a little gay shopping center in the little gay ghetto of Wilton Manors.) Apparently the plaza owners thought that the sign was offensive and were worried that children might be upset by it. Ya... because so many children hang out at the gay bar, and the gay gym, and eat in the gay restaurants and shop at the gay stores. There isn't even a dick or ass in the photo! Maybe if they would have used the photo on the postcard with my ass sticking out I could sympathize with their concern. I mean, I certainly wouldn't want to see a poster with my ass on it right before I went into one of the restaurants to eat.

Well, they solved the problem by moving the sign inside the gay card shop that has racks full of greeting cards with naked men sporting hardons and books and calendars featuring the same. I guess not the children will be safe when they go to the gay bar and gym as long as they don't try to buy a card for their mom or dad. Ugh... really people. It's just two guys kissing!

This is the photo used on the sign. It was taken by my favorite photographer and good friend SylvesterQ.

Here is the other photo featuring my ass. It was also taken by my favorite photographer and good friend SylvesterQ.


Stan said...

I understand how you feel Nick, but damn those pics are hot!

Anonymous said...

your blog is sensational Mr!:)