Monday, April 29, 2013

Buckhead Daddy Reviews DAMAGED GOODS

I'm very proud and honored to see that Damaged Goods has gotten an awesome 5 Star review from Buckhead Daddy! Here is the review if you are interested...

Reviewed by Buckhead Daddy


I was anxious to see Treasure Island Media’s newest film, “Damaged Goods”. The trailer was hot, provocative, dark and demented. When I saw the film, I realized something about myself and probably what many other porn connoisseurs were experiencing: The craving for more darker sex, non-routine bareback fucking, and the total exhaustive use of a bottom’s fuckhole. Well this film delivers that impact, and will satisfy any craving for total BDSM depravity.

This film is a new direction for Paul Morris. While all of his films from various directors are hot and intense, this film may be one of the best yet. This film is unscripted, real BDSM, and leaves boys bruised, bleeding and well-fucked. The abuse that some of them take is mind-blowing. Being tag-teamed and reamed out with huge cocks can either look very painful or very satisfying. Being a bottom, its the type of treatment I crave, and seeing it on film is a true turn-on.  It took me several days to watch the film, as each scene will make you cum hard…and I mean hard!

This film is directed by Nick Moretti, a pro porn star himself, turned director. I really dig his style. He stars in this film, in addition to directing it. This guy knows porn, and how to make it! I am glad to see him working on films for TIM, and I hope to see more of his work. This film features some twisted shit. I mean it will take you to the dark side of hard-core sex. I mean, Paul Morris has always been extreme in his work, but teaming up with Nick has been a true experiment that has produced some excellent but demented results.

I was immediately turned on by the first scene. It was brutal. Brad McGuire and Nick Moretti just fuck the living shit out of Rowdy McBeal. Rowdy is a young guy who has the sweetest fuckhole I have ever seen. McGuire punches Rowdy in the face, nearly breaking his jaw as he brutally fucks him. The tag-teaming duo have his hands restrained, and Rowdy is at the mercy of these big-dicked fuckers craving his young hole. The fuck him all over the place, and at the end of the fucking, the camera shows Rowdy’s abused hairy fuckhole, tender and red, spread open, hair slicked down by spit, and cum all over his hole. Damn it was the hottest vision I have seen in a log time. I actually watched this scene four times, as I just couldn’t seem to get enough of that heavy action.

After recovering from scene one, I was hit with scene two. This scene features BIG dicked Antonio Biaggi pulverizing Patrick O’Conners hole. He works Patrick so hard that Patrick tears up in the scene. He smashes his ass with a paddle, burns his cock with wax, and shows no mercy working that huge fucking cock up his ass. I mean he fucks him so hard, that his balls are swinging in the air and slapping Patrick’s ass when Biaggi has him in a doggy position. I watched that scene on slow speed so I could see each inch of Biaggi’s cock sink into his hole, and even on slow speed, it seemed fast. That was one rough pounding. This scene was both disturbing and beautiful. It is a scene you won’t forget.

Little farm boy, Tyson James gets tied down and hard fucked by Moretti in the next scene. Tyson is young, smooth and has a succulent fuckhole that grips Moretti’s fat dick. You can sense the pleasure of his hole as his flesh around his hole ripples with each thrust. Tyson blows an amazing load after that fucking. His boy dick is a nice size, and watching him cum with such intensity  after such a hard fucking, pays honor to Moretti for a job well done.

The other scenes in this video are just as intense. This is unscripted, minimally directed porn. And it shows. It truly captures raw, primal sex. It shows the balance of pleasure and pain.
Nick Moretti commented about the film in his article on the TIM blog: “After years as a performer and then director at another studio I was finally released from their dungeon. My mind was filled with so many things I had wanted to document on film. Dark and disturbing, raw and beautiful things. Things I wasn’t allowed to do in the past, for whatever reason. There was only one company I had any interest in sharing my ideas with; that was Treasure Island Media. From what I had seen of their films I knew they weren’t afraid to push limits and explore sexual boundaries. In fact, they excelled at doing just that.”

While I love so many of TIM’s films, this has to be perhaps one of my top favorites. If there is any porn film you get this year, this one is a must. When you ad TIM’s philosophy and quality to a film, and add Moretti’s dark, unscripted style, you get a BDSM masterpiece. This film is definitely a 5 star production. I can’t wait to see more from Moretti.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Raw Hot Bears and red hot issues

This has been such a busy week! First of all, I finished shooting my new movie, BBRT's "Hot Raw Bears". I've super happy with the scenes I've shoot and the models are all pretty freakin HOT as hell! 

I filmed the first scene while I was in Phoenix for The Phoenix Forum a few weeks back. I had been talking to the two models for the scene via text, email and cell phone and things got completely confusing. Turns out I was actually talking to three guys instead of two. So I turned it into a 3-way! To make things even crazier, the hot bear models were all groping at me while I was filming them and I got really horny. So horny that I handed one of them the camera, fucked the hell out of the bottom, and then took the camera back and kept on filming. It was completely not planned and I've never done anything like that while filming before. I'm going totally leave that in the scene!
Rico Vega and Aiden from scene 1 of Hot Raw Bears.
The second scene featured James Roscoe and Kodah Filmore. These guys were so into each other that I couldn't get the camera recording fast enough. Talk about a perfect scene!
Kodah Filmore and James Roscoe from scene 2 of Hot Raw Bears.
I was lucky enough to get Jake Mitchell to be in the third scene of the film. I've been a big fan of Jake's for a while and I was even in a scene with him a while back (even though we never touched). I paired him up with the very sexy Jack Sullivan and the result was some Hot Daddy Porn! Gotta say I'm an even bigger fan of Jake Mitchell after this scene. That man can fuck!
Jake Mitchell and Jack Sullivan from scene 3 of Hot Raw Bears.
The forth scene featured porn newcummer Patrick DeLuca and the 2013 Raven's Eden Awards winner for "Best Bear/Hairy Star". (Ya... that would be me. LOL) Patrick DeLuca is one Hot furry fucker, with a handsome face, some awesome tatt work, and a beautiful, beefy furry ass. To say the scene went well would be an understatement I'm thinking Patrick might just have a nice porn career ahead of him... but you be the judge of that.
Nick Moretti (me) and Patrick DeLuca from scene 4 of Hot Raw Bears.
This week also featured an Amtrack trip to Sacramento to speak out against AB-332 (the "Condom Porn" bill). This bill is not what it seems like on the surface and it needs to be stopped. I'm not going to get all political on you guys but do some research and see for yourself what all will happen if this bill passes. The whole Factory Videos crew went including Damon Dogg and we even got to get up and express our extreme objection to the bill. Unfortunately, it passed this round of hearings. It still has one more round to go and if it passes that it will go into effect in January of 2015. Fingers crossed that people actually do the research and see what is really going on with this bill, and that it is finally rejected.

Damon Dogg and I in Sacramento protesting AB-332.
Me at the steps of the capital building in Sacramento.
On a very bright note... the two awards I won from the 2013 Raven's Eden Awards finally came in the mail. I can't tell you how freakin happy it made me to get them! This is an award based on actual viewers and fans votes and not given out by porn companies to promote their own stars and movies. This means so much to me. Who the heck would ever have thought that at age 49 (yes, my 50th birthday is just three months away) I would still be popular and be winning awards! Don't worry, it's not going to go to my head. I'm totally humbled and appreciative to be given the opportunities and success I've had in this industry.

Me with my tow 2013 Raven's Eden awards!
My 2013 Raven's Eden awards have a proud new home in my cubicle here at work.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday Cumday Jack Off

Been a while since I've posted a jack off video. I was laying in bed on a beautiful Sunday morning after working all night at the Cumunion Party. Watching all those guys fucking each other's brains out had me horny as fuck. Time to take matters into my own hands.

Friday, April 19, 2013

So now I'm a Bareback Addict?

SX Video has just released the video where I have a daddy/boy scene with cute little Tyson James. I've posted the scene description and some photos below and you can see the whole thing by clicking here.

Hot, hunky, daddy Nick Moretti comes home to find his "boy", Tyson James, naked and ready to go. "Hey Daddy, show me what you can do," Tyson begs coyly. That's all Nick needs to start kissing and stroking Tyson's soft, youthful skin. However, Tyson can't resist the urge to release the beast that is begging to be uncaged from Nick's blue jeans.

Tyson wastes no time in gobbling Nick's monster cock. After all, what good boy doesn't enjoy pleasing his daddy? Nick is happy to return the favor. After taking good care of his boy's cock, Nick flips him over to eat Tyson's perfect little tush getting it good and wet.

With Tyson's tight little hole ready to go, Nick slides his rock-hard cock deep inside the boy. Tyson moans as his insides are filled by daddy meat.

Nick shows us how a true porn god fucks by slamming, pounding, and thrusting in many different positions while making it look easy! It's no surprise that Tyson cums on his own stomach while getting railed.

Nick uses that boy-spunk as lube to fuck Tyson a little while longer. When Nick can't hold it any longer, he cums on Tyson's thoroughly worked ass and fucks it right back in.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Read my TIM story... A Grand Experiment

There is a new posting on the Treasure Island Media website with me talking about my experience directing Damaged Goods for them. Find out about my first bizarre meeting with the legendary Paul Morris and what it was like beating the crap out of your boyfriend in a BDSM shoot. You can read the whole story by clicking here.

Monday, April 15, 2013

New Dick Wadd Video

Hogan Gets Plowed

Dick Wadd Video (Raw and Rough) just released a new scene that I performed in. This one feature huge muscle hunk Hogan Wade getting used by myself and a hot group of guys. Lots of piss, a huge dildo on a fuck machine, and some hot fucking. Looks pretty good to me!

Here is the scene description followed by a couple of photos from the sceene.
Click here if you want to see more.

Scene Description: Cope is sittin' on the toilet jackin' off when in walks Jason, all bug eyed, lookin' at Cope's thick, hard fuckin' man meat. Cope calls the pig over to the toilet and pushes him down on the cock. Jason spits on the meat and starts servicin' it when Nick swaggers in. He's sportin' what Jason wants: a big fuckin' man pole danglin' from a tatted, hairy, hunk o' daddy. Jason looks up and gets a huge piss load in the face. He starts lappin' at the stream like he never had a drink in his friggin' life. Meanwhile, everyone hears moaning in the corner. Of course it's fuckin' Mason, bound to the wall, dumpin' a piss load down Todd's throat. Then Hogan appears on the bench, with big fuckin' cocks danglin' in his lucky face and Jason pissin' all over his chest while Mason works his nips. Hogan's in hog heaven, but hey, that's another video title. Nick starts workin' Hogan's bud with his fingers, then plows the hungry hole while Cope face fucks Hogan. Cope takes over and pounds the livin' hell outa Hogan's open manhole while everyone else is standin' around jackin' and watchin'. Nick hauls out a humongous fuckin' dildo and works Hogan's ass with it as Derek shoots a big, ropey load o' jizz down Hogan's hungry fuckin' pig throat.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just Released - DAMAGED GOODS

I could not be any prouder to present...
Over a year in the making, this new Treasure Island Media film is the cumulation of my years of my work in the gay porn industry and the embodiment of my passion for kink.
I hope you enjoy. Nick Moretti

Friday, April 5, 2013

Damaged Goods FREE PREVIEW!!!

I am so, so, SO HAPPY to announce that Treasure Island Media has FINALLY announced the release of the fetish film I directed for them and even put up a really HOT preview trailer. You can check it out by clicking HERE.

Paul Morris released this statement with it...
I team up with NICK MORETTI for a first-ever grand experiment, bringing together legendary stud BRAD MCGUIRE, ANTONIO BIAGGI, CHAD BROCK, MORGAN BLACK, and others, to push each other’s boundaries, create memorable torment, and spread plenty of seed.Get yourself ready for some twisted shit. - Paul Morris

I am SO PROUD of this movie and I feel that it is a natural evolution for me after my many years of experience as a director and model and I really hope my fans and the BDSM community like this project. It is truly the first bareback/fetish movie out there.

Thank you to Paul Morris and Treasure Island Media for making this dream come true for me!

Click here to see the FREE PREVIEW!


Monday, April 1, 2013

A lot ot eggs

Yesterday was Easter and the weather was a little spotty here in San Francisco. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have a big celebration in Dolores Park every year including an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids in the morning, an out of control Easter Bonnet Contest, and a Hunky Jesus Contest. When I got to the park the weather was ok but 5 minutes later the rain came pouring down and it was all over. I heard they moved everything to Cafe Flor but I just went home. I've been feeling a little down lately so I took the day to color Easter eggs (photos are above and below), bake a ham and the fixings to go with it, watch some movies ("Butter" was awesome and I liked the "Life of Pi") and watch the entire 2nd season of Ru Paul's Drag Race. I had never watched it before until I was stuck in Staten Island spending time with my dying dad last year and nothing to do. I had watched the first 3 episodes there and it was good to watch the rest and see how it turned out.

I've been juggling a lot of eggs lately. Super busy at work... editing, directing, modeling. The latest movie I directed, edited, and appear in, "Who's Load is That" is finished and should be out in a couple of weeks. I'm about to start shooting my next movie "Hot, Raw, Bears" as soon as I get back from my trip to Pheonix for The Phoenix Forum. I've never been to that before and I'm hopping to learn more about the business of porn and hopefully make some good connections with others in the field.

The BDSM movie for my new Raw Edge Video line here at Factory Videos should be out in a couple of weeks and I'm really looking forward to that. It is called "Rough, Raw, Real and that's exactly what it is. The fetish movie I did for Treasure Island Media is supposed to be out very soon as well. I'm not sure what that one is going to be named but I hope it will be "BreeDSM". I can't guarantee a release date for that one or even if it will ever be released. Dealing with Treasure Island Media can be a lot like dealing with the Wizard from "The Wizard of Oz". Very mysterious and never sure exactly what is going on. My experiences with them have been awesome and I am hoping the outcome will be as well. Fingers crossed!

Here are some photos from my weekend and then a little video at the end of the post. I hope everyone had a peaceful and happy Easter weekend surrounded with people who love them.

With Sister Eden of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in Dolores Park on Easter Sunday.
Batch #1 of Easter Eggs.
Batch #2 of Easter Eggs.
Batch #3 of Easter Eggs.
Here is a little video of me playiing with the new Despicable Me 2 Talking Dave toy that I just got to cheer my spirits up. I LOVED the first Despicable Me move and can't wait for the sequel. And how could this crazy little guy not cheer you up?