Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm off?

It's noon here and I'm just about finished packing for the cruise... that I may or may not be going on. There are so many factors to consider and so much drama attached to this trip.
If I do go you won't see a post until I get back.
If I don't go I'll probably post a sad and whiny post later today.
Say a prayer that things work out the way they should.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Still not sure what's happening about the cruise. I may be going. I may not be going. I may be going, but not alone. I don't know.

And on the brighter side...
My refrigerator doesn't work. It just never got cold. All my food, including the new stuff is spoiled. The people at The Home Depot have been nice and are going to replace it after I get back from the cruise... if I go. Now I have to call there "Insurance" people and argue with them to get the money back for all the food. Ugh.

Sometimes you're the bug... and sometimes you're the windshield.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brrrr... it's cold in here!

They delivered my new refrigerator today so now I can go out and buy some Cheeseburger Lean Pockets again!!!

My old refrigerator broke a couple of months ago. It wouldn't turn on again after it cycled off. That meant that if I didn't turn it back on manually it would defrost. So I couldn't really keep food in it, especially if I went away on a trip.

So I finally got some money thanks to the latest round of porn and bought a new one! Ah... the glamorous life of a porn star and all the wonderful, exciting things we get to buy with the porn money. Jeez... it's all I can do just to pay my bills!

And while were on the topic of cold...
It's FREEZING HERE! I think it was 42 degrees here today and tonight it's going down to the 30's. But no worries... I'll be on the cruise soon enough. I hope. Some complications I'd rather not mention have popped up.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Going Cruising

I'm exhausted from a busy weekend of working at bars and bathhouses and cleaning house. Now I'm ready to start thinking about my upcoming trip. I'm going on the Atlantis Freedom Caribbean Cruise next week!

It's gonna be my 5th Atlantis cruise. Truth be told, I didn't really want to go on it. I wanted to go on a 10 day trip to the Grand Canyon filled with river rafting, horseback riding, hiking, and camping. That's my fantasy vacation.

But I booked the cruise because my ex wanted to go and it's paid for. So instead of rafting on a river and riding horses, I'll be sailing on the sea and riding boys. Guess I can't complain, can I? Of course I'll take lots of pictures and post them when I'm back.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

SWEAT with me at the bathhouse!

The guys at Pantheon Production asked my friend Tim and I to represent them at a couple of events here in Fort Lauderdale. I don't usually like to do appearances here. Why? Because it's just weird to have your good friends see you in porn mode and a lot of people here don't even know I do porn.

The weekend is called "SWEAT" and it's being sponsored by Pantheon Productions and Grey Rose Productions. The first event is Friday night at Scandals Country Western Bar. The second is at The Club Fort Lauderdale (ya... the bathhouse) on Sunday afternoon. And the third event is at the Jackhammer Dance Club.

If you're in the Fort Lauderdale area please stop by one of the events and say "Hi!"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Show Luke some love... You know you want to!

My new friend Luke Riley just started up his own blog today. Stop by and show him some love!

I just worked with Luke for the Bound Gods site and DAMN is he HOT!!! He's also a big sweetheart. (There are more photos of him in action in one of my previous posts from my last trip to San Francisco.)

Click here to go to Luke's new blog.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Armistead Maupin saw my dick!

First, let me say I am a big, freakin' dork!
I actually met Armistead Maupin when I was in San Francisco and I had NO IDEA it was him. I am a HUGE fan of his. I've read and reread the Tales of the City books over and over again (as any self-respecting gay man should).

I was hanging with Conner and some other people (in a situation and place I would rather not mention here) and I was introduced to this older guy who looked just like Armistead Maupin. After about an hour he left and later on Conner actually brought up Armistead's name while we were kidding around. I thought it was funny that he thought he looked like him too.

Today I was reading an email that had been frowarded to me and when I glanced at the bottom I saw the name Armistead. Huh?

I texted Conner immediately and he confirmed that I am a big ole' dork and that it was him.

And to make the whole thing worse.... ARMISTEAD MAUPIN SAW MY DICK!!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy he saw it (you can probably tell I like to show it to people). I'm not sure he was impressed... but I'd like to think so. Unfortunately, I didn't get to tell him how impressed I am with him. How much I LOVE his work and how he has had such a positive influence in my life through his stories when I really didn't have any other exposure to gay life.

NOTE: The photo of Conner and I was taken with my trusty iPhone at an awesome Tea place named Samovar. I highly recommend it for great tea and fresh and tasty food! When I actually met Armistead Maupin, Conner and I were pretty much doing the same thing as in this photo, but we may or may not have been wearing clothes at the time. ;-)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bound Gods Shoot with Luke Riley

The Bound Gods shoot I did yesterday with 19 year old Luke Riley went AWESOME!!! We started out in some HOT latex gear and ended up tied up, gagged and covered in cum. All in a day's work I guess. I posted lots of photos below thanks to my trusty iPhone.

This was Luke's first time doing any kind of BDSM and I was really worried about him. No reason for that. He could take everything I dished out and challenge me for more. You can tell from the photos he's no wimp. And DAMN was he HOT! Rugged face, beautiful body, nice bubble butt covered with light golden fur, and a big, thick cock. OK... I just got myself worked up there a bit thinking about him.

At one point during the shoot I looked down, glanced at my dick, and what I saw just made me laugh like hell. (I posted the picture below.) Sometimes I'm just a walking dick! LOL!

After the shoot I walked him down to Castro Street (he'd never been there before) and we walked in some of the stores and had some cookies. He was too young to get into any of the bars but we were both having a great time without it. We both were starving and beat, so we got something to eat and then headed back to the armory.

We were the only ones in the whole building and Luke wanted to explore the infamous basement of the Armory. So we grabbed a flashlight and headed down there. CREEPY as HELL but so much fun! After some searching we found the little river that runs the place. So the rumor was true! (I posted a picture of the bridge that goes over it.) We also found bizarre rooms filled with cages, machines and freaky, hellish torture devices. What a great ending to a great day!

Luke left this morning, but he lives in Ft. Lauderdale and I know we will stay friends. I'm checking out of the Armory now and heading over to my great friend Bo Matthews place now. I have the day off so it's just the gym, and eating, and shopping for me. Tomorrow night I work at Truck from 9:00pm till 1:30am & then head to the airport for my 6:30am flight home. If you're in the neighborhood please stop by TRUCK, say "Hi" and have a shot with me!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

From Daddy to Master

I'm all shaved and colored and ready to film my scene with Bound Gods as Master Nick. I really got GREAT responses from the salt & pepper Daddy Nick look and it's good to know that I can do it whenever I want by just doing nothing! (You can scroll down to the post below to see what I looked like yesterday at this time.)

I met my scene partner last night. Actually, he sneaked up on me while I was on the computer at the Armory and scared the shit out of me. This building is creapy as hell and I was the only one staying here... or so I thought.

Gotta say, he looks nothing like his pictures. He looked like a pretty boy twink in the photos I got of him. I guess he's grown up a bit since then cause he's HOT as fuck now!

This is his first Bound Gods video and I hope he's up for the challenge. We'll find out soon enough. I'll try to post an update and some photos when we're done filming.

I hope you guys like these posts I'm doing updating on my porn shoots. I could always go back to posting about rats and Lean Pockets. ;-)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sickos, Drugs, Conner Habib & Huge Loads...

I'm falling asleep fast thanks to the Cold Medicine I just took but I had to give an update on how my porn filled trip is going.

I flew Southwest Airlines to San Francisco and that meant that I got to pick my own seat when I got aboard. Usually that wouldn't be a big deal, but this time it meant picking out who I would be contaminating with my horrible cold. I picked a poor sweet couple (see picture) who looked like they didn't have a problem in the world and could handle a few days of sniffling and sneezing. Even before the plane took off they new they were screwed, thanks to my non-stop sneezing and coughing, and they moved as far away from me as possible on a packed plane. So I actually got tons of room to stretch out my aching body. I really felt bad for them, but somebody had to get it and why not them?

My friend Bo Matthews picked me up at the airport after I landed and I made him take me immediately to Walgreens Pharmacy on Castro Street for some Cold Medicine. The cold medicine isle was filled with other gay guys also infected with this horrible plague.

I got to the Armory, checked in (after a 1/2 hour wait from the new security guard who I am convinced is actually retarded), took my cold medicine, and dropped my ass into bed.

This morning, when I woke up, I felt halfway human. See the two pictures of me to see what I ended up looking like for the Pantheon shoot with the salt & pepper hair and beard.

The shoot went FREAKING AWESOME!!! Conner and I had a GREAT connection and it was a very passionate and HOT scene. I was the "Daddy" taking his nervous "Boy" to a sex club for the first time. The scene played out perfectly and the HUGE cum shots at the end were the proof

I posted some pictures of Conners photo shoot here. What a HOT and SEXY fucker he is!

The two of us went to a great Thai Restaurant afterwards and finally got to eat. (You usually don't eat before a porn shoot for many reasons which I will not begin to touch on but include not having a big ole' belly for the photo shoot.)

Then tonight we met out at a bar called 440, had a few laughs, and went for a late night meal at a Mexican restaurant. (Ya... that means I will probably have a big ole' belly for my Bound Gods shoot tomorrow.)

Well, there is my update on how my trip is going. I'll try to post another one right after my Bound Gods shoot tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a good night's sleep. I know I will!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On the road again...

I'm heading to the airport now so I can board a plane and give everyone my cold on the way to San Francisco. This lady sneezed right in my face yesterday and a couple of hours later I was sneezing myself. I hope it's a short cold cause I want to be in top shape for my shoot with Conner tomorrow. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT!

I'll try to post some updates during my trip.

This photos was taken a couple of weeks ago by Mike at ATLASMEN.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Why I have a hot ass...

I have a little confession...

There is something you should know about me if you ever run into me in a bar or club in Fort Lauderdale.

If you reach into my back pocket you will probably find an fully cooked Lean Pocket that has been kept at just the right temperature by being nestled between my warm and inviting...

OK, got carried away there.

Sometimes there is one in each back pocket if it's going to be a long night. And it will probably be Cheeseburger flavor. This is an absolute fact that my friends have learned to accept. (At least I think they accept it.)

And DO NOT confuse this as an offer to give you a bite. You may draw back a nub if you try to rob one of my Lean Pocket Cheeseburger treats.

I just thought you should know what that delicious aroma coming from by bootie area was.

And now you know :-)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Rockin' the Daddy Look! (LOL)

So the salt and pepper and scruff are coming in nicely. Here's a picture taken with my iPhone at my desk here at work. What do you think? I'll try to get a better picture before I leave for San Francisco next week.
(Note the Porn Star mug I keep on my desk. It reminds me that no matter how stressful things are at my "real" job... there's always porn! LOL)

I've also posted a couple of pictures from the "Genesis Morning Party" that I went to yesterday at club Mansion in Miami. It was packed an AWESOME! I got there about 11am and left about 4pm. I went home with the hot guy that I went out with on New Year's Eve. I think I'm really starting to like him. Oh... and the white hair and scruff were a big hit! It may be time for "Master Nick" to turn into "Daddy Nick". LOL.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm in love!

Last night was New Year's Eve. The end of a year filled with amazing success and great losses for me. But they say that all of that is the journey that gets yo to where you are supposed to be. And last night I was where I was supposed to be... on a perfect date!

We got into my truck (complete with new working engine) and headed to the Broward Performing Arts Center to see "Avenue Q". 10th row seats!!! Color me happy! Had a drink at intermission and thought about how lucky I was to be there. Saw the rest of the show and LOVED IT!

Then we head to a little New Year's Eve house party that ended up being a HUGE New Year's Eve Extravaganza! Everyone I knew was there and I was surrounded by good, loving feelings. Good food... Good booze... and Good times! I kissed most of my close friends at midnight and we left about 15 minutes later.

Drove back to my place, slipped into more comfortable clothes, ate some Cheeseburger Lean Pockets, and relaxed. We ended up in bed and it all had a happy ending.

In case you are wondering who this mystery man is I'll tell you. It was me. I took myself on a date for New Year's Eve. I treated myself the way I would like to be treated. And I had a really, really perfect night. :-)

Well, it's 10am here and I am heading to Miami for the "Genesis Morning Party" and a club called Mansion. It's a New Year's morning tradition and my date and I are totally going to enjoy it! But, I have to admit... I may dump his ass if a nice, hot man comes along. LOL.

Your friend Nick