Friday, January 9, 2009

Bound Gods Shoot with Luke Riley

The Bound Gods shoot I did yesterday with 19 year old Luke Riley went AWESOME!!! We started out in some HOT latex gear and ended up tied up, gagged and covered in cum. All in a day's work I guess. I posted lots of photos below thanks to my trusty iPhone.

This was Luke's first time doing any kind of BDSM and I was really worried about him. No reason for that. He could take everything I dished out and challenge me for more. You can tell from the photos he's no wimp. And DAMN was he HOT! Rugged face, beautiful body, nice bubble butt covered with light golden fur, and a big, thick cock. OK... I just got myself worked up there a bit thinking about him.

At one point during the shoot I looked down, glanced at my dick, and what I saw just made me laugh like hell. (I posted the picture below.) Sometimes I'm just a walking dick! LOL!

After the shoot I walked him down to Castro Street (he'd never been there before) and we walked in some of the stores and had some cookies. He was too young to get into any of the bars but we were both having a great time without it. We both were starving and beat, so we got something to eat and then headed back to the armory.

We were the only ones in the whole building and Luke wanted to explore the infamous basement of the Armory. So we grabbed a flashlight and headed down there. CREEPY as HELL but so much fun! After some searching we found the little river that runs the place. So the rumor was true! (I posted a picture of the bridge that goes over it.) We also found bizarre rooms filled with cages, machines and freaky, hellish torture devices. What a great ending to a great day!

Luke left this morning, but he lives in Ft. Lauderdale and I know we will stay friends. I'm checking out of the Armory now and heading over to my great friend Bo Matthews place now. I have the day off so it's just the gym, and eating, and shopping for me. Tomorrow night I work at Truck from 9:00pm till 1:30am & then head to the airport for my 6:30am flight home. If you're in the neighborhood please stop by TRUCK, say "Hi" and have a shot with me!


Doug said...

Rubber suits you. Great shots!

Stan said...

LMFAO! at the picture of your cock! It has feet! It sure looks delicious though,,,,drool.

Unknown said...

you look very sexy, i can't wait to see you and Luke together.

Tom said...

Oh, man, the cock shot is excellent. Trusty iPhone, indeed.

Have fun at Truck! They have porn stars (Steve Cruz, specifically) appear occasionally down here in L.A. at the Faultline bar -- I hope to see you make a personal appearance there sometime.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping an updated blog. I look forward to you scene with Luke. You look so damn sexy!

Anonymous said...

OMG! The only thing missing in the basement pictures is a ghost! :>)