Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let's get personal...

I haven't really posted much at all about my personal life here on my personal blog for a while. I've had too many issues with "friends" or "fans" judging what I do or misunderstanding. I've had many bad times come out of this. That's not right. I don't want this blog to be... "My new movie came out look how awesome it is?" or... "I'm so busy with all this work, work, work". I also have a full life outside of work. A spiritual life, friends, passions, hobbies, family. I'm going to start sharing that stuff again and see how it goes.

Here is a little video I did to test out the brand new Sony video camera that I just bought. It's very compact but also very, very advanced. In some ways it is actually much better than the much more expensive Sony video camera I use at work. I actually hate that one. It's very heavy, it records TONS of noise, clicks, camera body noises. BAD!!! I'm totally looking forward to using my new camera on the next shoot I direct. And I'm totally looking forward to going back to doing blog posts about my life instead of just the videos I have come out. Keep checking back and you'll see what I mean. :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pound The Flesh

Slut Machine has just released the movie "Pound The Flesh" featuring the scene where Antonio Biaggi fucks me and destroys any thought I may ever have had of being a power bottom as well as destroying my hole. Thank God the two of us are friends. LOL Here are a few photos of the assacre... I mean massacre and CLICK HERE if you want to see a free preview or the whole scene.

SCENE DESCRIPTION: The monster cock Impaler is back and this time I wanted to see him fuck the muscle ass of hairy chest daddy Nick Moretti. Nothing beats watching a real man take meat up his hairy hole. This is what making porn is all about. The smell of the sweat. The rippling muscles. I was rock hard filming this scene. You could feel the heat from Nick's asshole as the Impaler's giant cock builds up friction before blowing his fuck juice into it. I loved watching Nick's hole ooze cum afterwards all stretched out and red. It's a thing of beauty.

After the hole beating Nick enjoys nothing more than licking and sucking clean the ass juice from Antonio's throbbing man meat.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Truck Stop Pigs - Part 2

The second part of Dick Wadd's "Truck Stop Pigs" is now online for your piggy pleasure. Lots of hot guys sucking, fucking, and pissing in a truck stop bathroom... with me like a hog in heaven right in the middle of it! here is a free preview and some photos. If you want to see the whole thing CLICK HERE.
Description: Jason Mitchell is face down in the toilet of this dirty truck stop, getting pissed on by Cope and Mason Garet, when in walks hung daddy Derek Anthony. Derek came in to take a piss, but ends up feeding it Jason instead. Mason gets on the piss soaked floor and begs to be fucked. First Cope drills his hot hole, then Nick Moretti fucks Mason with his rock hard cock. After Nick pounds Mason's hole nice and deep, he washes that hole off with hot streams of piss. Mason stands up and puts his ass up to the glory hole, where Nick and Derek take turns fucking Mason's greedy hole while Todd Maxwell and Jason feed Mason more piss. Nick and Derek both dump their loads up Mason's ass. Cope sees this and announces he too wants to dump his load in Mason's pig hole. Cope fucks Mason so hard he nearly knocks down the glory hole wall. Cope then fills Mason with a huge load from his pulsating cock. Nick and Todd play with Mason's cum oozing hole as the scene comes to a close.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Raw City 2: San Fran Breeders

I had no idea that Dark Alley had release the first movie that I directed for them!

Here is the synopsis: Welcome back to raw city! Porn star gone director Nick Moretti has been on the hunt for the hungriest cum holes of San Francisco and man has he scored big time. Not only are these sluts always ready to get down to business, but they’re also able to take the biggest cocks that we throw their way!

Get ready for some monster cocks pumping warm cum into willing assholes as we return to Raw City.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Truck Stop Pigs - Part 1

As I promised in my last post, the first part of the Dick Wadd video that I did a couple of weeks ago was released today. I checked out the preview and it looks just like I thought it would... HOT & DIRTY! Looking at the photos brings back fun memories and makes me have to pee again. God, did we all pee that day... and suck.... and fuck... and fuck... and fuck. You can check out a free preview by CLICKING HERE. Hope you like!
Here is the scene description: Mason Garet is a filthy little piss pig and he wants some dirty glory hole action. He finds it at the local truck stop bathroom. Mason sees furry muscle Daddy Nick Moretti through the glory hole and they both start to stroke their cocks. Nick sticks his big hard cock through the glory hole and Mason dives on it. Mason sucks Nick's big dick, taking it down his throat and getting Nick's cock sloppy wet with his spit. Nick decides to return the favor by getting Mason wet in a different way. Nick starts to piss on Mason through the glory hole. Wetting down Mason's face and body with warm liquid gold. Young muscle stud Jason Mitchell walks in on the two and asks 'What the Fuck is going on?' Nick invites Jason to join in on their little piss party. Jason is more than happy to feed slut bottom Mason his bladder full of piss. Mason is a truck stop whore in heaven and the enthusiasm at which he sucks off Jason and Nick shows his appreciation. Just when Mason thought his day couldn't get any better, in walks sexy young punk Cope. Cope stopped in the truck stop to take a piss but he gets more than he bargained for. Cope takes a piss all over Mason. Mason then cleans Cope's sweaty hole with his tongue. Just to make sure that hole is nice and clean Jason adds some piss to it and Mason licks off. Part one of this two part scene comes to and end with Jason bending over begging for piss and cock

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Raw and Rough indeed!

I just got this preview photo from the shoot I did a couple of weeks ago for Dick Wadd. Ya, that's me drinking piss off of this hot guys amazingly beautiful ass. Somebody had to do it!

I can't remember when I have been such an absolute pig before. Seriously... this was by far the piggiest thing I've done in my life. AWESOME!!!

The first scene comes out on Friday on their Raw and Rough site and I'll post some more photos as soon as I get them. You can check out that scene by CLICKING HERE.