Friday, February 22, 2013

Truck Stop Pigs - Part 2

The second part of Dick Wadd's "Truck Stop Pigs" is now online for your piggy pleasure. Lots of hot guys sucking, fucking, and pissing in a truck stop bathroom... with me like a hog in heaven right in the middle of it! here is a free preview and some photos. If you want to see the whole thing CLICK HERE.
Description: Jason Mitchell is face down in the toilet of this dirty truck stop, getting pissed on by Cope and Mason Garet, when in walks hung daddy Derek Anthony. Derek came in to take a piss, but ends up feeding it Jason instead. Mason gets on the piss soaked floor and begs to be fucked. First Cope drills his hot hole, then Nick Moretti fucks Mason with his rock hard cock. After Nick pounds Mason's hole nice and deep, he washes that hole off with hot streams of piss. Mason stands up and puts his ass up to the glory hole, where Nick and Derek take turns fucking Mason's greedy hole while Todd Maxwell and Jason feed Mason more piss. Nick and Derek both dump their loads up Mason's ass. Cope sees this and announces he too wants to dump his load in Mason's pig hole. Cope fucks Mason so hard he nearly knocks down the glory hole wall. Cope then fills Mason with a huge load from his pulsating cock. Nick and Todd play with Mason's cum oozing hole as the scene comes to a close.

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