Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Are you ready to be MANHANDLED?

Cole Parker & Nick Moretti in The Poolboy

I'm very happy to say that the AWESOME new rough sex website MANHANDLED has just gone live and it has a couple of videos featuring me! I had a great time filming these scenes and they are HOT as HELL! They are very natural and the passion, aggression, and just plain ole dirty hotness show. Unlike some directors who are complete egomaniacs and completely suck any life or personality out of the performers, insert their own, and force them to do things that they are not comfortable with, resulting in the same old video over and over again, the director of MANHANDLED lets the performers use their personalities, fetishes and strengths to guide where the scene goes. And let me tell you... the scene goes FAR. WAY FAR!!! Honestly, this is one of my favorite performances and scene memories to date. I hope you guys like! CLICK HERE to get to the site.

Here is a scene description of my first MANHANDLED video "Cole Parker & Nick Moretti in The Poolboy...
I know most of us like to complain at times about our boss constantly riding our ass, but when Cole Parker says it, he‘s not kidding! Nick Moretti’s fed up with his pool boy’s constant absences and shitty work ethic when he does bother to show up, so he decides to teach his employee a lesson in discipline. Or maybe its several lessons. I guess it depends on if you’re counting them by the number of Cole’s whimpers - or well, you get the idea. And Cole definitely gets the idea as well - but being shoved to your knees and having Nick Moretti’s monster tool shoved down your throat generally helps with that. From there, Nick shows his formerly straight poolboy how to best service his needs - critiquing his cock sucking, kissing, and more - all while keeping Cole on a short leash. By the time Nick’s ready to fuck, Cole’s firmly put in his place, enough that when Nick commands his boy to back himself onto his rock hard cock and fuck his own ass, Cole knows better than to do anything but comply. Cole’s not quite quick enough when it comes to licking up their cumshots at his boss’s command though - so he’ll probably need a few more lessons in follow-through. Same time next week, maybe?

Friday, October 14, 2011


I'm leaving for San Diego in a few hours and then tomorrow I board theOosterdam for a week long all-gay Atlantis cruise to Mexico. I think this is going to be my 7th Atlantis cruise and it is coming at a time when I NEED a vacation so badly!

And Speaking of cruising... I was cruising around online and found the "Hot Daddy 3-Way" scene that I did with Paul Barbaro and Mike Dreden for the upcoming Pantheon film on REDTUBE. You can watch it by clicking here. Not sure if I'm going to be doing blog updates from the cruise (hopefully I'll be busy having an actual life instead of a cyberlife) so this might be it until I get back. Hope you enjoy... I know I did!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Coming out of the vandark

You probably remember that my little friend Bubba was stolen from my desk at a while back. I tried to play it off, look at the bright side, imagine it was an accident, hope for the best. But reality isn't all that bright. A lot more than Bubba was stolen from me lately.

As a wise women told me the other day at a very cutting time... "Karma, it comes back to bite you in the end." And there is a world of Karma built up. Wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that deluge when it finally comes crashing down.

But I'm finally out of the vandark and back in the light. It's been a while. A LONG while. And the view from the high road is beautiful and bright. Like the view from my awesome new apartment. I see down Castro Street with the giant gay flag and the historical and beautiful Castro Theater, all the way past Twin Peaks. Watching the fog roll in over the hills is... amazing!

And Speaking of amazing... here are a couple of photos of my new Roborovski Russian Dwarf Hamster "Bubba II". I got him today and he is so, so, so sweat! And he is safe and loved in my home.

Following a crazy couple of weeks... hell months... I am finally getting away from everything and going on the Atlantis big gay cruise from San Diego to Mexico on Saturday. DAMN do I need that vacation! You know there will be photos and stories afterward so keep checking back!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New apartment... same ole dick

I moved into my new apartment with AMAZING views of the Castro and Twin Peaks. AMAZING!

Here is a little video to show you just how happy I am! LOL

Click here to watch this video on Xtube.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TIme for PLAY

It has been WAY too long since I've posted. Yes, I'm still alive. Yes, everything has changed. Again. Yes, I'm ok. I'll fill you in on all of the details shortly. So much has happened so quickly that I'm still trying to process it.

Anyway, Hot House's Club Inferno Dungeon has just released the latest scene I did for them and it is CRAZY HOT! It's from their new movie "Fisting Playground". If you're into fisting you will love it. It's probably the craziest thing I have done sexually. You have to see it to understand what I mean. Here are a couple of photos from the shoot. CLICK HERE if you want to see a preview of the video.