Friday, October 14, 2011


I'm leaving for San Diego in a few hours and then tomorrow I board theOosterdam for a week long all-gay Atlantis cruise to Mexico. I think this is going to be my 7th Atlantis cruise and it is coming at a time when I NEED a vacation so badly!

And Speaking of cruising... I was cruising around online and found the "Hot Daddy 3-Way" scene that I did with Paul Barbaro and Mike Dreden for the upcoming Pantheon film on REDTUBE. You can watch it by clicking here. Not sure if I'm going to be doing blog updates from the cruise (hopefully I'll be busy having an actual life instead of a cyberlife) so this might be it until I get back. Hope you enjoy... I know I did!


Sue said...

Have a super time on the cruise and RELAX!

Julietta said...

Hey nick. Just to let you know you've been included as a fan favourite on a blog "LOGP" which stands for Ladies of Gay Porn, which as the name suggests is for female gay porn enthusiasts.
You can see the blog via Twitter @LOGP_blog and I'm there too @julietta_j.

Enjoy your cruise and keep posting. Xx

John said...

You haven't mentioned your pup in a while, Stud...are you still with him?

Damien said...

Nick - do you ever bb?