Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bound Gods - The Reynolds

After taking a couple of days off from the gym and any hard work (including unpacking my luggage which is still sitting on the floor of my dining room) I am finally feeling a little better. I can't say I've been sleeping much though. I've been up till 5:00am or 6:00am every night doing web design work. Gotta pay the bills! Tomorrow I will be back at the gym an helping a friend move some furniture with my pickup truck. Back to normal, or as normal as I get, I guess. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your words of concern and support!!!

Bound Gods released the Daddy/Son video that I did a short while ago to very mixed reviews. I'm not surprised. It is a VERY creative video and not an in your face leather/dungeon video. It starts out with a 60's style "Leave it to Beaver" type scene where my wife gets called away to take care of her mother and I am left to take care of my son (played by Colton Steele). And take care of him I do! Spanking, flogging, cropping, bondage, forced sucking and fucking. I don't think they ever showed THAT on "Leave it to Beaver".

I actually had to respond to some of the negative viewers comments in the comment section on the Bound Gods site. (Been doing that a lot lately here with some mixed results of my own... SORRY AGAIN Damien!) I think you might find my comments interesting and informative. I don't think that the Bound Gods viewers realize how much work it is to but out a new complete video EVERY WEEK!!! Most companies only put out a few videos a year. If you want to check out my comments CLICK HERE then click on the VIEW TRAILER link for "The Reynolds" video. The comment section will be under the video and photos if you scroll down.

I watched the video myself and laughed my ass off and got I turned on. It even starts off presented in a faded, washed out color and turns to bright, vibrant color when I start spanking my son. Kind of like when the scene goes from B&W to color when Dorothy opens the door to the house after she lands in OZ. (God am I gay sometimes!) It's campy 60's humor mixed with some HOT BDSM. Works for me!

Here is a FREE PREVIEW of the new Bound Gods video "The Reynolds" and I added a whole bunch of photos from the shoot below. Hope you guys enjoy!

Click here if you like what you see and want to view the whole video.

Click here if you like what you see and want to view the whole video.

Sorry Damien

I want to apologize for my reaction to Damien's comment on my last blog post. Not that it's an excuse but I was feeling pretty crappy, physically and emotionally, and I read his comment as an accusation instead of an expression of concern... as it was meant to be. If I would have taken a minute to think about who it was coming from, instead of getting angry and reacting, I would have realized that Damien has always left really positive and supportive messages and really touched my heart many times. Not only am I concerned about having safe sex for my own health, but I'm also concerned for the health of the performers I work with... many of whom are my good friends. I would never want to put their health in jeopardy.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It's 3:15am here. East Coast time. I think. I just got out of bed after 3 hours of "sleep". I put that in quotes because i don't consider laying there in pain while the world spins around you sleep.

I got up because I was feeling severely dehydrated, wrapped one of the blankets around me "Virgin Mary" stype, and I stumbled to the kitchen for a drink of whatever I have in my refrigerator. I look over at the counter and the maze of tubes at the top of the hamster cage has collapsed. Their combined weight must have shifted the tubes and they separated. I found Bubba trapped in the sink (thank God I left the drain plug in!) but The Fat One is no where to be found. She must have jumped off the countered and scurried away. I looked everywhere that I could and no trace of her. She probably crawled up into one of the holes in the wall that the rats used to use and is now living in my walls or addict. She can always come back and find some bird seed on the floor to eat, unless she gets to some of the rat poisoning in the addict or unless a stray rat in my roof eats here. I don't think there are any rats, but I'm not sure.

So I just wanted to write a quick blog post updating you on my BIG ILSB (International Leather Sir boy contest), My live shoot for their new website "Bound in Public" (which will debut in October), Dore Alley, and the very hot photo shoot I did for Mr. S Leather with boy Sean.

The contest was exhausting. Supporting Sean through the very emotional and physically strenuous event was beyond exhausting and has taken a toll on our bodies and spirits. Sean has a big black eye, a swollen face, to add to the cracked ribs that he re injured. I sprained my wrist and Master Mark (the Sir that was running for the title with Sean) has a broken thumb. Needless to say the Fantasy scene was EXTREME. Very Extreme. I've attached some photos of the scene which included, punching, spitting, a stun gun, flogging, mock fisting, breath control, CBT (Ya... that's a bucket tied to Sean's nuts and I'm throwing everything from the stage, including my shoes, in it. Boy Sean collapsed the minute he stumbled off the stage and I had to hold him like a little broken baby while they scrambled to run up the stairs and retrieve the key for the hand cuffs.

Alas, Sean did not win the competition. A big part of me is glad that he didn't. He is an Alpha boy, and I feel that he has to lock away who he really is to be a good boy. Winning the contest would mean a year of traveling and being a role model international title holder boy everywhere he went. Fucking exhausting! He should be VERY proud of all the work he did the past year preparing and competing in the contest. Unfortunately, I doubt he feels like that yet. He probably feels like he just lost something that meant a lot to him and that he gave up a year of his life for. His friends are there for him, as they have been through this entire process.

I started feeling sick even before the trip to San Francisco started. But there wasn't room for that in the busy schedule. Sean's contest required pretty much constant attention from me. I was there to support him after all. I think I did a good job. I sucked up the way I was feeling and the morning after the 3 day contest was over I got ready for my Live "Bound in Public" shoot for at Dore Alley. There was a last minute change in my scene partner and I was SO FREAKING happy to find that my good friend Luke Riley was going to be the sub for the shoot. I LOVE that boy. Plain and simple. He has a bright soul that shines brightly, even when he is being a bad boy. And he's HOT as fuck. We were like 2 little kids all day at the street fair. It was the first time for both of us. I'm so glad I got to share the experience with him.

We shot all day, in different locations at the fair, with the interaction of the massive crowds who were watching us. I have to say I really got off on it. Luke really reacted to the Public Humiliation and it was an awesome show. After we finished filming at the fair, we found a not so busy street and did the sex scenes. People were walking and driving by and it was HOT. The energy from the "danger" of being caught was through the roof. I can't wait to see the edited version of the shoot.

I finished the shoot and my body was just about out of commission. But I still had a photo shoot to do with boy Sean for Mr. S Leather the next day. It was the first time that Sean had done a photo shoot... and the first time he would be tied up naked and played with in front of a camera crew. As I thought, he completely got off on it and the shoot was AWESOME! Bondage, butt toys... good times!

After that we ate some food and I was almost not even able to walk any more. Our flight was at 11:55pm and by the time I got on the plane I didn't even know where I was. We arrived the next morning, after only sleeping like an hour... I think, and I drove home to get check on my house, take care of the animals, get my dog, and RUN to the doctor's office.

I am actually feeling pretty horrible right now. Don't worry... it's nothing serious. I just need to start taking better care of myself. I guess you can't burn the candle at both ends for too long a time without your body getting pissed at you. I spent the whole freakin day at the doctor's office. I ended up getting home at 8:30pm and started to do the web design work I had promised to have ready for today. I have a meeting about it in a few hours and I was not able to get to it. I forced some food down my throat and layed on the couch trying to work on my laptop. Half hour after midnight I gave up and dragged my aching body to bed.

That takes us to the missing hamster and this post. There is nothing I can do about the hamster right now. I'm going to take some advil and pray that my head stops pounding and that I fall asleep again quickly. Tomorrow I have the web design meeting and I HAVE to have something ready to show them. I've already let them down before. I hope I recover quickly from being sick, because I fly back out to San Francisco in about a week for a couple of shoots and then I fly back home for a day before I fly to P-town for a 10 day vacation. I wish there was someone to baby me right now. To smack my hand, pick me off the couch and lead me to bed, and hold me while I fell asleep. Then again, the though of someone touching my right now, in the pain I'm in, sounds horrible. Pretty freakin dramatic... I know. Even a Dom is allowed his "Diva" moments.

Enjoy the photos from everything I talked about in this post and I will post better ones and more detailed stories as soon as I can.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Frankenstein, ILSB, Dore Alley and a sucker punch

It's 3:30am and I'm just finished packing for my trip to San Francisco in the morning. Now all I have to do is stock the bird cages and hamster cage with food for while I'm gone.

It's should be a busy but fun week. First up, I scored tickets to see Young Frankenstein tomorrow night... well, I guess tonight. I've been DYING to see this play and I can't believe I was able to get tickets!!!

Next up is ILSB (International LeatherSIR / Leatherboy and Community Bootblack) contest where I will be helping my boy Sean with his fantasy performance in the competition. He won the Southeast Leather boy title a few months back and this is the big tittle. I think he's got what it takes to win and I'm glad I'm going to be there to support him.

Finally, this weekend is Dore Alley. I've never been before and I am totally psyched about it! Van Darkholme contacted me yesterday and asked if I wanted to be part of the live performance and shoot that Bound Gods will be doing at the fair. How could I say no? So if you are in San Francisco on Sunday stop by the fair and see what kind of kinky shenanigans Van, Scott Tanner and I get into. It's going to be crazy... GUARANTEED!

Oh... and don't forget the parties. Hopefully I'll be able to attend some of the dance and play parties.

I should be able to do some posts with photos during my week long trip but in case I don't and you miss me, check out the 3rd installment of Dirty Pigs over at Bound Muscle. This time I finish up my torture and humiliation of Police Officer Tyler Saint complete with forced cock sucking, forced ass eating, cum spitting, electro-shock, and a surprise sucker punch that totally took Tyler, the Director and even me by surprise. Honestly, you have to see the look on poor Tyler's face after I clocked him in the mouth. I thought he was going to rip the headboard off the bed and beat the shit out of me with it. I can't believe we actually stayed in character and finished the scene. You can check out Dirty Pigs at Bound Muscle by clicking here.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

JUST RELEASED: Tim & Nick at Jake Cruise

While lounging on the beautiful Fort Lauderdale beach today with my friend Southeast Leather boy Sean, I got a message on Twitter saying how HOT my new scene with Tim Kelly is over at the Jake Cruise site. Huh? I didn't know it was coming out already. I checked out some of the photos and it put such a HUGE smile on my face. As you guys already know Tim and I used to date and now he is my best friend and I love him very much. To see the photos of us smiling and truly having a good time made my heart really happy.

Here are some photos from the shoot and a link to the free preview if you want to check it out. I hope it makes you smile as much as I did... or at least cum as much as I did! LOL

Click here to see the FREE PREVIEW.

Here is the scene description:

airy Daddies Tim Kelly and Nick Moretti hook up for a hot and hard fuck. Both men paw and slap at each other's furry chests while they swallow each other's long cocks. The face fucking is intense and the testosterone is flying. The guys find their way to the bedroom where Tim plugs Nick’s hot hole with his fuckstick. Nick takes his pounding like a man and Tim gives it to him like a man possessed. The intensity hits the point of no return and both our hunks drench Nick’s thick fur with their hot loads. They hit the showers to get cleaned up, but we’re sure they’ll be dirty again in no time!

Click here to see the FREE PREVIEW.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Home is where the heart isn't.

I haven't been posting every day like I used to. I've felt like posting, but I didn't think I should post what I was thinking... feeling. I've been feeling so many things lately. Lost. Alone. Sad. Angry. Disappointed. With moments of: Happiness. Thankfulness. Creativity. Love. Add it all together and it's a big fucking mess. That sums me up right now... a big fucking mess. I just got back from my meditation class. I can't say it was successful, but at least I tried. I guess I should try posting too. Here goes...

I've been staying at home most of the time. But it doesn't feel like home. For a long time I let things go here. Paid attention to my ex's house. Decorated it. Cleaned it. After all, I was going to be moving in there... eventually. 8 years and I was still moving in there... eventually. It was coming this time. Something was coming this time. Guess it wasn't me moving in. It was me leaving his key in his mailbox and carrying my beta fish back to my house.

My house. It was in pretty bad shape. My lawn was torn up. My pool was filthy. My vacuum broke a while back and I didn't want to spend money on a new one if I was going to be moving with the ex and his vacuum.

So Fishy(my Beta fish) and I were back in my house with the birds. I added some new pets to try to fill the void (Bubba and The Fat One... my pet Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters) and planned what I was going to do. I LOVE San Francisco. Have been wanting to move there for a while. I feel like I belong there. I'm an artist (believe it or not) and that part of me switches on when I'm there. There is nothing for artists in the Fort Lauderdale area. Seriously. Nothing.

So I worked towards moving to San Francisco. I even had a job lined up there. Or so I thought. A fucking perfect job. But it was all a big cluster fuck. A "misunderstanding'. Misunderstanding. You can fucking say that again. I was really upset for a while. REALLY upset. It took a while just to get over being mad. Being really, really FUCKING MAD!

I get over being mad, and there I am... in my house. But it's not my house. It's this abandoned space that I didn't want to be in. I know I loved it at one time... but it was just this dirty prison of someones memories. I think they were mine, but I wasn't connected with them any more.

I've been wandering around this house for a while now. Seems like forever. Moving piles of junk into other rooms so I didn't have to look at them. Also, to make room for more piles of junk. I couldn't even focus enough to actually look through these piles and either put them away or throw them away. I didn't care. I didn't want to be here. I didn't want to be anywhere.

That can only last for so long. I ventured outside. I mingled with people. I carried on conversations. I tried to connect to the world again. It didn't quite work.

Back in my house I went. Weeks go by again. I take a trip that sparks my interest in life again. And then just as fast as the spark ignited... it was gone. Lost in this lonely, abandoned place.

So I tried again. And again. And again.

I'm still trying. I really am. I ripped out my very, very old and small "under the counter" toaster oven and took the $100 that my step-dad gave me for my birthday (he got the day wrong but at least he gave me a present this year) and bought a new big convection toaster oven. I use my toaster over for everything. I guess it's a single person thing. It was on sale for $59 so I have enough money to buy a new Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.

I sorted through piles of junk. Boxes stuff up. Vacuumed.... and vacuumed... and vacuumed. Cleaned floors, and walls, and windows. Spent 2 weeks cleaning the pool. (Ya... it took 2 weeks to turn a horrible green swamp into a beautiful, sparkling blue pool.) Fixed up the lawn and landscaped. I bought some new parts for my hamster's house and I bought 4 new birds.

It's feeling a little more like home now. After such a long time of planning on moving away from here it's going to take a while to settle back in. It's a start.

It's after midnight now and I need to stop typing and start getting ready for my shoot tomorrow. I have a shoot for Pride Studios in Miami. Not sure if it's for Men Over 30 for Extra Big Dicks. I guess I fall into both of those categories so it doesn't really matter. And my scene mate is none other than... Drake Jaden. Yup! We've worked together several times since I first laid eyes on him at the Folsom Street Fair last year. There he was... tugging at the rope connected to my balls with his teeth and I stared back from high above where I was being tortured. It was LUST at first sight for me. We're friends now, so that fantasy is gone, but we have never actually had sex one on one. Should be interesting... to say the least.

OK... I was supposed to stop typing and start getting ready. There are things to trim, and shave, and dye. The glamorous life a a porn star. A life that doesn't really feel like home to me any more either. One that I've been thinking of abandoning. Maybe. Just thinking about it. No big "retirement" announcement like so many porn stars have been making lately. Just thinking about it. Here are some photos of what I was talking about...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let them eat ass... I mean cake!

DOUBLE POST TODAY... so scroll down to see the second half.

I just watched the second part of Dirty Pigs at and I have to say it is absolutely, hands down, my FAVORITE performance to date. Don't know if it's because the director (Dire Callahan) is so great to work with and gives us the creative freedom to take a scene where we want to, or because Tyler Saint and I play VERY well together, or because I was in just the right mood to totally take control of what I was doing... whatever, IT WORKS!!!

In the second installment I continue to humiliate and torture hot cop Tyler Saint. Bondage, punching, nipple torture, forced cock sucking, armpit licking and ass eating, and a stun gun... FUN! You can check it all out at

While I'm on the topic of fun, sweet Southeast Leather boy Sean took me out for a GREAT dinner at Seasons 52 to celebrate my birthday and then had a big birthday cake (carrot!) at his place. Some friends from the leather community were there and it was an GREAT night! I even got a brand new pair of Chippewa boots and a freaking awesome Victor Tella whip. A big THANK YOU to Sean and all of my leather friends!