Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meditating with Nick Moretti

I had time to put up one more post before my trip to New York and I thought I would leave off on a lighter note. At least I hope you think it's funny.

I meditate often. It centers me. It keeps me sane... sometimes. And I often meditate while I'm driving on the highway. I know... that's crazy! But it works for me. Usually.

Here is one time when it did NOT work.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Thanks for stroking me

First of all, THANK YOU for all of the comments on my last post! I'm overwhelmed and humbled by the responses. Sometimes.... OK, a lot of the time I get lonely and insecure out here in cyberland and I need a reminder that people actually give a shit about what I am writing... or at least find it mild entertaining. And believe it or not, I DO read every blog on my blog list, almost every day, (YES that includes YOU onesickpuppy)and I DO read every comment left on my blog and click through to find out information on that reader, and check out their blog if they have one. It's a lot of work so sorry if I don't leave comments on every blog very often.

And it amazes me that you guys actually do follow what's going on in my life and can figure out stuff that I don't even mention. Like Damien Oz (Putting A Tickle In My Pickle & 2 Cents Worth Down Under) who pointed out that I am "looking a little thin" and worried if I was OK and if I was eating. I actually am a little thin, haven't been eating very well, or much at least, and am not that OK. The breakup has been tough on me and left me to make some sense of my life... again. I haven't been eating or sleeping much. The wrestling videos and all the porn I've been doing has taken a toll on my body. The arthritis in my shoulders, hands, knees and elbows has been really bad and I haven't been very good with taking my medication for it. I took a one week break from the gym but I'm back there full force because I have some upcoming obligations that require that I look in top form. It takes a lot for me to keep my weight up to 165lbs. A lot. Trust me, it sucks just as much to try to gain weight as it does to loose it. And lately my weight had plummeted to less than 150lbs. That does NOT make me happy. I've been trying to gain it back and have actually gotten up to about 156lbs. I just got some photos from from the Bound Muscle shoot I did two weeks ago and I actually think I look pretty good in them, so that makes me feel better. Here is one of the photos. I'm jacking off on Tyler Saint after I torture and humiliate him. (By the way, the first scene is going live today on Boundmuscle.com so click on over there and enjoy it if you'd like to check it out. It was an AWESOME and EXTREME shoot so I highly recommend it!)

I've also been in a bit of a funk because my birthday is coming up. July 6th. I'm going to be 47 and I am totally OK with that. I've just never had good experiences with birthdays. I usually end up spending them pretty much alone. I have never had a birthday cake. Seriously. I know that sound crazy but it's true. I've hinted to ex-boyfriends and friends that I have always wanted a birthday party and a cake but it's never come to be. The closest I got was 2 years ago when I was cleaning my ex-boyfriends refrigerator, about 3 weeks after my birthday, and found a single sale slice of carrot cake (one of my favorite cakes). It had already gone bad and I through it out. When I asked him later that day if he knew he had it in there, he replied with, "Oh ya, that was for your birthday.) Nice.

As I've mentioned before, my mother was an abusive, unmedicated paranoid schizophrenic (had the hospital stays, shock treatments and history to prove it) and I didn't quite have a childhood. That's putting it VERY mildly. Here is a photo of one of my baby shoes that she had bronzed. A really nice gesture... except that it has the wrong birth year on it. I can't remember how many times that thing went wizzing past my head as a child, but I keep it anyway because it's as good as it gets. I actually keep it on a long table next to my bed with a little distraught looking doll that my mother used to like because it reminded her or herself. I placed an angel statue in front of both the photo and my mother's doll so it can watch over my mom... wherever she is. (See photos below)

I usually spend my birthday with my best friend Tim (porn star Tim Kelly) but this year he is going to be in New York City. The thought of being alone and depressed here was not appealing to me at all. So when he asked me to join him in New York I cashed in some of my frequent flier miles and bought a plane ticket. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a week in New York!

My first stop will be Staten Island (land of garbage dumps, cemeteries and poorly dressed women with bad hair and bad accents) to see my niece and her new baby and my my stepfather. After that I'll head into Manhattan and stay with Tim. I have still have one old friend (Tom) in New York, and I really like him and his partner (Rich), so I will definitely see them while I'm there. I'm also planning on seeing the Macy's fireworks on July 4th and hopefully grabbing dinner and drinks with my friend Mike Dreyden.

I probably will not be able to do a post for a couple of days because I'll be flying to New York and then staying at my stepfather's apartment and he definitely does NOT have internet access. So I leave you guys with this VERY LONG post, lots of photos, and this one special photo of me at age 3 months old. Can you believe I was born with that hair!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jacking off... or normal, boring stuff?

The internet and Blogger have been acting up so I haven't been able to do a blog post for a few days. I haven't been getting a lot of comments on my posts so maybe it doesn't matter anyway. The question now is... Should I do a post on what is going on in my life or should I just post a video of my jacking off and eating my cum? I guess I'll do both and see what comments I get, if any.

Click here to check out my new video "Nick Moretti Jacks Off & Eats Cum to the sound of really bad 70's porn music".
If you make it past the video here are some of the things I've been up to...

I completely took apart my big bird cage, cleaned it, and redecorated it with new plants. I think it looks awesome!
I'm having part of the backyard fence that was destroyed in a hurricane a few years back replaced. That means I had to cut down the tree that was there, cut down all of the bushes, including the HUGE and DEADLY bougenvilla bush, and carry it all out to the curb. My arms and legs are completely cut up and I have a HUGE bump on my head where the big metal branch cutter hit me REALLY HARD in the head.
This is what the area looks like now. Pretty freakin aweful. Can't wait unti I get the stump grinder to take out the large tree stump that remains and then the fence is replaced so I can re-landscape.

I spent most of the day Friday with Luke Riley at the DMV where he was getting a new ID and I was renewing my license. I was hesitant to go for the Guido look for the new driver's license photo but it worked. I actually look younger in the new photo than I did in the old one that was taken 10 years ago! I posted the new license below. Weird.
Last night I had dinner with a good friend of mine that was visiting from LA and then I helped out Southeast Leather boy Sean at his fundraiser at the Ramrod bar.

Today I slept late, hung out at home and then met friends for a drink at Rosie's. They all went to Matty's, the bar across the street from Rosie's and ordered pizza. There was no way I was hanging out at a bar again... and eating there. I really don't like bars very much. So I went, by myself, to Il Mulino Italian restaurant and ate some Sausage Flatbread and Rigatoni alla Vodka. AWESOME! Just what a nice Italian boy needs on a Sunday.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bound Gods at IML 2010

Kink.com is featuring a behind the scenes video of our recent trip to Chicago for IML 2010. It gives you a pretty good peek into this huge event. If you've never been you might want to check out the short video. Gotta say it's pretty cool! (Ya... I'm in it. LOL) I provided a link below if you want to check it out.

Click here to see Bound Gods at IML 2010.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dirty Pigs and Pride

I received a bunch of photos from the shoot I did this past weekend for Steel Mill Media/Bound Muscle. I can't believe how unbelievably HOT they are. Seriously. I see so many stills from movies I'm in, and not so easily impressed any more, but these are freaking incredible! I can't share them with you until the video is release (the first part should start being available for viewing next week) but this one is a "Behind the scenes" shot so I can post it.

Why do I look like a cold and wet, drowned rat? We were in the middle of filming the waterboarding " torture scene. NOT wakeboarding or waterskiing.... "WATERBOARDING". The most extreme form of prisoner torture around. Click here for a fun instructional video on the subject.

Even funnier than my drowned rat look in this photo is the way I am holding my dick to keep it warm. The hot water had run out about an hour earlier and now we were using cold water. Ugh... I HATE being cold. Not too crazy about being "waterboarded" either.

After we were done filming I headed over to the Ft. Lauderdale Pride festival and hung out there in the 1 million degree heat with my good friend Luke Riley (Yup... glad to say he has moved back to Ft. Lauderdale). Everyone was sweating their asses off but I was completely fine thanks to spending most of the day under cold water. Unfortunately, I was completely exhausted from the shoot Saturday and Sunday and the two wrestling shoots earlier in the week. So I just walked around and ate... and ate... and ate. BDSM porn can really work up an appetite!

Update: As per Steel Mill Media's/Bound Muscle's Dire Callahan's comment, this was not true waterboarding. It was as close as we could get to it for a video. Thank God!!! LOL

I can't wait until I can post some more photos from the Steel Mill Media/Bound Muscle video. By the way, after our performances this weekend, has been retitled: "Dirty Pigs". SERIOUSLY!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Indulging the devil within

I got to the Guest House this morning, went ran through my lines with Tyler Saint while we blocked out our positions and movements with the director and camerman, changed into my suit, and was handed a bag with torture devices.


The freedom to do whatever I want. To mess with Tyler's head and find out what will effect him most. What will draw out the best reaction. What will touch that inner devil hidden deep within my tranquil exterior and unleash the sick stuff that makes my dick hard for some reason. OK... maybe it's not hidden so deep within.

I think we got there.

Can't wait to see the way this scene presents itself on video. It's sick... and it's HOT!

The problem arrives when you think that there is a whole day of filming tomorrow. This time it's me who is in for it. Tyler's turn to fuck with my head... and my body. And he's got an accomplice. Someone who brings his own young and energetic brand of torture with him. Drake Jaden is going to be on hand to help work me over. I'm excited. I'm terrified. Fun times!

Here are a couple of pictures I took of Tyler right before we started shooting. Notice how he's all happy and smiley in the first photo. Guess he started thinking about what was to come in the second photo. And it did come. So did I, by the way.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Vice Squad Cancels My Gay Pride

This weekend is Fort Lauderdale's annual Stonewall Gay Pride celebration... but not for me.

Instead, I'm going to be tied up, beaten and tortured.

Sounds familiar? Oh... I'll be accompanied by my good friends Tyler Saint and Drake Jaden. Sounds REALLY familiar now. (See photos below.) We are all going to be filming here in Fort Lauderdale for Steel Mill Media.

This will be my third time filming with those guys and I have to say that I LOVE working with them. Yes, it's pretty extreme stuff and, yes, I'm going to be hurting afterward. But it's also a lot of fun being able to film a whole movie, instead of just one scene, and to do it with your friends is just the icing on the cake.

The film is tentatively called "Vice Squad" and, although I am not going to give away the entire plot, let me just say that I play this asshole mob thug who is blackmailing some cops. Lot's of backstabbing, intrigue and torture. Fun!

If you remember, "Bullwhipped", the film I did for Steel Mill Media last year, was recently nominated for Best Extreme Fetish Film at the Grabby's. Given the director (Dire Callahan), the cast, and the script, this one should be even better.

Sorry it was so many days between blog posts. I've been laying low and taking it easy after filming the two wrestling/sex videos last week. This old man is aching BIG TIME!!! Hopefully I've recovered enough to endure a fresh round of abuse this weekend. The filming schedule is brutal as well. Saturday from 10:00am to 9:00pm and Sunday from 10:00am till 4:30pm. If everything goes according to plan and I am not dead I may be able to make the Stonewall Pride Dance under the tent at Rosie's Bar & Grill for an hour or two.

I hope everyone has an AWESOME WEEKEND!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I survived!

I spent Sunday and Monday filming here in Fort Lauderdale with On Top Productions. They produce hot wrestling/fucking videos. The sex was HOT and the wrestling was INTENSE!

My scene Sunday was at a local guesthouse and my scene partner was sexy latin Hugo Alexander. We played boyfriends on vacation at Hard Cock Hotel (the name of the film). We have a great fuck session that ends with huge cumloads (Of course I had to eat his. LOL). It's all great until there is a knock on the door and the guy he picked up earlier shows up to mess around with him. I get all pissed off and drag the guy outside to the wrestling mat where we pummel each other. I'm not going to tell you how it ends. You'll have to rent the DVD when it comes out to find that out.

Monday I spend filming a leather/wrestling scene with sexy Bobby Rail. I'm a leather Daddy who starts making fun of the little leather twink. We end up wrestling to see who's the real daddy and then fucking. HOT!

My entire body hurts right now but at least I don't have any broken bones... I think. Took the day off today to chill but back to the gym hardcore tomorrow because I have a big shoot coming up this weekend with two of my favorite people for one of my favorite companies! I'll give you more details tomorrow.

In the mean time... Enjoy these two photos that I took with my iPhone. It's Steven Ponce getting plowed by Hugo Alexander. They were filming while I waited for my scene to start and I couldn't help but take some photos to capture the hottness.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beaten up

I woke up at 7am this morning, fed the animals (damn do I have a lot of them), shaved, showered, packed, secured the house for the day, and then headed to my On Top Productions shoot.

It went awesome! That doesn't mean that I'm not laying on the couch right now at 11pm in total pain. It just means that the sex went awesome, the cum shots were great, and the wrestling was pretty extreme. Of course I got my ass kicked, but what do you expect? They teamed me up with a much bigger guy who knew how to wrestle. Like I did in the Naked Kombat video I did a while back... I gave him hell back. Just that my hell didn't burn as hot as his.

It's cool though. I had an awesome day and a great shoot. They even asked me back tomorrow to do a hot leather scene. I hope my aches and pains are a little less tomorrow or I am going to be one mean fucker. Hmmm... on the other hand, that's a good thing for a leather scene.

After the shoot today I headed to Rosie's for food. I hadn't eaten all day and I was STARVING!!! It is packed on Sunday afternoons, but I was able to get a table to myself and I had about 20 diet cokes and ate hot wings, a bbq chicken wrap, and some onion rings, while I read one of the new books I just bought. (Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card. The sequel to Ender's Game.) As I sat there my good friend Matt Rush walked in with one of his friends and before I knew it we had a whole table full of friends eating, drinking and joking around. Just what I needed after the long, hard day.

Unfortunately, I turned on my iPhone and decided to get back to reality and check my email. Damn! There was a long, nasty message that I had to deal with. Matt took the photo above and put it on Twitter saying that I was being popular and twittering. I wish that was true. Instead it's actually a photo of me reading, in disbelief, the hurtful things that were written to me. I think you can tell by the look on my face.

Needless to say the day was over for me as soon as I had read the email. I excused myself and left the crowded restaurant filled with happy people on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. After sitting in my truck for about 45 minutes I was calm enough to drive home.

Once home, I took care of the animals, did some house cleaning, poured a glass of Coconut Rum and Chocolate Soy Milk, and watched the final two episodes of the Top Chef Masters competition. Although I am much calmer now than before, I have to say that I feel beaten up. Physically and emotionally.

Tomorrow is another day and another shoot. I hope I can put my mind and body to rest and get a good night's sleep. I'll let you know how the shoot goes in my next post.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Night Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the (insert deity or connective energy of your choice) my soul to keep,
I have a wrestling video in the morn,
Please don't let him break my arm.
We all know how things turned out for the Naked Kombat wrestling video I did with Tyler Saint (broken ribs, broken toe, sprained foot, bruised ego). Let's hope tomorrow's goes better and I'm not doing my next blog post from a hospital.
The photo of me above is by photographer Michael Alago.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bound Gods: Adam gets Slicked!

There's a brand new video at Bound Gods featuring AMAZINGLY HOT Adam Knox and Slicked Nick (ya... that's me). Not sure why the released this video so close to the one with me in it just two weeks ago but I have to say it is really different than that one. In fact, it's different than most of the ones I've done in the past. No story or acting and very little dialogue. Just me testing Adams limits in what I think is a very sensual and connected way. You guys check it out and let me know what you think. Adam is so freaking sexy... probably the most beautiful boy I've ever worked with. I just hope you guys don't get sick of seeing so much of me on Bound Gods.
Click here if you want to go to the Bound Gods website and check out the free preview or see the whole scene.

Click here if you want to go to the Bound Gods website and check out the free preview or see the whole scene.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Original Video Links

I added a new list of links on the right side of this page with links to some of my original videos. If you haven't seen them yet and want to check them out. They are NOT safe for viewing at work or with the kids... you know me!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Drawer or whore?

Question: Does everyone have a drawer that looks like this when they go on vacation or is it just me?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gay Days for sure!

I had such an awesome time in Chicago last week at IML and the Grabbys that, when I got home, I decided to continue that fun and go to Gay Days Disney in Orlando, Florida (this year it's named WONDERLAND ORLANDO.)

I knew the Ex was going but I've been feeling really good about that situation. I had a strange occurrence that changed the way I was feeling completely. I'll talk more about that in a later post. We had a room reserved for the two of us at the host hotel for the parties but there was no way I was sharing it with him. I need space from him. Lots of space. So I booked a room in a hotel very close to the host hotel and text the ex that I would appreciate it if we avoided contact with each other the best we could this weekend. (Of course, I've already seen him twice... but I'm good.)

So I bought a brand new bathing suit (see picture below), dropped my dog Cynder off at Tim's house, and headed up to Orlando for Gay Days. Last night I went to the party at the water park (Typhoon Lagoon) and had an awesome time. This afternoon I went to the pool party at the host hotel and now I'm resting up before I head out to the party at Universal Studios. After that I'm going to do the after hours party at Arabian Nights. That starts at 2:00am but it is always so much fun and has so much energy that it's easy to forget you are tired and spend a couple of hours dancing under the laser lights with 1000's of hot, sweaty men.

Hope everyone is having as great a weekend as I am!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chicago Day 1 : Bound Gods Shoot

I flew to Chicago on Wednesday and had a few margaritas at the hotel bar while I waited for Director Van Darkholme and his crew to arrive so we could all check in. While I was waiting, Derek Pain sent me a text message telling me he was also waiting to check into the hotel. So we both hung out and waited together. Van chose me as his roommate for the trip. We really do get along very well and are pretty comfortable around each other. We all went for a quick dinner at Houlihan's and then called it an early night since we had a shoot at Steamworks, the local bathhouse, in the morning.

We headed to Steamworks bright and early in the morning and got into our gear for the shoot. Rubber wader boots, rubber jock straps and gas masks. HOT! I'm not going to give too many details about the shoot but I have to say it was pretty extreme and we did something in the hot tub that has never been done on Bound Gods before.

Here are some photos from our day of shooting at Steamworks.

It was my first time meeting Tommy Defendi and I have to say I was really pleasantly surprised. He had a full beard and was sexy as fuck! Nice as hell too.

You guys know that I have a huge crush on Drake Jaden and it was great to be filming with him again.

I finally got to see Derek Pain out of his clothes and DAMN is he huge! I felt like a little Italian Smurf next to him.

You can tell by this photo that Van got into the Bathhouse mood while he directed us. Here he is in his little towel talking to the SEXY manager of Steamworks. Thank God all of the performers were seasoned pros or it would have been weird to have the patrons watching us as we filmed. I talked to some of them when we took our breaks. Pretty cool.

We ended up tying Derek Pain to the gym equipment and working him over. Drake was given the special assignment of working over his dick. Lucky fucker!

The shoot went awesome and we all piled into a cab and headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest. Unfortunately, Van decided to use our room to film the second Bound Gods shoot with Spencer Reed. I was kicked out of the room until they were done... probably about 9 or 10 pm. No rest for me! So instead I went to the gym and worked out so that I would be pumped for the live demos we would be doing at the IML Leather Market the next day and then met some friends for dinner and drinks. Not a bad first day in Chicago!