Friday, June 18, 2010

Vice Squad Cancels My Gay Pride

This weekend is Fort Lauderdale's annual Stonewall Gay Pride celebration... but not for me.

Instead, I'm going to be tied up, beaten and tortured.

Sounds familiar? Oh... I'll be accompanied by my good friends Tyler Saint and Drake Jaden. Sounds REALLY familiar now. (See photos below.) We are all going to be filming here in Fort Lauderdale for Steel Mill Media.

This will be my third time filming with those guys and I have to say that I LOVE working with them. Yes, it's pretty extreme stuff and, yes, I'm going to be hurting afterward. But it's also a lot of fun being able to film a whole movie, instead of just one scene, and to do it with your friends is just the icing on the cake.

The film is tentatively called "Vice Squad" and, although I am not going to give away the entire plot, let me just say that I play this asshole mob thug who is blackmailing some cops. Lot's of backstabbing, intrigue and torture. Fun!

If you remember, "Bullwhipped", the film I did for Steel Mill Media last year, was recently nominated for Best Extreme Fetish Film at the Grabby's. Given the director (Dire Callahan), the cast, and the script, this one should be even better.

Sorry it was so many days between blog posts. I've been laying low and taking it easy after filming the two wrestling/sex videos last week. This old man is aching BIG TIME!!! Hopefully I've recovered enough to endure a fresh round of abuse this weekend. The filming schedule is brutal as well. Saturday from 10:00am to 9:00pm and Sunday from 10:00am till 4:30pm. If everything goes according to plan and I am not dead I may be able to make the Stonewall Pride Dance under the tent at Rosie's Bar & Grill for an hour or two.

I hope everyone has an AWESOME WEEKEND!


Eddie said...

Hello, you are so cute. I like you :)

Sue said...

Well, sounds like you have a hell of a time planned for yourself!!! I know you are going to have a super time this weekend! Can't wait to see what the result is!

keeprnla said...

Let me know if you need help working out the kinks.

Pick said...

Sounds like it's going to be a blast! Have a great time.

Stan said...

I loved "Bullwhipped." How nice that Steel Mill is coming down your way to film this time. Look forward to seeing this one too. Good luck! said...

BULLWHIPPED is a cool keen domination festival. Learned some good roping techniques . you and Tyler worked out great as a loving duo in a fine mess !