Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dirty Pigs and Pride

I received a bunch of photos from the shoot I did this past weekend for Steel Mill Media/Bound Muscle. I can't believe how unbelievably HOT they are. Seriously. I see so many stills from movies I'm in, and not so easily impressed any more, but these are freaking incredible! I can't share them with you until the video is release (the first part should start being available for viewing next week) but this one is a "Behind the scenes" shot so I can post it.

Why do I look like a cold and wet, drowned rat? We were in the middle of filming the waterboarding " torture scene. NOT wakeboarding or waterskiing.... "WATERBOARDING". The most extreme form of prisoner torture around. Click here for a fun instructional video on the subject.

Even funnier than my drowned rat look in this photo is the way I am holding my dick to keep it warm. The hot water had run out about an hour earlier and now we were using cold water. Ugh... I HATE being cold. Not too crazy about being "waterboarded" either.

After we were done filming I headed over to the Ft. Lauderdale Pride festival and hung out there in the 1 million degree heat with my good friend Luke Riley (Yup... glad to say he has moved back to Ft. Lauderdale). Everyone was sweating their asses off but I was completely fine thanks to spending most of the day under cold water. Unfortunately, I was completely exhausted from the shoot Saturday and Sunday and the two wrestling shoots earlier in the week. So I just walked around and ate... and ate... and ate. BDSM porn can really work up an appetite!

Update: As per Steel Mill Media's/Bound Muscle's Dire Callahan's comment, this was not true waterboarding. It was as close as we could get to it for a video. Thank God!!! LOL

I can't wait until I can post some more photos from the Steel Mill Media/Bound Muscle video. By the way, after our performances this weekend, has been retitled: "Dirty Pigs". SERIOUSLY!


Dire Callahan said...

Before I get angry comments about waterboarding "purists" out there, it wasn't technically waterboarding, but rather a standing water torture. It still was very unpleasant for Nick, as you can see in his less-than-happy expression in the picture. The pic was taken after about 20 minutes of that shit. Nick's a real trooper.

We would love to do real waterboarding, but it is so extreme for the subject, that the maximum time per session is in seconds. Intensity isn't a problem for us, but in film, we need a torture that lasts minutes. Even al-Zarqawi didn't last that long when he was waterboarded.

Anonymous said...

Wild boy,indeed.

Randsome7@gmail.com said...

Tyler looks super sexy - and anything DIRE does is going to be Exceptional
BULLWHIPPED is the ICONIC domination DVD - Its doesn't get better than this company -can't wait fo this one

Matt said...

Awww... Nick... The drowned rat look is good on you!

Anonymous said...

i'd be happy to dry you down and then warm you up with my tongue Nick, i'd sure as hell keep your dick warm :-)