Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hunting for Head... again.

I just checked my email and found an ad for the new Hot House film Head Hunters Two along with an ad for a 3 for $99 DVD sale featuring a picture of me from Head Hunters, Inc., the first installment of the series.

That was kind of a cum-back film for me. When I first started out I had done a whole bunch of porn in a pretty short time. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite ready for that yet. I felt pressured and insecure and the porn stuff was stressing me out big-time. So I took a few months off and meditated and prayed about the situation. I know... it probably sounds weird... a porn star praying about porn issues. But it's true.

One evening I was hanging out with friends at a local bar and they introduced me to these two very hot and very nice guys from San Francisco. We ended up joking around and drinking and dancing the whole night. Before I left one of them handed me a business card and asked me if I had ever thought about doing porn. I laughed and told them that I had actually done some and that Link: the Evolution, along with a couple of other films I did, had just come out. I looked down at the card and it turns out I had been hanging out with Steven Scarborough and his partner Brent Smith. Too freakin funny! The universe really does send you what you need when you are ready for it.

We talked for a couple of more minutes and they said they would be calling me soon and using me on their next project. I left there and went home and thought, "That would be really great! I'm so ready to jump back into the porn business again." This time I would not feel pressured or stressed. This time I would do things at my speed and enjoy every minute of it.

A week later I got a call from Steven and he told me about the film Head Hunters, Inc. he was working on and how he wanted to pair me up with their new exclusive Dillon Crow. After checking out his photos on the Hot House website I was totally psyched. He was a hot boy with an amazingly beautiful ass, nice cock, beautiful face and some pretty extreme tattoos. PERFECT!

A couple of weeks later I flew out to San Francisco and filmed with Hot House for my first time. It was an awesome experience! I guess they were happy with me too because they had me back for a scene in Masterpiece. A big "THANK YOU!!!" to Steven and Brent at Hot House for giving me a chance to get back into the porn world and congratulations to Steven for the well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award that he just received at the 2009 Grabby's.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Porn encounters of the rude kind

While I was going through my photos from 2006 the other day I ran across this one.

I was on an Atlantis cruise and was spending time with this incredibly hot guy that I had just met and really liked. This guy had a pretty big tattoo fetish (as do I) and would take pictures of any cool tattoos he saw, after asking the owner of the tattoos permission, of course.

The gorgeous guy in this photo had a very beautiful, colorful tattoo on his back. My friend went up to him and politely asked "Would you mind if I took a picture of your tattoo?"

The guy responded with a voice that you would never expect to come from someone so hot and masculine looking, "Why, so you can copy it?" and turned and walked away.

I mumbled "Asshole", grabbed the camera from my friend, and snapped the photo.

Years later I looked at the photo and thought, "Holy shit... I can't believe who that was!"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I've been making some changes around here. Not sure if you've noticed but the photos are much larger in my posts and I now have some banners linking to my website on the right side of the page. I spend a lot of time working on my website and I have a lot of free content there. I actually want the website and blog to flow as one site. Guess I still have some more work to do before that happens. I'm probably going to kill the section with the posts on the website since it is kind of redundant to have posts both here and there. Originally I was going to keep the smutty posts with XXX photos on the website and the tamer posts and photos here. That idea went out the window pretty quickly. I mean just two posts ago I had home pictures of me tied up and blindfolded in the front of my truck while sucking someone off.

I'm going to add a whole section dedicated to the Bound Gods stuff and also put up a lot of sample clips from the videos I've been it. Eventually I would like to have some original video on there. Been working out the bugs on that one and hopefully it will happen soon. It's NOT easy! Especially since I'm doing it all on my own. For now, check out my website and give me some feedback. Anything else you would like to see on there? Any ideas how I could make things better?

Another change is that I've grown some serious facial hair. I guess the combination of being cooped up while recovering from surgery and all of the rain we've been getting here in South Florida has put me in the mood to grow some fur. Don't know how long it's going to stay but it's nice to know I can actually grow it.

The best change today was that I got my stitches out! My hand is healing very well and I have started back at the gym (THANK GOD!!! I was going through withdrawal!). It's still going to be some time before my hand is completely back to normal and I have to do some at-home physical therapy. I was tempted to ask the doctor if jacking off counted as therapy but I found the strength to control myself and not ask. If that was therapy I would have the healthiest and strongest hands in the world!!!
Guess I must be feeling better cause Master Nick made a guest appearance at my house last night. I'd tell you the details, but I'd have to kill you afterwards. LOL. I think the new bearded look works with the leather. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hitchhiking with Race Cooper

The scene I did for Race Cooper's HOT new website EDGER9 is finally up and available for viewing and here are some screen shots to tease you with.

The synopsis of the scene:
The It's a long way to the big city... but determined, Nick Moretti sticks his thumb out waiting for someone to give-a-hunk-a-ride.
Lucky for him, Race Cooper decides to stopand pick him up! Not long after arriving within the city limits, does the hitchhiker have to return the favor, and let Race ride buckshot.

Looks pretty freakin HOT to me!
Click here to see this video.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Flashback to good times in 2006

I've been feeling a little sad this holiday weekend. Before you say, "What the hell is he moaning about now?" let me start off by saying, I'm happy and I realize I have a great life. So please don't think I'm on the verge of some major breakdown... again. LOL.

I guess part of the reason I'm sad is because I really wanted to go to IML and the Grabby's. I've never been there to either of those events. I wanted to go last year and my friend Tim went and sent me a photo he took with his cell phone of a HUGE wall size poster of me from the movie "Link: The Evolution". That film won "Best All Sex Video" last year and this year the flim "Blue Movie", which I also appear in, is up for the same award.

I didn't go because I really couldn't afford the trip to Chicago. Airfare, hotel, food... it's expensive. The bills just started coming in from my hand surgery (even with my insurance it's expensive as shit!) and I have my shoulder surgery less than a month away. I haven't mention that yet because I'm still dealing with the hand surgery. The shoulder surgery is going to cost much more and I can't even afford to use my Short-Term Disabilty from work because it only pays me 40% of my salary. I can't pay my bills on that. There was no way I was going to justify going to IML and the Grabby's with all of those medical bills looming over my head.

I'm also kinda sad about my hand. It doesn't really hurt. At least physically. Psychologically is a different story. I have this huge Frankenstein wound on my hand with these big black stitches in them. I know it will heal just fine and it will only look like some more lines in my palm. But for now it sucks to look at. It makes me feel week and vulnerable. And I haven't been able to work out for 2 weeks now. I can't remember when I've gone two weeks without working out. Oh, ya... the last time I had shoulder surgery. Which is coming up again. Once the stitches come out on Wednesday I will be able to work out again and I'll have a couple of weeks to bulk up again before I have to take another break from the gym for the shoulder stuff. Ugh.

So I'm trying to stay happy and positive. Watching movies usually make me happy, so I rented a bunch of movies and I'm working my way through them. Twilight, Igor, City of Ember, Benjamin Button, Sweeney Todd, Space Chimps, Don't mess with the Zohan, Space Troopers 3, and the first disc of the second season of Heros. Damn... I guess I rented a bunch of stuff. I've also been going to the movies. So far I've seen Wolverine, Star Trek, and tonight, Terminator Salvation. All great movies with Star Trek easily making the list of my Top 10 favorite movies.

I also went through some of the older photos that I have stored on my computer. Here are a few from 2006... right after my mom died. It was only 3 years ago but it seems like a million years ago. It was before I started working out heavy-duty and before I started doing any modeling or porn. I was so innocent back then. Just look at the photo of me lying on my couch above.

OK... maybe the next 3 photos tell a different story. I guess I've always had an appetite for cock. I admit it. What you can't see in the photos is that I'm actually spread across the front seat of my truck and my hands are tied to some part under the seat. And the photos that come next in the series get even hotter. Not sure I want to show those right now.

Fun times. I could use some more fun times like that right about now. For now I'll just heat up a couple of Cheeseburger Lean Pockets and finish watching the show I Tivo'd on Farrah Faucet and her battle with cancer. Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend and having as much fun as I was in the photos below!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A few of my favorite things

I've been trying to keep my spirits high while my hand recovers. After being yelled at by everyone and their mother about going to the gym, I didn't go. I will TRY to wait until next Wednesday when the stitches come out. This weekend I'll work out stomach and maybe legs. It really hard for me NOT to work out. It "centers" me... almost like meditation.

In the mean time I am trying to do little things that make me happy. Like eating my favorite yogurt with honey on the bottom, and Cheeseburger Lean pockets, and Happy Hippo candies from Kinder (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITES!).

My mouth isn't the only orifice I'm trying to keep happy. I just got a box from Mr. S Leather in San Francisco with something that I ordered months ago. It's the Nexus Excel prostate stimulator. Haven't had the pleasure of trying it out yet.

According to the review:
"Awarded best product design by the Brussels Erotica Awards in 2006. The Nexus Excel stimulates the perineum with short, firm strokes bringing users to a sudden and obvious prostate- fuelled orgasm."
That sounds like a good thing.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fucking disgusting

Maybe I shouldn't share this horrible photo with you guys, but part of this blog is letting you see the bad with the good. The gross photo above is certainly part of the bad.

I went to the surgeon's office yesterday expecting to get the disgusting cast and bandages taken off. What I didn't expect was to find something much more disgusting lying underneath.

God. My hand looks like a freakin horror movie. I have really had no pain during or after the surgery. I only took one pain killer the night of the surgery... just in case. And I didn't even need that. So I really didn't think the incision was going to be that big and nasty. I guess my days as a hand model are over.

At least the nasty, bloody, cummy cast and bandages are gone and I can dress it with nice, clean, white bandages every day.

On the bright side.... when this nightmare of a scar finally heals up, I will have the longest lifeline ever!

I'm supposed to have a shoot in Palm Springs in a couple of weeks and it's been over a week since I've been to the gym. I need to get back there and pump some iron. I'm going to give it a shot on my lunch break. DON'T WORRY! I will be very, very careful. I won't do anything that involves gripping or pushing with that part of my hand. Probably just end up doing legs, stomache and maybe the fly machine.

I know that the first picture probably grossed you out. Hell, I want to barf looking at it. So I hope the pictures below wipe that horrible image from your thoughts. They are photos of one of my favorite things... my dick!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm a dirty, dirty boy.

I know this is gross but if you read this blog regularly you know that I really don't sugar coat anything. The cast on my hand is FUCKING DISGUSTING!!!

I've only had it since Thursday and it is already covered dirt, food, blood, cum, piss and probably a dozen other substances and bodily fluids that are most likely NOT good for the healthy healing of my surgery.

The surgeon told me to keep it clean and dry. He's gonna kill me. It's GROSS!!! They are going to need a Hazmat team to get it off of me. And God knows what it's going to look like underneath. I pulled at the gauze around my fingers and what I see inside looks like something from a horror movie.

I have an appointment with the surgeon during my lunch hour today. I bet you he's gonna rip this toxic cast off and put another one on. Wish me luck!

While you're wishing me luck, would you please take a minute and click on this link and vote me as HOT and not NOT. I hate these friggin poles. Who the hell put me in there and who the hell put the dorky picture of me in a suit? Couldn't they at least have put a photo of me in a jock? Why the hell do I feel bad about it and why the hell am I obsessing about it?
OK... all better now. Thanks! ;-p

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I felt so sick on Friday and the thought of feeling like that and being alone made me dred the thought of the upcoming weekend. But I woke up feeling much better on Saturday and found a really nice surprise when I checked my email. Goodguy Bear (aka Lee "the butch florist") had sent me some flowers and they were waiting for me to pick up at the shop. What an amazingly sweet thing to do! Honestly, I can't tell you how much that touched my heart. It's enough to make a BDSM master cry! The flowers are beautiful and exoctic and pretty butch if you ask me. THANK YOU so much Lee for caring enough to put a big smile on my face. I will never forget this!

Since I was in such a good mood I decided to calll Luke and see if he wanted to hang out. I hadn't seen him in a couple of weeks due to traveling for the porn stuff and then my surgery. After the depressing doctor's visits and hospitals I wanted to be outside, on the beach, with lots of happy people. So we went to Fort Lauderale beach and had a few GIANT drinks and some food. We ended up hanging on my couch and watching Robot Chicken all night. I love that sick and twisted show!

Sunday I went to lunch with friends and then we all went to Rosie's for another friend's birthday party. Pretty much everyone I knew was there and it was a lot of fun. Everyone kept asking me what happened to my hand and after about the 100th person I started telling people it was a fisting accident. "He sneezed!". They seemed to like this answer better.

We all ended up at the Sea Monster for T-Dance but I only stayed about an hour. I was afraid that someone was going to smash into my hand in the dark bar.

What a great weekend! I needed that. Here are some pictures if you're interested.

This is Luke before his big-ass margarita.
This is Luke after his big-ass margarita.
This is Luke and I after several big-ass margaritas!
With friends celebrating Rob's birthday at Rosie's. Why am I always the shortest freakin person in the room!
Yup... always the shortest. Ugh.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Being week

Well, against everyone's better judgment, I went to work today. I made it until 2:30pm. I'm dizzy as hell and feel like I'm going to pass out any minute. So I'm going home and laying on the couch. I don't like feeling weak.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I guess fisting is out of the question.

So the surgery is over and I'm at home. It was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be.

I drove myself there at 5:00am. Filled out paperwork, paid deductibles and answered 100's of questions. Then I slipped on the hospital gown, they slipped in the IV and administered the anesthesia... and away I went. (I thought they were going to use local anesthesia.)

A couple of hours later I woke up in post-op with tubes and wires coming from me and this HUGE bandage with a built in splint covering my hand and arm almost to the elbow. I thought I was just gonna have some gauze pads and tape on my hand.

I asked them to call a coworker to "pick me up" and about 45 minutes later they wheeled me out of the hospital and dumped me at his feet. I got in his truck and we drove about 30 feet to my truck. I got in and drove home. Not supposed to drive for 24 hours but I didn't have another way to get home.

On the way home I filled my prescriptions for pain killers and got some DVD's from Blockbuster. Now I'm home typing this blog post.

I'm tired so I'm just gonna hang on the couch till I fall asleep. I have to keep my hand above my heart for 3 days so the swelling doesn't get to bad so I look like Miss America waving all the time. My hand is starting to hurt and my middle finger is killing me and doesn't really move. That's the finger where the tendons were damaged when I broke the glass 6 months ago. I'm sure it will go back to normal again after a few months.

A friend was supposed to come over and hang out with me to make sure I was OK and help if I needed it, but he volunteered to do overtime at work instead. I haven't heard from anyone else. Gotta say I'm more than a little sad contrary to what the photos with the big smiling face show. I may have a coconut rum and chocolate soymilk chaser with my Oxycodone. That should numb any pain I'm feeling in my hand or my heart. Back to work bright and early again tomorrow. Well... my DVD player and the fine film "Space Chimps" awaits me.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So tomorrow is the surgery on my hand. I have to be at the hospital for 5:30am. So of course I spent tonight with my best friends getting drunk and eating great food.

Tomorrow I am getting up at 4:45 am and driving myself to the hospital for the surgery. Then I am going to hope that someone answers their phone and picks me up in the lobby of the hotel and takes me to my truck in the parking lot because they will not release me on my own. Otherwise I will have to wait many hours until they think the anesthesia is out of my body.

It's gonna be a long day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Two great shoots and one great weekend! (EDITED VERSION)

This post was actually much longer and had more photos but I was asked by a friend to remove some photos and content. So now it's been heavily edited. Sorry. Wish you could have read and seen the rest of the post.

Here are some pictures from my weekend adventures. Saturday was my shoot with Race Cooper for his website Edger9.

Coop was nice enough to take me sightseeing after the shoot. I finally got to see the Golden Gate Bridge!
Later I got to have lunch with Conner Habib. He gets cuter every time I see him!

That night I went to a party at Wunderland and got to hang out with Brandon Clark and Sister Roma for a while. I have to admit I was kinda drunk and don't really remember much of our conversation. I was praying that I didn't say anything wrong or make a fool of myself. The next day they were both still talking to me so I guess I behaved. Or maybe they were just as drunk as I was! LOL

I ended up walking back home to the Armory from Wunderland (a really far walk!) On the way I passed by a Carl Jr's that was still open and ate a mess of really bad food. It was DELICIOUS!!!

Sunday morning I was feeling a bit under the weather from the drinking the night before. So I went to Harvy's for brunch with Aaron, Conner and Bo Matthews. A couple of "Bloody Mary Tyler Moore's" later and I was feeling pretty good again. Hair of the dog indeed!

Later on Sunday I went to the Big Muscle Tea Dance at DNA Lounge where Conner was hocking his goods in some tight bootie shorts.

I just had to get a peak at Conner's pretty little butt. Ahh... memories. LOL

Somehow a little rubber duckie got wedged all up in his business. Lucky ducky!
Apparently, Arron was having duck problems of his own.

I forgot the name of the guy in the green shirt, but he was cute as hell. He was smoking like a fiend because his boyfriend hates when he smokes but he wasn't there with him today. The other guy is the very sexy, sweet and shy director, Tony DeMarco.
Frank Rodriguez was at the Big Muscle Party and I got to thank him for helping me down the stairs and out the door at Wunderland the night before. Like I said... I drank a little too much. LOL. The other guy is Conner's furry and sexy roommate.
I walked over to The Eagle, which was only a block away, for their Sunday Beer Bust. Lot's of HOT guys all getting drunk or high on weed. I ran into some of the bareback porn guys and hung out with them for a while. Cool and crazy guys. Here is a picture of me with Jesse O'Toole. Unfortunately, my camera went dead before I could take a picture with Damon Dogg.
Yesterday was my BoundGods shoot with Zane Jacobs. This time I'm out of the dungeon and leather and into a suit and a classroom. Teacher Nick Moretti is determined to teach his punk-assed student, Zane Jacobs, some manners. You think I was able to persuade him to behave? If you would have seen his ass when I was done with him you would have known the answer to that. Guess you'll just have to wait for the video to be released to find out.

Friday, May 8, 2009

"Racing" to San Francisco

I'm racing to finish my work here at my "real" job so I can hop on the plane at 6:30pm and fly out to San Francisco. My hand is hurting, my shoulder is killing me and my lower back is spasming (the way it does right before it goes out). It is going to be one rough plane ride. I'm feakin' falling apart!!! Actually, it's pretty much par for the course. I always manage to pull it all together and give it my all so I know it will all be fine. I had the WORST cold the weekend I filmed my scenes for "Brief Encounters" and the "Master Nick vs. Luke Riley" BoundGods shoot.

I'm hoping to have some playtime while I'm in San Francisco as well. Saturday night I might go to Wunderland Charity Aids Ride Party and Sunday I may go to the Big Muscle DJ Bill Bennett party at the DNA Lounge.I'm hoping to have some playtime while I'm in San Francisco as well. Saturday night I might go to Wunderland Charity Aids Ride Party and Sunday I may go to the Big Muscle DJ Bill Bennett party at the DNA Lounge. Those are tentative plans though. Fucking with Race Cooper for his new website EDGER 9 and doing a scene with Zane Jacobs. (See photos of both of them here. Race is the black guy with the big dick and Zane is the white guy with the big dick.)

I'll take lots of photos with my new camera and I'll try to post while I'm away. Don't get mad if I don't though and don't forget about me! :-)

(Oh... the photo of me at the top is from the Bear Party Magazine/CyberBear photo shoot I did two weeks ago. I am SO HAPPY with the photos that the photographer, Ken Slater, sent me! I'll post more next week.)