Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I've been making some changes around here. Not sure if you've noticed but the photos are much larger in my posts and I now have some banners linking to my website on the right side of the page. I spend a lot of time working on my website and I have a lot of free content there. I actually want the website and blog to flow as one site. Guess I still have some more work to do before that happens. I'm probably going to kill the section with the posts on the website since it is kind of redundant to have posts both here and there. Originally I was going to keep the smutty posts with XXX photos on the website and the tamer posts and photos here. That idea went out the window pretty quickly. I mean just two posts ago I had home pictures of me tied up and blindfolded in the front of my truck while sucking someone off.

I'm going to add a whole section dedicated to the Bound Gods stuff and also put up a lot of sample clips from the videos I've been it. Eventually I would like to have some original video on there. Been working out the bugs on that one and hopefully it will happen soon. It's NOT easy! Especially since I'm doing it all on my own. For now, check out my website and give me some feedback. Anything else you would like to see on there? Any ideas how I could make things better?

Another change is that I've grown some serious facial hair. I guess the combination of being cooped up while recovering from surgery and all of the rain we've been getting here in South Florida has put me in the mood to grow some fur. Don't know how long it's going to stay but it's nice to know I can actually grow it.

The best change today was that I got my stitches out! My hand is healing very well and I have started back at the gym (THANK GOD!!! I was going through withdrawal!). It's still going to be some time before my hand is completely back to normal and I have to do some at-home physical therapy. I was tempted to ask the doctor if jacking off counted as therapy but I found the strength to control myself and not ask. If that was therapy I would have the healthiest and strongest hands in the world!!!
Guess I must be feeling better cause Master Nick made a guest appearance at my house last night. I'd tell you the details, but I'd have to kill you afterwards. LOL. I think the new bearded look works with the leather. What do you think?


James said...

The beard with the leather is going to look GREAT!!! You are so fortunate to have all that facial and body hair. That's what is so HOT about you, you sexy beast! What is really nice to know is that such a great guy is under it all! You can abuse me anytime! LOL I'm also envious of the fact that you can work on your blog and website all by yourself!
James from Iowa.

wdavi said...

You look great! Your site is always fresh! It looks great.. I know how hard it can be to build and maintain a website. You sit down in front of the keyboard, and when you look up most of the day is gone!

Anonymous said...

Master Nick, You are what I consider the three "H"'s. HOT, HAIRY & HUNG!!!! Love the beard and leather look, not that you weren't hot before but HOTTER now.

Like the changes to the web site. (I did notice) I really like the blog and you just being you. Look forward in seeing the video content you mentioned. Good Luck!!

Have a GREAT day.
Lee :-)

Pick said...

The hand looks AMAZING considering the short amount of time since the surgery. Figured with all that obvious testosterone racing around in (and out) of you that you'd heal pretty fast.

Man, keep up the Master Nick look (WOOF btw!) and we're going to have to change your Blog Title to ... "The NickMeister". ;o{)

Damien said...

This one believes Master Nick looks very handsome with facial fur.

Stan said...

I like you with or without the beard. It's you in that leather that gets me going! WOOF!

On your other website in your Bio, you didn't mention how you came to move from Brooklyn NY down to Ft. Lauderdale FL. Was it after the “Auditions” series you just decided to stay? I'm just curious.

slyder said...

Keep the beard! I've only been reading your blog for a short time, but I've noticed I find myself in the local bars looking for guys who look like you! I know my search is doomed. There is only one Nick Moretti!

Hand looks terrific! Modern surgery and PT are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

lots of photos to cum? please

Kristofer Weston said...

I totally love the beard Nick!