Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chad Brock - Butt Machine Boy!

There's another new Butt Machine Boys video out now with my good buddy Chad Brock. This is the 2nd one I've directed so far. Chad plays a bartender that's horny as hell after a night of watching everyone else hook up and leave. So he takes matters into his own hands... well ass, with a couple of butt machines.
Chad is so hot, sexy, and manly and watching him please himself with the machines is fucking awesome!!!

You can click here to see a free preview and the entire video.

You can click here to see a free preview and the entire video.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Butt Machine Boys is Back!

I was having dinner with my friend Chad Brock last night and he mentioned that someone told him the Butt Machine Boys video he did was out. HUH? Surely the fine people at would tell me if they had released the Butt Machine Boy videos that I've directed so far. Ya... I guess not.
Well, here are a few shots from the first video featuring Blake Daniels.
You can click here to see a free preview and the entire video.

You can click here to see a free preview and the entire video.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Busy beaver...

I've been a busy little beaver the last few weeks. Thank God!

My 3-way shoot with Blake Daniels went really well. Having two HOT scene mates made things fun and easy. Then I had my Hot House Club Inferno shoot with Jessie Balboa (see photo) for their upcoming movie "Fisting Freaks". I've been friends with Jessie for years and this was the first time we worked together. DAMN does that boy have one amazing hole. Very, very hot scene with a crazy ending. Christian Owen at Hot House is an awesome director and great to work for.
Yesterday I had a Gang Bang shoot with a beautiful boy as the bottom and 6 hot top guys with big dicks. NICE!!! I guess you can say that life is good.

I'm almost done settling into my new apartment. I only have 2 boxes left to unpack. I bought a new comforter set for my bedroom today (see photo) so my bedroom is finally finished. I really want to have it finished completely by Thanksgiving so Cynder, Bubba and I can have a nice day watching movies and chilling out.

Speaking of Cynder and Bubba... I took Cynder for a haircut this morning (see photo) and she looks so freakin cute!!! The lady who cut her hair said she was really grouchy and kept snapping at her. She's 13 years old! That's really old for a shitzu... gotta cut her some slack. New Bubba (see photo) is really sweet. Even sweeter than old Bubba. He's comes out begging for snacks whenever I'm around and he just sits there nibbling away. Adorable!

Getting back to the busy beaver theme... I had to share a photo that I took of a new product currently in the window of a sex themed store on Castro Street. I've seen the thing where you make a mold of your weiner but I've never seen the pussy version. I wonder if you could use it for a jello mold for Thanksgiving dinner? Hmmm...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The winds of change are blowing me

Life is full of changes lately. Some good, some bad, all necessary in my growth as a person. (Yes, I'm a person... not just a porn star.)

Several people have asked if the pup and I were still dating. Unfortunately, we are not. Not going to give any details but I am going to say that I miss him and love him and wish him the happiness he deserves. I was lucky to have him as a partner for a while.

Many changes in my work life as well. My work with is evolving once again, and after a month break (which I NEEDED SO MUCH!), I will be back to direct some more hot Butt Machine Boys shoots.

I'm also booked for a quite a few shoots with other companies as well. Thursday I'm working the first time with a new company (details to come) and I'm really excited about it! The shoot is a 3-way with my friend Blake Daniels as the bottom. I have another shoot with them next week as well. This Friday I have another shoot for Hot House's Club Inferno Dungeon. That shoot is with an old friend of mine from Fort Lauderdale, Jesse Balboa. We've never worked together before and I'm really looking forward to it!

I've also been busy updating and revising my website. I've had so much work come out since the last time I updated it! (I would have gotten a lot further with the changes to it but my brand new laptop had a major crash and needed to be repaired. I'm blaming that freakin iCloud! LOL)Next up I'm going to update the photo section and add tons of more photos and then update the Bound Gods section. Check it out at to see the changes I've made so far.

I'm almost settled in my new place. Just a couple of more boxes to unpack (mostly filled with the tons of chachkies that I've collected over the years and now have no room for). I'll post some photos when I'm finally done. I'm also hoping to have a housewarming party and invite all my San Francisco friends. (God I hope they don't bring more chachkies! Alcohol... think alcohol!)