Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NEW SCENE: Bred and Fed

Funny, there was so much going on in this shoot, and I was having so much fun, that I forgot like half of the hot action on the set that day! Looking at the photos and the preview I remember. DAMN was that awesome! I hope you think it's hot as well.
Description: Derek Anthony, Cope and Jason Mitchell all have their big cocks stuck through the glory holes. Mason Garet and Nick Moretti are on the other side sucking the three pig's cocks and drinking their piss. Cope gets behind Jason and shoves his cock deep inside that tight boy hole. Jason's cock is hard as a rock while he's getting fucked. Mason sees that hard dick poking through the glory hole and sits on it. With every deep hard thrust Cope shoves into Jason, it drives Jason's cock even further up Mason's ass. Mason can't hold off any longer, the pounding his ass is taking makes him blow a huge load all over Nick's face and cock. Nick tells Mason to lick the cum off his body and the floor. As Mason bends down to do as he was told, Cope steps in behind him and buries his cock, that is covered in Jason's ass juice, up Mason's well fucked hole. Cope starts to pound Mason's ass harder and harder, using the glory hole wall as leverage. Derek and Jason cheer Cope on as they stroke their cocks, watching this hot action. Derek announces he is going to cum and pushes Cope off Mason and blows a huge load of man cum all over Mason's ass. Derek shoves his still cum leaking cock deep in Mason, breeding him with his DNA. Jason wants to add his cum to the mix and jerks off another huge load onto Mason's already cum cover muscle butt. Todd Maxwell does his job and licks Mason's ass clean. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

FREE PREVIEW of my favorite scene!

I finally found a FREE PREVIEW for my the group orgy scene I directed and edited for Dark Alley Media. It was by far my favorite shoot to day and I am VERY proud of it! According to Dark Alley's description... "If this is what they mean by 'get back to work,' count me in. 5 huge cock studs are ready and willing to suck and fuck the daylights out of each other putting in overtime and releasing their work loads."

Friday, March 15, 2013

Brand New "Daddy" scene from SX Video

SX Video just released a brand new scene today with me being a daddy to sexy young Tyson James. The photos look pretty hot and I can't wait to watch the whole thing! Here is a screen description and some photos for you guys. Hope you like! CLICK HERE if you want to see this scene.

Scene Description:
Hot, hunky, daddy Nick Moretti comes home to find his “boy”, Tyson James, naked and ready to go. “Hey Daddy, show me what you can do,” Tyson begs coyly. That’s all Nick needs to start kissing and stroking Tyson’s soft, youthful skin. However, Tyson can’t resist the urge to release the beast that is begging to be released from Nick’s blue jeans.

Tyson wastes no time in gobbling Nick’s monster cock. After all, what good boy doesn'’t enjoy pleasing his daddy? Nick is happy to return the favor. After taking good care of his boy’s cock, Nick flips him over to eat Tyson’s perfect little tush getting it good and wet.

With Tyson’s tight little hole ready to go, Nick slides his rock-hard cock deep inside the boy. Tyson moans as his insides are filled by daddy meat. Nick shows us how a true porn god fucks by slamming, pounding, and thrusting in many different positions while making it look easy! It’s no surprise that Tyson cums on his own stomach while getting railed. Nick uses that boy-spunk as lube to fuck Tyson a little while longer. When Nick can’t hold it any longer, he cums on Tyson’s thoroughly worked ass and fucks it right back in.

CLICK HERE if you want to see this scene

CLICK HERE if you want to see this scene

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

Let the hate begin!

The Sword just did an article on "The Top 10 Mainstream Gay Porn Stars Who Went Bareback" and I made the list. Let the hate begin!

Actually, I have been very open and honest about my taking on bareback work in addition to condom work and I haven't really received much bad feedback. This should do the trick though. The Sword is famous for their stories that stir up the pot. (Damn... I said that nicely.)

So far I only saw one comment on there about me. Some guy with the screen name daddycentaur wrote: "To bad about Nick Moretti switching to bareback. Cuz I normally love me some hott and sexxxy Italian beefy daddy types…oh well."

Oh well indeed. Sad, because he sounds pretty hot with a name like daddycentaur. But, alas he can not jack off to any porn that I am in because I've crossed over to the dark side.

You can read the article here and post a sweet comment of your own! CLICK HERE TO READ THIS.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

They like it!

AEBN just gave the first movie I directed for Dark Alley Media (Raw City 2) an awesome review! Gotta say that feels good.

Here is the review...

In San Francisco, or what this movie calls the Raw City, there's a hunt going on for the hungriest holes. That pursuit of hot man-ass continues in Raw City 2.

Porn star/director Nick Moretti has scored with this cast. These are some sluts who know how to get down to some dirty fucking. No matter how big of a cock they're confronted with, they know how to take it and then some. It's an interracial bareback sex party and some of these white dudes have really lucked out by getting to take two of the finest brothers around, namely Jerry Stearns and Chase Coxxx. The rest of the cast is just as hot: A.J. Long, Patrick O'Connor, James Roscoe, Ty Roberts, Blue Bailey, Ed Hunter, Blake Daniels, and Derrick Hanson. 

They're some of the best raw tops and bottoms around and their cum-filled antics will give you plenty of fantasy material to work with. Raw Fuck Club and Dark Alley Media's hardcore style is always sure to inspire plenty of loads and this time is no different!

With everyone out sick for weeks already here at Factory Video, where I work full-time, I've been feeling exhausted, under-appreciated, and down. Hearing this good review of my work really cheers me up!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Nothing like a stinky old pup

I'm lying in bed so nice and peaceful on this beautiful San Francisco morning, with my head resting on my dog Cynder's back, she is snoring like she does, and then, unexpectedly, she stinks me out with a silent but deadly. Darn you stinky old pup!!!
What a way to wake up.

I told you guys Cynder had officially gone deaf a while back and the poor old girl continues to fall apart. I affectionately refer to her as "rotting death with a bow" sometimes. She only has one or two teeth left, here eyes are cloudy from cataracts, she's getting pretty senile, and she has trouble walking frequently. Her walking has gotten so bad that I carry her up and down the stairs now and many times I end up carrying her for most of her walks.

But she is happy as hell and is doesn't seem to be in any pain. She actually still acts like a little puppy. Especially when we play tongue wars in bed every morning. She just wants to lick and lick and lick me and I attack her back with kisses and licks. He endurance is much stronger than mine and she always wins, leaving me soaking wet with hundreds of licks.

Cynder is well over 15 years old now. That's really, really old for a shih tzu. Their life span is usually about 13 years. So you better believe I am completely taking advantage of the time I have left with her. We are always snuggling, or playing or sleeping together. Truth be told, I'm getting up there in age myself. Most of my body aches from injuries and arthritis and sometimes I feel like Cynder and I are both winding down at the same time. I'm really not sure how I'm going to react when she finally passes on. She's been in my life longer than any other life partner. I have truly been blessed to have had my stinky little pup in my life.