Monday, January 30, 2012

Vote for me... Pretty please!

It would make me really, really happy if you would take 30 seconds of your time and vote for me for the 2012 San Francisco Escort of the Year!

Click through this link, then click on the dot on top of my photo, and then click "Click here to review your votes". You will get another screen that says "Please click vote to confirm your selection." Click on the VOTE button and it's done!

Thank you very much for doing it!!! I owe you a big kiss when we meet.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

All about my hole...

I just saw that a blog called Male Buttholes has a giant shot of my butthole as the main graphic and a blog post about me and my hole.
Too funny!

I've always been real squeamish when it comes to showing off my butthole. I don't have the little, pink butthole of a cute, young twink. I like to kid around and say that I have the butthole of a 80 year old black man. Truth is, it's somewhere in between the two. Luckily I'm usually pretty furry down there so it's just this dark hole buried deep in the this dark bush. You can check out the blog and the blog post I'm talking about by clicking here.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bareback Me Please 2

Wow! My first SX Video and I'm on the cover!!! I knew this is an awesome shoot and an awesome company to work for. I'm so HAPPY to know it went well!
You can check it out by clicking here. Type in Bareback Me Please 2 and you will be directed to the movie.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My first SX Video scene released!

My first video with SX Video just went online on their website. My scene partners were porn newcomer Rowdy McBeal and porn veteran Matt Sizemore. What a HOT and CRAZY time we had filming this scene! I hope it looks as good as I think it will. I posted a bunch of photos from the scene and the scene description below. ENJOY!


Nick Moretti in Bareback Me Please 2
Rowdy McBeal in Bareback Me Please 2
Matt Sizemore in Bareback Me Please 2

Here is the scene breakdown...

A trio of newcomers including Rowdy McBeal, Nick Moretti, and Matt Sizemore join SX Video to film one of the dirtiest fuck-fests we`ve seen for a while. The scene begins with the three making out and feeling each other`s stiff rods, until filthy pig-bottom Rowdy drops to his knees to service his two costars, stuffing their meat deep down his throat. Next Nick and Matt both take their turns filling their appetites for dick and make their rounds sucking each other`s swollen hard-ons. Being the dirty pig he is, Rowdy gravitates towards Matt`s hole and tongue-fucks him wet and hard, and then encourages Nick to do the same. Now revved-up and dying for young pink hole, Matt bends Rowdy over and penetrates him hard with his long thick cock. To give Rowdy the treatment he craves, Matt and Nick then get him onto his knees, as Nick pees into the young stud`s dog bowl and mouth, commanding him to lap it all up. Now soaked in piss, Nick comes around and nails back into Rowdy`s tight hole so hard that the bottom begins to pee all over the floor.

Nick and Matt then take turns fucking Rowdy`s hole and mouth, loosening it up for a hard thrashing until Matt insists on getting the same treatment to his soft insides. Nick then penetrates Matt deep and hard, opening up his hole nice and wide for Rowdy to then take his turn. Now having worked up a thirst, Rowdy then assumes proper position on the floor like a dog and waits until Matt showers him with hot piss, which he drinks and rolls around in. the horny studs then continue their fuck-session by triple-fucking each other with Rowdy in the back, Matt in the middle, and Nick in the front. The trio continues ravaging each other`s holes until Rowdy ends up on his back receiving a large cum-load all over his balls from Matt. Nick then takes his turn at the dirty bottom and explodes his own load onto the willing bottom. Rowdy now dripping cum out his ass, takes a seat on Nick`s cock, jerking his fat load all over Nick`s hairy chest and abs.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Quiet after the storm

Last week I had 2 Treasure Island Media Shoots, 3 But Machine Boys shoots, 1 SX Video shoot, a trip to San Diego, a fall down the stairs, food poisoning, and a cold. All of the shoots went AWESOME!!! The cold isn't too bad, just annoying. My arm is still pretty bruised from the fall but my back and finger are better. The food poisoning only lasted one night THANK GOD!!! Damn MSG in the Yan Can restaurant food at the San Diego airport did me in. I barely made it through the flight and back to my apartment before I exploded in every direction. NOT HOT!

Yesterday, as I waited by the side of the road for the tow truck to tow away my broken down pick-up truck, a friend pointed out that the negative buzz about my recent shoots had hit this blog yesterday.  I'm already starting to feel the backlash from it. Not unexpected. It started with a post that SX Video did on their blog about my first video with them. I posted a comment in the comments section on my last post in response to the situation. You can read my comment here if you want. I can't control the way people think and how they react. I can only control myself and how I act and react. Again, I want to thank my loyal fans and my friends for being there for me. Can't we all just jack off and get along?

After that very successful but very intense and stressful week I'm at home today trying to catch up with everything I put on hold for a week. So this morning I kicked back and jacked off in bed while watching some hot XTube videos (I LOVE XTUBE!!!). Here is a link to the video if you want to check it out...

Click here for my latest jack off video

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A new first for me!

I just finished filming my second video for SX Video yesterday with Dominik Rider and Fabio Stallone. It was a super hot 3-way with Dominik Rider and Fabio Stallone (See photo below). Today I see that SX posted a blurb on their blog about my first shoot with them. Here it is...

"One of the hottest names in porn, Nick Moretti, finally crosses over to the hot and raw side of bareback porn and debuts his first scene here with us at SX Video (pictured getting his thick cock deep-throated by Rowdy Mcbeal)."

Click here to go to the SX Video website and check out their videos and blog. I'll let you know when the scene is released on their upcoming DVD "Bareback Me Please 2".

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Daddy/Boy Scenes Rock!!!

A Fan at Lavender Lounge sent this email to them about a recent shoot I did with HOT BOY and good friend Blue Bailey and I have to say it really made me happy to read. What a HUGE compliment to our work.

Dear Lavender Lounge: At the ripe age of 49 I’ve seen a lot of porn simply because I enjoy looking at naked men. It’s not always about sex. Sometimes it’s just about the beauty of the male form. Having worked in front of the camera, as well as behind – I’ve probably seen way more porn than anyone would ever admit to. That having been said, I wanted to write and tell you that the scene with Nick Moretti and Blue Bailey is probably one of the hottest I’ve ever seen. It strikes a chord within those of us who are older and might desires for a young. The contrast between the two — age, looks, and body — makes for a very hot daddy/son role play that’s…well, titillating! I actually groaned when I saw the pictures of Nick Moretti’s hairy arm around Blue’s smooth, taut skin. And the look on Blue’s face…priceless! At any rate, very rarely do I see something that crawls into my brain like the image of Nick and Blue. I just wanted to say thanks for the mind fuck. Sincerely, B.G.

Click here to see the scene he is talking about.