Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The relative quiet before the storm

This week is a relatively quiet work week for me. Pretty much just preparing for the amazingly busy work week I'm going to have next week. Seven shoots in five days, including a trip back and forth from San Diego. Actually, it's seven shoots in four days. Directing a few. Performing in a few. Directing and Performing in a few. I'll update you when the shoots get closer.

I just found out I was nominated for Hottest Body and Best Gay Porn Star Website from the 2012 Ravens Eden Awards. I'm psyched about the nominations because those are two things I work hard on and am proud of. PLEASE vote for me at...

I'm finally taking down the Christmas tree and decorations today. It's so peaceful and warm and homey looking I would like to keep it up forever but, like me, it is rapidly drying out and will probably not last much longer. LOL.

Speaking of my Christmas tree... the guy from my building who sent me the note about it being his discarded tree, and being happy that it found a new home, is not the same guy that sent me the nice "welcome to the building" message when I first moved in. That means I have at least two awesome neighbors now! Thank you Bob for providing me with a nice surprise that brightened my holidays!

Poor Rowdy had his tonsils out last week and I've been trying to take care of him since then. I guess it's a lot more painful having that surgery when you are older and the recovery time has been pretty brutal. I've attached a lovely photo so you can share the lovely experience.

I know that is a really gross photo so here is something kinda funny to offset the horror. A little video taken on the set of the SX film I shot two weeks ago. Hope you like!

Magic Dick

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John said...

Just got finished voting for you, Stud. Good Luck.

I'm happy to hear you've got some scenes coming up. Looking forward to seeing them.