Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Burning the candle at both ends

My injuries better be way on their way to healing up because I have another big week ahead of me in San Francisco next week.

First, I'm doing a scene with Conner Habib for Pantheon Productions. If you've seen Conner you'll realize that obviously I'm the "Daddy" in the scene. I'm even growing out my beard and letting the salt and pepper come in. Maybe I'll post a photo of it here. (Or maybe not.)

After that, it's back into "Master Nick" mode because I'm filming another scene for Bound Gods. Can't wait to see what kind of bizarre and hot situation Director Van Darkholme has in store for us this time!

Then, Saturday night I'll at TRUCK bar. There hook for Saturday nights is $10 all night shots...served up by porn stars. I guess that would be me! If you're in the neighborhood please stop by and say "Hi!"

I'll be saying a prayer or two that I heal up in time to do a good job next week. I really do take the job seriously when I am fortunate enough to be hired to perform. That's how I ended up with these darn injuries in the first place! Feel free to include me in your prayers if you see fit.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Highly Recommended!

OK... I'm done with the Christmas funk and back to appreciating all of the good... hell, GREAT things that I have in my life! (Thanks guys for the nice emails and especially the Card with the electronic "chocolates".) Here's something for me to be happy about...

Now that Blue Movie has been release the reviews will start coming in. I hope they are all as good as the one by Brent Blue at ManNet.

“Blue Movie” (2008) is a glorious homage to vintage porn, and directors Leif Gobo and Steve Cruz have an obvious appreciation for their subject as the scenes seem like vignettes of a lost era, though filtered through modern technology, which allows for a glamorous look and opulent scene length the golden age of gay pornography could never have managed. “Blue Movie” is history mixed with sex, not at all as academic as it sounds, but rather steamy and enthralling.

Now here’s the part about my scene…

The second scene trades one recognizable set for another: the black box with the motorcycle. Clad in boots and attitude, this scene is a full-scale to-the-death fight for dominance between Nick Piston and Nick Moretti. Both inked and born for leather, Nick Piston sits on the bike in chaps and a hardon while Nick Moretti stands to be worshipped. The two aren’t afraid of any body parts. Only seconds into the scene, Nick Piston is deep into Nick Moretti’s pits, the kind you just hope reek for a scene of this type. Nick Moretti rims the hell out of Nick Piston’s ass. His tongue unrolls both to lick around the entire area and also to tighten and poke into the hole. Nick Piston blows with his usual abandon, drooling buckets on Nick Moretti’s cock in order to make his deep-throat smoother.

Adventurous Nick Moretti gulps Nick Piston’s cock whole, made even hotter by the fact that Nick Piston keeps on his Prince Albert. These two work their mouths like there is a competition to be won, but I felt like the ultimate winner watching. With oral action this torrid, one expects thrills from the fucking, and these two don’t disappoint. Nick Moretti slams at Nick Piston as if Nick Piston’s ass has no limits. Indeed, it shows none. Nick Moretti summons up all of his muscular frame to crash at his bottom with both heated energy and creativity. He plays with speeds and styles to keep the action at a constant boiling point. Fucking Nick Piston from behind, Nick Moretti, even pulls back one of his arms as he lacerates the ass. This is unbridled lust. Though a missionary fuck on the bike is no less thrilling, they prefer doggy and return to it eagerly. Nick Moretti fingers Nick Piston into a cum-shot and sprinkles his own goo on Nick Piston’s leg as they kiss.

Click here to purchase this video or find out more information about it.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

What Not To Wear

I was just watching What Not To Wear on TLC and wound up crying at the end. Stupid show.

Blame it on being alone for Christmas. Blame it on not getting a phone call from what's left of my family. Blame it on not getting a Christmas gift. Blame it on still getting over my break-up. Blame it on the fractured ribs, broken toes & smashed foot. Blame it on whatever you like... It is what it is.

OK... that was a little too premenstrual for me. I hope this sort of butch photo cancels out my momentary show of weakness. (In case there is any confusion... I'm the guy leaning over in the bikers cap with my ass sticking out. As usual.) It was taken during a recent shoot for a guest house in Fort Lauderdale called Inn Leather. Every room comes with a sling and there is a play dungeon/common space that features a St. Andrews Cross, motorcycle and slings. Bet you never stayed at a guest house like that before! I know I haven't. That would have been a Merry Christmas!

(The photo was taken by one of my favorite photographers Sylvester Q. Check his work out at wwww.sylvesterq.com.)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rats... It's Christmas!

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through my house, every creature was stirring... including this freakin' mouse!!!

Ugh, I was going to try to write some clever version of the "Night before Christmas" poem to go with my situation, but to hell with it! I'm just gonna curl up with my dog, have a big glass of Coconut Rum and Chocolate Soy Milk and call it a night. Aren't the holidays magical?

Note: I caught the mouse in the picture today. It's the 3rd one so far. And the rodent remover guy told me it wasn't a mouse... it's a baby rat and it will cost at least $395 to get rid of them.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh no... Not Conner Habib!

I met Conner Habib when he tried to pick me up at the Folsom Street Fair. I couldn't stand the guy and did everything I could to keep him away. As fate would have it, I just got a message from Pantheon Productions (I filmed with them in October) asking if I was available to do a scene in January... with Conner! Ugh.

Of course, I'm kidding. Conner is a MAJOR HOTTIE! And we had a great connection from the moment we met. You can tell by the pictures and the short video I attached.

Just hope I'm all healed up by then cause I know that boy is going to give me a good workout. Now that's the kind of wrestling I like!

Click on the play button to see Conner and I together at the Folsom Street Fair and you can be the judge on whether we will make good scene partners or not.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Porn Star Tips on Dating

I had a date the other night and I just wanted to share some Porn Star tips on dating so that everyone can have fun and find true love.

If your house is kind of a mess because you have a sprained foot, broken toe and bruised ribs thanks to Tyler Saint beating the shit out of you in a wrestling/porn video shoot, do the following...

1. Dim the lights. (The lower the better.) Light candles. (Not too many, shadow are your friend when you are black and blue.)

2. Decorate your house for Christmas. (The warm and fuzzy feeling your date will get from seeing your holiday decorations will take his mind off of the garbage he has just tripped over on your kitchen floor.)

3. Make sure the decorations are not overly gay. (Like a Wizard of Oz Christmas figurine set, complete with Judy Garland. That would be WAY too gay.)

4. Make sure the toilet bowls are clean and have fresh Ty-D-Bol Cleaner Tablets in them. (Do not stick your hand in the water while placing the tablet in the tank. Of course, only a dumb-ass would do that, so I don't need to warn you about that.)

5. Make sure you look as good as possible by finding the most flattering lighting and attire. (Note: It may be hard to find the right lighting to compliment those bruises and bandages.)

6. Hide the rat trap and all signs of rat poisoning. (Just trust me on this one.)

If you follow these simple rules, you too can have a perfect date!

Lord... what the hell must this guy have been thinking when I opened the door and stumbled towards him through the eerie candlelight and gay Christmas decorations, limping like Quasimoto, with a bright blue finger and gross, swollen, purple toes. Sometimes the life of a Porn Star can be so glamorous.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sleepy Bear

I woke up still sore and aching and went into hibernating sleepy bear mode (See picture). I'm actually just getting up and going to head to the gym to try to work out. This should be fun! LOL. Wish me luck!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A different kind of piggy

Ok... enough with the horrible photos of my foot.

Here's a photo of me and my scene mate Nick Piston from the Falcon/Mustang film "Blue Movie, set to be released on December 23rd.

Check out my website www.nickmoretti.com to see a free preview trailer. It looks pretty hot to me!

Hope this took your mind of the toe thing.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

None of the piggy's are going anywhere

After major filght delays due to big snow storms, I got home late last night, pryed off my shoe, peeled off my sock, and found that my entire foot was swollen and bruised. Obviously, I broke more than just a toe. Ugh.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This little piggy...

I just finished filming my scene for "Naked Combat" and I think I am going to die. My ribs are bruised, my hand is swollen and bruised, my stomach is hurting bruised, my legs are in amazing pain, my neck is stiff and hurting, my back is... Well, you get the idea.

And, believe it or not... I broke a toe! (See gross photos above.) Freakin' Tyler Saint! He AIN'T no saint!

He had wrestling experience and knew all these cool moves. I knew shit and basically got my ass kicked. And when I got really pissed off and finally got some good moves in, he took it to the next level! Considering I could barely handle the first level, I was screwed. I didn't really expect to be in a serious, hard core wrestling match. Boy was I wrong!

Fortunately, Tyler made a few illegal moves (like picking me up over his head and body slamming me into the mat and kneeing me to the ribs) so the outcome of the match might not be what you think! Or it might be. You'll have to wait until it is released on the Kink.com "Naked Combat" website if you are interested.

In the mean time, I am going to be limping my beat up body to have dinner with my good friend Bo Matthews, have a few pain numbing drinks, and then drag my bruised, aching body to bed. The flight home tomorrow should be a rough one. Thank God for Lunesta!

And for the record, I still love Tyler Saint even if he did beat the crap out of me. I had no intention of "faking" the wrestling match. Even if it meant I would be horribly crippled afterwards. Which I just might be. Ugh.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Blue Movie Trailer

They just released the trailer for the movie "Blue Movie" and it looks awesome! Hot and dirty... just the way sex should be! LOL.

You can check it out by going to my website www.nickmoretti.com.


Wrestling with Rats

I got home late last night to find that the latest cage/trap that I bought had worked! There was the cutest little mouse in there. (See photo)


I've spent the last month chasing a giant rat through my house as it runs away, stopping only to laugh at me, raise his little rat paw, and give me the finger.

So was I crazy? Was it really just a mouse this whole time.

That hope was extinguished quickly as I hear the stomping of loud, rat feet above my head in the addict, while I'm starring at the cute little mouse in the cage in front of me. Fuck!

So that means I have more than just a rat running around my house. I am going to be calling an exterminator the minute I get back from San Francisco. No more Mister Nice Guy! (In case you are wondering, I actually considered keeping the cute little mouse as a pet, but ended up driving it a few blocks away and letting it scamper away in a big field.) The rat I would not have thought was so cute. It has done so much damage to my house already. It even ate through all of the leather laces on my leather chaps! It must be destroyed!!! LOL. I actually don't want it to be killed... just taken away.

By the way, I officially apologize for my last post which was a shameless cry for affirmation. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the comments you guys left! Please keep them coming. Even the bad ones. It makes me know that I am not wasting my time with this blog. THANKS!!!

I'm off to San Francisco in a couple of hours to do my Naked Combat shoot with Tyler Saint. It should be fun! I'll take some pictures while I'm there and post them when I get back on Thursday. I'm psyched that I am going to get to hang out with my good friend Bo Matthews again while I'm there. I just love that guy!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Show me some lovin'

I checked the site meter for this blog yesterday and I get lots of visitors every day. So people are reading it. But I only have 2 readers that leave comments or feedback.

Don't I deserve some lovin' back?

Please leave a comment.

Or a smiley face.

Or a curse word.



(The photo I posted is from a shoot I did with my ex a couple of months ago before we broke up. I'm the ass in the front. The photographer is Sylvester Q. Check out his work and hit him up if you need a great photographer. I highly recommend him!)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nake Combat

God really does work in mysterious ways. (I know... a porn star talking about God and posting a naked picture with it. It happens!)

I've been so strapped for cash lately I've had to pick and choose which bills to pay. Life is tough for everyone right now. So I was completely ecstatic when I got a phone call today from the guys at Kink.com asking me to fly out to San Francisco and do a test shoot for a new site they are developing called Naked Combat! I could really use the extra income about now, but there are other reasons I am so happy about the shoot.

First, I'm thrilled because, I LOVE working with Kink.com. My shoots for Bound Gods have all been amazingly creative and hot experiences. And the people that work there are wonderful to work with. Especially Van Darkholme. He's a hot man with tons of creative talent, a beautiful body, a great imagination, and the drive to get anything he can imagine made into reality.

Second, I'm so freakin' happy to have Tyler Saint as my Naked Combat wrestling opponent! I've know Tyler for quite a while now (since we shot a scene for Chi Chi Larue's "Link: The Evolution" together) and we even did a shoot for Bound Gods last year. He's not only HOT as hell but he is just as sweet and real.

The winner of the competition gets to fuck the loser. Now really, is there a loser in this situation? LOL! That said, I'm gonna do my best to take him down though. I mean, have you seen his ass? Yummm!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The good with the bad

Which do you want first... the bad news or the good news?

OK, here goes...

The bad news:
The company I've been working at for the last 18 years has filed for bankruptcy.

The good news: I'm on Roids and Rants again.

I think I'm gonna need better news than that to cheer me up.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Showing off...

A friend of mine text messaged me a website to check out that had a listing that he thought I would find interesting. The site is "Cruising for Sex" and someone posted a comment about finding sex at my gym. (Lucky bastard!) Apparently my name was in the comment! Of course, I panicked. Was someone starting a rumor that I put out at the gym? I wouldn't mind that if it was true and at least I was getting some. But, unfortunately, I'm not getting any. Then I read the comment:

"Several porn stars workout here. Nick Moretti is here regularly and loves to show off. Tommy Blade works the desk, and Matt Rush was training here but I haven't seen him for a while."

OK... do I seem like someone who loves to show off?

I think I better quit while I'm ahead here.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Got Milk? Ugh.

This morning I posted the pictures of my dog looking all pissed off and embarrassed after I shaved all of her beautiful fur off. Well, the porn gods must have been watching and planned a proper revenge.

I've gotten text messages and emails from "friends" asking if I've "Got Milk?" and telling me to check out Roids and Rants (my favorite website).

Immediately, I knew I was fucked.

Yup... they posted the photo from the Hot House film "Masterpiece" where I have a lovely cum mustache courtesy of Ross Hurston and Ethan Grant. Fuckers.

The glamorous life...

It was another HOT and EXCITING night in the glamorous life of Porn Star Nick Moretti last night.

I shaved my Shih Tzu.

It's not often that you hear someone say that.

(You can see how happy she was about it. Poor thing.)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

White Party... the aftermath

So I survived the Miami White Party Weekend without breaking a hip. I did the Gods of War - Leather Ball, the Heatwave Pool Party, the 24th Annual White Party at Vizcaya (The Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus), Poseidon's Muscle Beach Party, and the Noche Blanca - The Power of Zeus Party at the Cameo Nightclub. Jeez... could they pick any longer names for the freakin parties?

The 21 year old that was staying with me was a bundle of energy. Actually, that is a HUGE understatement. He was a vibrating, pulsating, jumping, mass of unrestrained testosterone fueled energy. DAMN! I wanted to slip an Ambien or two in his coctail to mellow him out a little. Was I EVER that young? It was actually really nice to have him around. I felt like his big brother (OK... more like his youngish father) keeping an eye out for him all weekend. I doubt if he really needed it, but he is only 21 years old even if he looks like a big, beefy man (See the picture of us together to see what I mean).

So life seems to be settling back to normal now. I have the house to myself (except for the rat that keeps chewing through my things looking for food... I wish I was kidding), I have my truck back and it is working like brand new (about $4,000 later!), I'm getting used to being single (not that I like it), and I'm hitting the gym hard again getting ready for my next Bound Gods video a month from now. I'm really looking forward to working with Kink.com, Bound Gods and Van Darkholme again!!!
(Here is a rare photo of me with my shirt on. In my defense, it didn't stay on very long. You can see the White Party going on in the background with the lights of the mansion reflecting into the water. So beautiful.)