Wednesday, December 3, 2008

White Party... the aftermath

So I survived the Miami White Party Weekend without breaking a hip. I did the Gods of War - Leather Ball, the Heatwave Pool Party, the 24th Annual White Party at Vizcaya (The Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus), Poseidon's Muscle Beach Party, and the Noche Blanca - The Power of Zeus Party at the Cameo Nightclub. Jeez... could they pick any longer names for the freakin parties?

The 21 year old that was staying with me was a bundle of energy. Actually, that is a HUGE understatement. He was a vibrating, pulsating, jumping, mass of unrestrained testosterone fueled energy. DAMN! I wanted to slip an Ambien or two in his coctail to mellow him out a little. Was I EVER that young? It was actually really nice to have him around. I felt like his big brother (OK... more like his youngish father) keeping an eye out for him all weekend. I doubt if he really needed it, but he is only 21 years old even if he looks like a big, beefy man (See the picture of us together to see what I mean).

So life seems to be settling back to normal now. I have the house to myself (except for the rat that keeps chewing through my things looking for food... I wish I was kidding), I have my truck back and it is working like brand new (about $4,000 later!), I'm getting used to being single (not that I like it), and I'm hitting the gym hard again getting ready for my next Bound Gods video a month from now. I'm really looking forward to working with, Bound Gods and Van Darkholme again!!!
(Here is a rare photo of me with my shirt on. In my defense, it didn't stay on very long. You can see the White Party going on in the background with the lights of the mansion reflecting into the water. So beautiful.)


Tom said...

Okay, mister, you look absolutely (even more) dazzling in that shot of you *gasp* in a shirt! I think it's the perfectly groomed body hair that's doing it for me there.

$4,000 (!!!) in repairs?!

I'm happy to learn that you not only survived all those parties, but were able to type all those titles out without developing carpal tunnel.

YAY! An upcoming shoot. =)

Oh, and I think I left a comment or two over on your website for you to moderate when you get a moment.


Frank said...

I was wondering if you survived the Miami White Party Weekend.Good lord those are big names for the freakin parties LOL
With or without a shirt your still a hunk.No wonder you needed to keep an eye on your friend,he is a hottie.But then so are you.

Todd said...

You look amazing in all of your pictures. I can't even pick out which one I like the best. Every picture that you take you are one sexy man. Well be good and have fun. Glad your truck is working. What kind of truck do you have that they had to do 4000.00 of damage to? That is a lot.