Friday, December 19, 2008

A different kind of piggy

Ok... enough with the horrible photos of my foot.

Here's a photo of me and my scene mate Nick Piston from the Falcon/Mustang film "Blue Movie, set to be released on December 23rd.

Check out my website to see a free preview trailer. It looks pretty hot to me!

Hope this took your mind of the toe thing.



Y said...

But the movie is released,Nick.Online!I left a comment about that on your website 2 days ago with the link to it.

Nick Moretti said...

I thought you meant the preview was released! Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great preview scene! Your movie has been generating a lot of good buzz. Can't wait to see it! How's the foot? I hope that mobility isn't too much of an issue.

Nick Moretti said...

Hey wdavi... I;m getting around OK. Refused to wear the "blue shoe" thing the doctor gave me so I have some sandals on. Just hopping and shuffling along. Gotta admit it hurts like hell though. Thanks for asking!

Wonder Man said...

Good preview. Take care and take care of your foot

Tom said...

Yep, that definitely took my mind off the foot. Hottest hobblin' hunk, ever -- that's you.