Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Burning the candle at both ends

My injuries better be way on their way to healing up because I have another big week ahead of me in San Francisco next week.

First, I'm doing a scene with Conner Habib for Pantheon Productions. If you've seen Conner you'll realize that obviously I'm the "Daddy" in the scene. I'm even growing out my beard and letting the salt and pepper come in. Maybe I'll post a photo of it here. (Or maybe not.)

After that, it's back into "Master Nick" mode because I'm filming another scene for Bound Gods. Can't wait to see what kind of bizarre and hot situation Director Van Darkholme has in store for us this time!

Then, Saturday night I'll at TRUCK bar. There hook for Saturday nights is $10 all night shots...served up by porn stars. I guess that would be me! If you're in the neighborhood please stop by and say "Hi!"

I'll be saying a prayer or two that I heal up in time to do a good job next week. I really do take the job seriously when I am fortunate enough to be hired to perform. That's how I ended up with these darn injuries in the first place! Feel free to include me in your prayers if you see fit.


Unknown said...

I would love to see you in a beard and your Salt & Pepper hair please. and I can't wait to see you as the Master in Bound Gods you are fucking great and beautiful hope you heal up soon take care.

Tom said...

Ah, phooey! I'll miss you in SF by a week. I'm up there from New Year's Eve through Sunday.

I'm going to have to insist, as a dedicated fan, that you favor us with the salt & pepper/beard extravaganza. Because that is super-sexy, mister.

Keep your tootsies safe during the Bound Gods shoot. :p

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with e & T. If it's even possible for you to be hotter, a little gray would do it.

I'm totally stoked to hear that you're shooting for BG again. I'm not sure your scenes with CJ can ever be topped, though. (pardon the bad pun). I'm afraid someone at Kink is going to notice how many times I've viewed that movie, and think I'm a freak.

I'm amazed at how sweet you seem to be in real life, but then you can really turn on the mean when you work!

Take care, and I hope you're feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Salt & Pepper hair, yes.
Beard, no, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Salt and Pepper? Very becoming, I think!

Stan said...

Here's hoping you heal up quickly Nick, if you need a prayer you've got it. I agree with the others about the salt & pepper, you couldn't get any hotter! Have a safe trip out west.