Saturday, December 27, 2008

What Not To Wear

I was just watching What Not To Wear on TLC and wound up crying at the end. Stupid show.

Blame it on being alone for Christmas. Blame it on not getting a phone call from what's left of my family. Blame it on not getting a Christmas gift. Blame it on still getting over my break-up. Blame it on the fractured ribs, broken toes & smashed foot. Blame it on whatever you like... It is what it is.

OK... that was a little too premenstrual for me. I hope this sort of butch photo cancels out my momentary show of weakness. (In case there is any confusion... I'm the guy leaning over in the bikers cap with my ass sticking out. As usual.) It was taken during a recent shoot for a guest house in Fort Lauderdale called Inn Leather. Every room comes with a sling and there is a play dungeon/common space that features a St. Andrews Cross, motorcycle and slings. Bet you never stayed at a guest house like that before! I know I haven't. That would have been a Merry Christmas!

(The photo was taken by one of my favorite photographers Sylvester Q. Check his work out at


Anonymous said...

hi Nick,
sorry to read that you are down. You know.. the best way to cure PMS is chocolate, lots of chocolate (trust me on this one);-)
Well, it probably won't help you much right now, but I just wanted to let you know that reading your blog sometimes makes me laugh when nothing else does.

hope to see you laughing again soon, Jana

Nick Moretti said...

Jana... THANK YOU so much for the chocolate! :-)