Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting sketchy

So I'm back home after my trip to San Francisco. I filmed 3 scenes (2 for Tom Ropes McGuirk and 1 for Pantheon Productions), went to the GAYVN Awards, the Magnitude Party (where I put on a live sex show... my first!), attended the Real Bad Party, and the Folsom Street Fair (where I ended up on the Kink.com stage getting whipped by Van Darkholme, and then wandered around the fair and flogged a few people. I also got to spend time with lots of old and new friends, like Drew Cutler, Leo Forte, Element Eclipse, Tony Buff and his boys, Vince Ferelli, Race Cooper, Conner Habib, Alessio Romero, Samuel Colt, Chris Porter, Spenser Reed, Tom Wolfe, Mike Dreyden, Junior Stellano, Franchesco Machado & Damien Crosse... hell, the list goes on, and on, and on!

Add all this together and also include a day trip to Fishermen's Wharf, a perfect day in beautiful Doloris Park and having Armsted Maupin watch you fuck again, and you have a wonderful but exhausting week! But you know, I wouldn't change a minute of it! So what if I'm a little sketchy tonight after the long week and the long flight home.

And speaking of being sketchy...
I started doing some rough sketches for the new line of art that I want to produce. I haven't mentioned my idea yet because I was trying to see what would work for me. What I would be able to produce in a beautiful way? And what final product might have a market that might be interested in buying it?

So my idea is to take some of the 1000's of "behind the scenes" photos from the many different porn shoots I've been in and turn them into art pieces that capture a memorable moment.
Here is a rough draft I did on the plane ride home today that kind of shows you what I'm talking about. The color photo below is one I took of Luke Riley on the Bound Gods shoot I did with him. The Black and white sketch below it is my rendition of the color photo. Please remember that it is just a rough draft that I did in a couple of hours on the plane. The final pieces I produce will look much more polished and complete. So what do you think? Is there a market out there for Nick Moretti artwork based on his BDSM experiences?

I have so many amazing stories from this week in San Francisco and I will tell them all in my next posts, so keep checking back!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

My favorite Element

I just finished my second day of shooting with Element Eclipse and it went AWESOME! I think I had a personal best when it came to cum shoot distance. Can't wait to see that one!

Element Eclipse. I just want to take that boy and put him in my pocket and have him with me everywhere I go. Although, I thing his huge dick would hang out and I would end up tripping a lot.

I'm back at my hotel and getting dressed for the GAYVN Awards. Should be a lot of fun! I'll take pictures and post them when I can.

One more shoot for Pantheon Productions/Hot Older Male tomorrow and then my work is over and the real fun starts!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hot 3-way at Folsom

After not sleeping at all the night before, I boarded my flight to San Francisco and settled into my seat, hoping to be able to sleep for a few hours. Unfortunately, my brain had other ideas. I ended up sleeping for about an hour. So by the time I got off the plane I was kinda in a weird, zombie like state.

That was quickly changed when I ran into my good friend Alessio Romero at the Virgin America baggage claim carousel. I haven't seen him since my birthday week in New York and it was so good to connect again. We ended up riding from the airport to where we were staying together. (He's actually staying at the Armory and shooting with Kink.com and I am staying not too far from there.)

After settling into my really rundown and really dirty but cheap hotel (That's all I could afford. And it is SERIOUSLY NOT A NICE HOTEL! The room was filled with flies buzzing around when I opened the door. Ugh!) I met up with my friend Paul from Ft. Lauderdale and we headed to Castro to grab a bite to eat. A guy that I met in P-town a few weeks ago, and really connected with, just got into San Francisco as well and he was going to meet us for lunch. So we waited for him at our window table at Harvey's and I was happy to be able to say "Hi" to so many of my San Francisco friends that I hadn't seen for a while as they passed by the window. It still amazes me that most of my friends life in a city that I don't even live in.

The guy I met in P-town showed up about an hour later (damn unreliable San Francisco cabs!) and we sat and talked while picked the chicken out of his chicken quesadilla and ate it, leaving behind all of the cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and anything else that might have added flavor to the dish. People and their food exentricities.

After lunch Paul went back to his hotel (it's 2 blocks from mine and much, much nicer) for a nap. Paul is a cool guy but one of the funny things about him is he will only fly first class. I never could justify flying first class. It's just SO MUCH more money that it doesn't seem worth it. I mean, a free movie, some food and a couple of drinks it NOT worth double the airfare or more. Funny part is, he flew from Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco first class, then took the train and walked for blocks to his hotel, because he didn't want to spend the money on a cab. Hmmmm. I don't get it.

Anyway, I stayed out and hung out with the guy I met in P-town. He lives on the other side of the world. Literally. But we've kept in touch (barely) via missed phone messages and emails. It was good to see him and we walked in and out of some of the stores on Castro street. We even tried on some leather chaps, jocks and other gear at the leather consignment store "Worn Out West".

After that I had a choice to go back to my flea ridden hotel and take a nap or just stay out for the remainder of the day. I knew if I went back and layed down I would NOT be getting up again. So we went to 440 and had a couple of margaritas. Good thing we did! While we were standing there little Element Eclipse (my scene mate for today) walked in and ordered a drink. We ended up hanging out and talking for a few hours. During that time the place filled up with other friends and porn personalities. It was GREAT to see my friends Race Cooper, Leo Forte, Mike Dreyden (who I'm doing a scene with on Saturday) and REALLY GREAT to meet Drew Cutler. DAMN is that boy hot! I only saw him briefly at the Grabby Awards a few months ago and since all he did was shout out "WOOOT!!!", repeatedly, I didn't get the best opinion of him. After talking to him I had a different opinion. HOT! Even if he did still shout out "WOOOT!!!" repeatedly again. He actually explained how you have to have use the perfect inflection when you shout our "WOOOT!!!" or it falls flat. And you know, he was right. I sound like a Chihuhua when I do it.

Everyone was drinking and a couple of hours later the place was out of control. The guy I met in P-town had a "friend" of his from LA meet him there and they were now sucking face in the corner. OK. He would walk back and hang with me every once in a while, followed by the LA guy (who was really hot, by the way). A few minutes later P-town guy said, "We're going to step outside for five minutes." Half an hour later, after not sleeping the night before, flying all day, and then standing around drinking all night, I was beat and decided to head on back to my hotel. Element Eclipse was heading to the bar a couple of blocks from my hotel for one drink (He promised only one because he had to be in good shape for our shoot in the morning) and we shared a cab together. While we were getting in the cab we looked over and there was P-town guy macking out with his friend from LA. We exchanged "Good night" and I was off to crawl into bed with the bedbugs.

I stopped into the pizza place across from my hotel and picked up some food first and then got into bed and snuggled with some peperoni pizza, some chicken wings, and my dick. Just the 3way I was looking for! After reading my "Breaking Free From the Victim Trap" book for a few minutes and shopping ebay for a 5th generation iPod Nano (I lost my 4th generation one and need to replace it) I fell asleep.

It's a beautiful day here this morning. Or at least it looks nice and sunny above the concrete walls of the pit that my hotel room is in. I can't believe how noisy it is here. What with all of the construction work banging, the Indian hotel staff screaming, the crazy homeless people cursing and the buses and other traffic zooming by. And all of that right from the comfort of my own bug ridden bed!

Time to get up now and prep for my shoot. Gotta get the body looking good and the mind prepared. A shower, some shaving, and watching some hot BDSM porn should do the trick! Wish me luck on my first shoot for Tom Ropes McGuirk.

Oh... and don't forget to check out the video I did of last year's Folsom Fair Kink.com show if you haven't already!

Kink.com Folsom Street Fair show 2009

I hope you like it. I know I did!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kink.com show at 2009 Folsom Street Fair

You guys know I've been lucky enough to be the lead sub in the Kink.com/Bound Gods live show at the Folsom Street Fair for the past couple of years. Being one of the top doms at Bound Gods it's a rare occasion where I sub. God knows my fans at Bound Gods have been asking for me to sub for a while. When you work directly with Van Darkholme you have no choice but to sub to him. Not like I'm complaining... I LOVE IT!!! Being bound above the crowd. 1000's of people watching. Watching their reaction to my punishment at Van's hands. HOT!!!

This year I will not be included in the show but I will stop by and say "Hi" to the crew at Kink.com and the models who are working the booth and show. So that means I will be able to just roam around the fair and find some fun and trouble wherever it may be. AWESOME!!!

A friend of mine took some video of last year's show (unfortunately, Kink.com was not allowed to film it) and I finally got around to editing it together into a fun little video. Actually, it's over 7 1/2 minutes long, so it's not so little. And I think my editing skills are getting a little better. The other models in the show include: Van Darkholme, Spencer Reed (you will barely recognize him since he has put on SO MUCH MUSCLE since then, Race Cooper, Drake Jaden, Patrick Rouge, Jason Miller, DJ, and Tucker Forrest. I thought it might be a little treat for all my Bound Gods fans in honor of the Folsom Street Fair.

Here is the link if you want to check it out.

Kink.com Folsom Street Fair show 2009

I hope you like it. I know I did!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Saturday night and...

It's another exciting Saturday night on Nick Moretti's couch. Yes, that was sarcasm. Things have finally settled down around here (hope it lasts!) and I'm finally breathing a sigh of relief and unwinding.

I've been busy as heck getting ready for my upcoming trip to San Francisco which is turning into a mini pornapalooza. I was originally booked for two scenes with Tom Ropes McGuirk and was hoping to get the chance to do the show at the Folsom Street Fair, but that has changed. Van let me know that they are filming at the fair, and since I just filmed at the Dore Alley Street Fair, he was going to use some different models. I completely understand that and I'm going to be back filming for Bound Gods in just a couple of weeks with a completely AWESOME bondage sub. So I get to just hang out and enjoy the fair.

I contacted my buddies at Pantheon Productions/Hot Older Male and told them I was going to be in town for Folsom week and they asked me if I wanted to do a scene while I was there. HELL YA!!! I love working with those guys. So I am tentatively doing a scene with my buddy, Mike Dreyden (been DYING to work with him! See photo with him & I.) and with HOT daddy Paul Barbaro. (See photo of the hot daddy in the suit with the boner.) I'm going to be a happy little piggy if this scene happens!

So three scenes, the GAYVN Awards, the Folsom Street Fair, the Magnitude Party, and the Real Bad Party all in one week. I'm going to start taking my Geritol now.

At home I've been working out hard, reading hard, doing some web design work, and trying to reconnect with friends and relax. Last week I went to see Eat Pray Love (Eh... it was OK) and today I saw Alpha & Omega in 3D. It got really bad reviews but I liked it a lot! Have to say it was really all over the place with weird "RENT" type song breaks inserted here and there, but it worked for me. And it was 3D. You could film a piece of poo and I would like it as long as it was in 3D. Classy, I know.

Yesterday, I refinished a really big mirror that I bought in a consignment shop for $10.00. I took the metal accent pieces off and painted them brush silver, painted the mirror a really nice hammered deep bronze finish, and mounted it to the wall above my sink in my master bathroom. It really looks awesome... I think.

I've also been reading a lot. I always read two or three books at a time and right now I am reading a self help book that a friend gave me titled "Breaking FREE From the Victim Trap, Reclaiming Your Personal Power". I've been through therapy before... several times actually, so the material is nothing new, but it's written really well and it's a good tune-up for me at a time when I need it. Deep rooted issues never really die and sometimes you have to go back and beat them down. And look at the cover! It is completely, freakin fabulous! (I NEVER use that word but what other word fits here?) There is sultry 50's chick, wearing hooker red lipstick, floating in some puffy white clouds, a really bad graphic of a cheesy link of chains that has been broken, a bright sunburst, and an eagle soaring. Could they possible put another cliche image in there? I'm also reading the fourth book in the "Odd Thomas" series. I gave up on Dean Koontz books a long time ago because they were pretty much all the same stuff rehashed over and over again. Then I stumbled upon "Odd Thomas" and freakin LOVED it! I highly recommend the book and the series. In the mail today, I just got the third book in the "Ender's Game" series by Orson Scott Card which is titled "Xenocide", so I guess that is going to be next up on my reading list.

Right now it's about 12:30am and I just finished eating a Marie Callender's Lasagna dinner (I'm old school Italian and I have to say it is pretty freakin awesome!). I spend the night doing some web design for the huge real estate website that I manage, updating my blog, and now I'm going to work on a video I've been editing for a while. It's the perfect time to finish it and release it. Trust me. I think my fans at Bound Gods will really like it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Inverview with Van Darkholme at METALBOND!

Metal at METALBOND blog just posted about his recent visit to The Armory and a great interview with by friend, mentor and hero, Van Darkholme.

Van is a pretty shy guy and he rarely does interview so it's definitely worth checking out. And apparently...

"He also shared some humorous behind-the-scenes anecdotes, one of them involving the actor Nick Moretti, who … well, let’s just say he got a little “over-enthusiastic” one day with a fellow actor. "

Who me? LOL! I ALWAYS get over-enthusiastic with my fellow actors. I think it clearly comes across in my performance. Still, I'd LOVE to know the incident he was talking about. Maybe the time I pushed DJ, who was hanging on a meat hook suspended from a track on the ceiling, into a concrete wall, really, really hard (oops!).

Anyway, click here to check out the awesome post and interview at METALBOND.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crawling out from under the rock

Still not quite ready to crawl out from under the rock here. It's nasty out there. Too many jackals and jackasses. You could get hurt out there... or at least get an annoying headache.

I just checked on my friend with the meth non-problem and things look good. He's usually such a smart, stable, quite guy (hell... I considered him my rock for the longest time. This recent mistake on his part does nothing to erase the love I have for him) and the meth was totally not in his character. I think his journey into the wonderful world of crystal meth is over. I pray.

The other "friend" who I shut out of my life has taken his crap to another level. His messages of "I'm sorry, please forgive me" turned to extreme hate emails and texts. I'm saving them all just in case. I haven't contacted or responded to him since New Orleans, when I decided that that was the last straw and told him I did not want our friendship to continue any further. Just so you know the kind of crap I'm dealing with, his last message ended with...

"You want me out of your life. After I destroy you. I know soooo much. Have a great life.. Oh and lible is a something you can be sued over. Just keep it up... You'll get what you finally deserve. Alone forever."

And can you wonder why I don't want this person in my life any more? For the record, I haven't said anything bad about this person on my blog or anywhere else. I really did care for him. But the cons greatly outweigh the pros in that relationship and given his recent actions I know I made the right decision to cut him out of my life. So now I deal with a barrage of emails and texts spewing hate and revenge and me being slandered on his Facebook page. At the advice of friends and professionals I haven't contacted him or responded to anything. Just have to wait it out until he gets bored and moves on to his next object of hate. Or until he physically hurts me. That's the way the legal system works. Anyway, I hope to never mention this person or situation on my blog or anywhere else again. I'm only mentioning it here because I want you guys to know what I'm dealing with and why I haven't been posting as much. I will start posting again daily now and give this situation the attention it deserves... none.

In the mean time, Folsom is next week and I'm heading out to San Francisco for a week! I wish I could stay there. I'm shooting with a company I haven't worked with before, Tom Ropes McGuirk, and a model that I REALLY LIKE, Element Eclipse (see photos below). I've met Element a few times and he is this super sexy little pup with a huge dick. And he's sweet as all hell. He's actually Tony Buff's boy. We are both really psyched to be working together and the results should be explosive!

I'm also tentatively scheduled to work the Folsom Fair again with Kink.com/Bound Gods (gotta check and confirm that today). I've been lucky enough to be included in the main shows that they do for the past couple of years and hopefully I will get the honor again this year.

Still debating on going to the GAYVN awards that weekend. I'm not nominated for anything personally, but Kink.com/Bound Gods has received it's first nomination and it would be awesome to be there in case it wins. Unfortunately, my money situation is not very good right now due to me having to pay for my own hotel in New Orleans and now having to pay for my own hotel at Folsom (I was supposed to have a place to stay but that got changed).

I'm just glad I'm going to be getting away from here for a while and heading to a place that I really love! Can't wait to go to my new favorite restaurant Sunflower in the Mission district for some awesome Vietnamese food!

Here are the photos of Element Eclipse I promised you. ENJOY!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Under the rock

It's Saturday night and this glamorous porn star is siting at home on his couch living the glamorous porn star life. Picked up some take-out sushi, heated up some sake, and finished it off with some hot chocolate while I watched the chick flick "Have you heard about the Morgans?"

I've actually rolled the rock from in front of the cave opening and rolled it on top of me. Close the safe space up a bit more. Guess I'll be digging a whole in the ground next, climb in, and roll the rock over on top of it.

I just went through all of the comments left the last couple of days and published them (hope I didn't delete any accidentally... sorry if I did). The last comment was from Michelle and it hit a nerve. She told me about how she became "the horrible one" after helping a friend who was addicted to meth and how, even though the situation was "completely different" from my current situation, she sympathized with me. Fact is... it not too far off.

My last posts have been these random, unexplained references to friends being out of control and the effects it was having on me. I might as well give a few details to connect some of the dots so that you guys don't think I'm a raving lunatic. Or at least more of a raving lunatic than I actually am. There are actually two situations and two separate, unrelated people causing my drama right now.

NOTE: I originally had two paragraphs describing what happened with "a friend" in New Orleans and that whole messed up situation. But I just got a nasty text message and some nasty emails with him calling me evil and horrible and threatening to call the papers and sue me. LOL. Sue me for what? Complaining about the way someone who is supposed to be my friend acted? Please! I don't need the drama. I want this person out of my life for good. I revised my post and took out the part that involved HIS drama. Not because I am afraid of being sued (that's just fucking stupid) but because I don't want any connection to this person any more and I want him to stop contacting me. Period. Now hopefully he will leave me alone once and for all. I tried. I tried really, really hard. Believe me.

The other situation started about 3 hours after I escaped from the place I was supposed to be staying (which somehow ended up with broken glass on the floor and blood on the bed that was supposed to be mine after I left). I used my phone to book a hotel (which I can not afford right now) and checked in. After a couple of hours of calming down I went out to one of the clubs to dance and let off some steam for a while. (Of course the whole time my cell phone was beeping with text messages of hate, love and suicide.) I planted myself in the middle of the dance floor, closed my eyes, and danced. While I was trying to get lost in the music I felt someone come up behind me and hug me. It was a friend of mine from LA. We hugged and both said how good it was to see each other again.

This encounter led to a completely unexpected encounter with a friend who is very important to me. Even though our relationship had been strained lately, he has and is the core of my life. And from this encounter I found out something that touched something very, very deep in me and pushed a very bad button. The friend brought up in conversation how he had been using meth.

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! I have NO tolerance for that drug. Never have and never will. I have had to many people I love have their lives ruined by it. There is NO GOOD part about using the drug. And my friend knew, probably better than anyone else in my life, how strongly I felt about this. Of course my friend has his own free will and can do whatever he wants with his life.

We talked about the situation and it was bad. That is the very, very, very watered down version.

WHAT THE FUCK WAS I GONNA DO? I couldn't stand by and watch someone I love. Someone who's been the most important person in my life for a long, long time lose everything. My friend was not going to listen to me. He knows my absolute opinion and when we talked about it he told me that I was just closed minded. That he did the research on it. That his new "friends" were very nurturing. He painted such a positive picture of his meth situation. I could not be the one to fix this situation, especially given the state of our relationship.

When I got back home I found out more about my friends meth situation. Took some photos as proof, and I acted. I sent a message to his best friend, sent him the photos, and asked him to call me immediately. When he called back I told him the whole situation. He was going to handle the situation. I told him to please let me know how it went and to keep me updated on the progress.

They talked and I got a message saying so. No details at all. I then got a message from my friend saying that a couple of his friends had talked to him and that he understood why I did what he did. We talked many times after that and it all ended with him not having a problem, but stopping anyway, and me being the closed-minded bad one.

I can't give details, but the situation has been rough. Messages coming at me from my friend with the meth non-problem. And I'm the bad guy.

Things settled down today. I got only one email from the original friend with the fake suicide attempt. He said it would be his last one and that he hoped one day I could forgive him and we could be friends. The friend with the meth non-problem hasn't messaged me today. I hope he is doing OK and I hope he gets his life back on track. I really do think this will work out OK for my friend and I really do think he will stop using. I pray he does and would do anything to help him in his tough times (which he say's he doesn't have any). His best friend who I trusted to take care of the situation has not contacted me even once to let me know what happened or what is happening.

Of course I can't stop thinking about it. Even the rock on top of me doesn't block out the thoughts.

UPDATE... The "last message" from my original friend was not the last message. It was followed by two videos via email and some hate messages and threats. And it's me that's the bad guy. If I'm such a bad guy why can't he just stay away from me and leave me alone?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What can I say?

Honestly, what can I say? I'm afraid to talk about what's going on. The "friends" involved read my blog. And I am not trying to open up this can of worms any further. I'm not trying to hurt anyone. So I'm not going to mention details of what a nightmare this last week has been, the trip to New Orleans, and what a nightmare it continues to be. I ended my last post by saying I was ready to kick some ass. Well... I got mine kicked instead.

After being in New Orleans for only a few hours, I ended up having to get out of the place I was staying and get my own hotel (which I can't afford) for the whole trip. Two situations with two separate people were playing themselves out at the same time. Both bad. Both over the top. WAY over the top.

I got home to find one situation was worse than I thought. And I did what I thought I had to do to stop it. I took action... to save someone I love. Even if they didn't think they needed saving. It fucking tears me apart. And in the end I ended up being the bad guy.

Days later and I am still numb. The emails and texts keep coming. I'm the bad guy. I only hope someone does for me what I did for someone I love if that situation ever occurs. I'm so tired of helping people and ending up the bad guy. Funny part is.... they are surrounded by friends. They have people around them now to help them through their problems. For one of them because of my actions. For the other in spite of his actions. And I'm here alone... with the words "fuck you" still echoing through my head. And my heart.

So I'm trying not to obsess. Trusting that what I did was the right thing on all accounts. Trying to move on from this mess. Not even my mess really. The summer storms produced a huge rainbow over my neighborhood. One of my favorite restaurants served up some of my favorite foods. And the woman at the local nail shop pampered my feet and made them look nice for my shoot tomorrow with Ryan Raz for Men Over 30. Or Extra Big Dicks. I'm really not sure. Just trying to move on. I posted some photos I took below.

I have to give a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who sent messages of concern and support this past week. I really means a lot to me. More than you know. Much more than you know. Thank you.