Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hot 3-way at Folsom

After not sleeping at all the night before, I boarded my flight to San Francisco and settled into my seat, hoping to be able to sleep for a few hours. Unfortunately, my brain had other ideas. I ended up sleeping for about an hour. So by the time I got off the plane I was kinda in a weird, zombie like state.

That was quickly changed when I ran into my good friend Alessio Romero at the Virgin America baggage claim carousel. I haven't seen him since my birthday week in New York and it was so good to connect again. We ended up riding from the airport to where we were staying together. (He's actually staying at the Armory and shooting with and I am staying not too far from there.)

After settling into my really rundown and really dirty but cheap hotel (That's all I could afford. And it is SERIOUSLY NOT A NICE HOTEL! The room was filled with flies buzzing around when I opened the door. Ugh!) I met up with my friend Paul from Ft. Lauderdale and we headed to Castro to grab a bite to eat. A guy that I met in P-town a few weeks ago, and really connected with, just got into San Francisco as well and he was going to meet us for lunch. So we waited for him at our window table at Harvey's and I was happy to be able to say "Hi" to so many of my San Francisco friends that I hadn't seen for a while as they passed by the window. It still amazes me that most of my friends life in a city that I don't even live in.

The guy I met in P-town showed up about an hour later (damn unreliable San Francisco cabs!) and we sat and talked while picked the chicken out of his chicken quesadilla and ate it, leaving behind all of the cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and anything else that might have added flavor to the dish. People and their food exentricities.

After lunch Paul went back to his hotel (it's 2 blocks from mine and much, much nicer) for a nap. Paul is a cool guy but one of the funny things about him is he will only fly first class. I never could justify flying first class. It's just SO MUCH more money that it doesn't seem worth it. I mean, a free movie, some food and a couple of drinks it NOT worth double the airfare or more. Funny part is, he flew from Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco first class, then took the train and walked for blocks to his hotel, because he didn't want to spend the money on a cab. Hmmmm. I don't get it.

Anyway, I stayed out and hung out with the guy I met in P-town. He lives on the other side of the world. Literally. But we've kept in touch (barely) via missed phone messages and emails. It was good to see him and we walked in and out of some of the stores on Castro street. We even tried on some leather chaps, jocks and other gear at the leather consignment store "Worn Out West".

After that I had a choice to go back to my flea ridden hotel and take a nap or just stay out for the remainder of the day. I knew if I went back and layed down I would NOT be getting up again. So we went to 440 and had a couple of margaritas. Good thing we did! While we were standing there little Element Eclipse (my scene mate for today) walked in and ordered a drink. We ended up hanging out and talking for a few hours. During that time the place filled up with other friends and porn personalities. It was GREAT to see my friends Race Cooper, Leo Forte, Mike Dreyden (who I'm doing a scene with on Saturday) and REALLY GREAT to meet Drew Cutler. DAMN is that boy hot! I only saw him briefly at the Grabby Awards a few months ago and since all he did was shout out "WOOOT!!!", repeatedly, I didn't get the best opinion of him. After talking to him I had a different opinion. HOT! Even if he did still shout out "WOOOT!!!" repeatedly again. He actually explained how you have to have use the perfect inflection when you shout our "WOOOT!!!" or it falls flat. And you know, he was right. I sound like a Chihuhua when I do it.

Everyone was drinking and a couple of hours later the place was out of control. The guy I met in P-town had a "friend" of his from LA meet him there and they were now sucking face in the corner. OK. He would walk back and hang with me every once in a while, followed by the LA guy (who was really hot, by the way). A few minutes later P-town guy said, "We're going to step outside for five minutes." Half an hour later, after not sleeping the night before, flying all day, and then standing around drinking all night, I was beat and decided to head on back to my hotel. Element Eclipse was heading to the bar a couple of blocks from my hotel for one drink (He promised only one because he had to be in good shape for our shoot in the morning) and we shared a cab together. While we were getting in the cab we looked over and there was P-town guy macking out with his friend from LA. We exchanged "Good night" and I was off to crawl into bed with the bedbugs.

I stopped into the pizza place across from my hotel and picked up some food first and then got into bed and snuggled with some peperoni pizza, some chicken wings, and my dick. Just the 3way I was looking for! After reading my "Breaking Free From the Victim Trap" book for a few minutes and shopping ebay for a 5th generation iPod Nano (I lost my 4th generation one and need to replace it) I fell asleep.

It's a beautiful day here this morning. Or at least it looks nice and sunny above the concrete walls of the pit that my hotel room is in. I can't believe how noisy it is here. What with all of the construction work banging, the Indian hotel staff screaming, the crazy homeless people cursing and the buses and other traffic zooming by. And all of that right from the comfort of my own bug ridden bed!

Time to get up now and prep for my shoot. Gotta get the body looking good and the mind prepared. A shower, some shaving, and watching some hot BDSM porn should do the trick! Wish me luck on my first shoot for Tom Ropes McGuirk.

Oh... and don't forget to check out the video I did of last year's Folsom Fair show if you haven't already! Folsom Street Fair show 2009

I hope you like it. I know I did!!!


G-Baby said...

Hey sexy boy (and fellow bloggers), nice to to read your 'day-in-the-life-of-NM'. It kept a smile on my face from start to finish.
The Folsom vid was cool. Friend of mine was there last year and showed me his vid of it - I was reminded of how sexy it was watching you and Van together -uber hot! Love ya.

jinx said...

Hi Nick

Great to hear that you are having a fun time in SF. Good too that you have met up with Element Eclipse before your shoot together - he looks hot!

I loved your attempt at wooot, can't imagine you sounded like a Chihuhua, but the image is amusing.

You should have taken the left over cheese, sour cream etc in a doggie bag and found someone to lick it to share!

Hope you enjoyed the 'odd hours'. I'm looking forward to the next one.

How is the laser hair removal thingy on your back going? Not that it was ever needed in the first place!!!!

Hugs from Jinx

Jacob said...


hmm, pity you didn't get much sleep on the plane. hope you are generally feeling better right now.

it's good to hear that you're enjoying yourself. A man can never have too much enjoyment ;)

looking forward to more posts about your happy life(:

Stay happy, Nick.

your loyal fan,

Dewitt said...

Best. Threeway. Ever.

Michelle M. said...

Oh Nick,

Your blog is always a trip...some times its a laugh, sometimes a cry but always a trip :)

I can just picture you at times as clearly as if you were in front of me...clearly looking annoyed with the "wooter" and then rethinking it all lol.

So I checked you out in the folsom vid. Thanks for can take it as well as dish it out. Makes me feel pride in you :)

I hope that things are looking up for you...I know you were having issues and I don't wish to bring them up as to call them back into your life. Suffice it to say, I am petitioning the universe to give you some light and love.

Michelle M.

Anonymous said...

so you did the booth this year anyways. glad to have seen you in person. so cute!

Anonymous said...

so you did the booth this year anyways. glad to have seen you in person. so cute!