Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crawling out from under the rock

Still not quite ready to crawl out from under the rock here. It's nasty out there. Too many jackals and jackasses. You could get hurt out there... or at least get an annoying headache.

I just checked on my friend with the meth non-problem and things look good. He's usually such a smart, stable, quite guy (hell... I considered him my rock for the longest time. This recent mistake on his part does nothing to erase the love I have for him) and the meth was totally not in his character. I think his journey into the wonderful world of crystal meth is over. I pray.

The other "friend" who I shut out of my life has taken his crap to another level. His messages of "I'm sorry, please forgive me" turned to extreme hate emails and texts. I'm saving them all just in case. I haven't contacted or responded to him since New Orleans, when I decided that that was the last straw and told him I did not want our friendship to continue any further. Just so you know the kind of crap I'm dealing with, his last message ended with...

"You want me out of your life. After I destroy you. I know soooo much. Have a great life.. Oh and lible is a something you can be sued over. Just keep it up... You'll get what you finally deserve. Alone forever."

And can you wonder why I don't want this person in my life any more? For the record, I haven't said anything bad about this person on my blog or anywhere else. I really did care for him. But the cons greatly outweigh the pros in that relationship and given his recent actions I know I made the right decision to cut him out of my life. So now I deal with a barrage of emails and texts spewing hate and revenge and me being slandered on his Facebook page. At the advice of friends and professionals I haven't contacted him or responded to anything. Just have to wait it out until he gets bored and moves on to his next object of hate. Or until he physically hurts me. That's the way the legal system works. Anyway, I hope to never mention this person or situation on my blog or anywhere else again. I'm only mentioning it here because I want you guys to know what I'm dealing with and why I haven't been posting as much. I will start posting again daily now and give this situation the attention it deserves... none.

In the mean time, Folsom is next week and I'm heading out to San Francisco for a week! I wish I could stay there. I'm shooting with a company I haven't worked with before, Tom Ropes McGuirk, and a model that I REALLY LIKE, Element Eclipse (see photos below). I've met Element a few times and he is this super sexy little pup with a huge dick. And he's sweet as all hell. He's actually Tony Buff's boy. We are both really psyched to be working together and the results should be explosive!

I'm also tentatively scheduled to work the Folsom Fair again with Gods (gotta check and confirm that today). I've been lucky enough to be included in the main shows that they do for the past couple of years and hopefully I will get the honor again this year.

Still debating on going to the GAYVN awards that weekend. I'm not nominated for anything personally, but Gods has received it's first nomination and it would be awesome to be there in case it wins. Unfortunately, my money situation is not very good right now due to me having to pay for my own hotel in New Orleans and now having to pay for my own hotel at Folsom (I was supposed to have a place to stay but that got changed).

I'm just glad I'm going to be getting away from here for a while and heading to a place that I really love! Can't wait to go to my new favorite restaurant Sunflower in the Mission district for some awesome Vietnamese food!

Here are the photos of Element Eclipse I promised you. ENJOY!!!


Ms.Delva said...

Glad to see you're getting along great with the whole mess with ex- friend. I don't think you have to worry about him physically hurting you; if he really wanted to do something he would have done it by now instead of sending you stupid messages. Have fun in san fran, hope it all goes well!!


by the way, You seem to REALLY love it their, why don't you move there? Or is it that now's just not the right time?

Jambrea said...

Good for you. Move on. :) I hope this means things will get better for you!

I saw Element on one of the live shows. He did seem really nice. You two will look great together!

Have fun.

Jacob said...

im really happy for you, Nick. good that you have moved on and be more positive now(: hope that things goes well and smoothly for you.

looking forward to your new post(:

your loyal fan,

Anonymous said...

Now that's some good news - glad you're friend has seen how bad meth is and hope he stays away in future.

The other one just sounds nuts - here's hoping he finds someone else to obsess about.

But mainly I'm just glad you're feeling better - hope all in SF goes well.

And my my my - can I have Element's cell number...please? ;-)

Matt D said...

Hey, Nick.

Glad to hear you're crawling out from under yer rock. Sounds to me like you're doin' the right thing putting some distance between your friend with the meth non-problem (btw.. where that shit's concerned, there's no such thing as a non-problem.)

Hang in there.