Friday, July 19, 2013

Brand New Blog & Website

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hitting Number One!

I just checked the gay porn charts and was freakin ecstatic to find that 2 of the movies I've recently directed are at #1 positions! Damaged Goods (Treasure Island Media) is #1 on the Weekly Bondage chart and Raw City 2 (Dark Alley Media) is #1 for Nakedsword's charts. Awesome to see that my work is being well received!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Come Celebrate Augusta Pride With Me!

Come join me and some of my porn friends
for some fun in the sun as we celebrate

Augusta Pride
at the Parliament Resort
(the world's largest all-male gay resort)

- June 21st and 22nd -

It's gonna be a HOT FUN time!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Double Your Kink!

So my biggest recent porn fear has happened. TLA Distributors released BOTH of the BDSM Kink movies I directed for two different companies ON THE SAME DAY!!! The odds of that happening are freakin ASTRONOMICAL! I guess if you want a double dose of kink CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My stinky pup in the morning.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Post Gym Jack Off Break

Just home from the gym and horny as fuck! Time for a post workout jack off break with a nice protein eating finish. Click here to see this free video.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Bareback That Hole Video


Bareback That Hole has just released another video I did for them. This time I'm nailing my good buddy Chad Brock. Here are a few photos from the shoot and the scene description. If you want to see a free XXX preview of the scene CLICK HERE. Hope you guys like it!

Here is the scene description: Fuck buds Nick and Chad have great chemistry and some awesome sex as they tear up the screen in this hot bareback clip. Chad is nestled in Nick's furry crotch as he services his long thick pole. Chad sucks and slobbers his tool as Nick lies back and enjoys his oral skill and talents. Nick flips Chad over and devours his firm furry cheeks. He eats Chad out and rims him deep getting his ass ready for his hard shaft. With his cock standing at complete attention, Nick slides his dick slowly into Chad's bare butt. Nick doesn't waste any time as he throws Chad's legs up over his shoulders and starts to pound his ass with long deep strokes. He mounts and dismounts on and off of Chad as he nails his bareback ass in a variety of positions. Chad relinquishes his crack and begs Nick for more and more. They both bust huge nuts and share a sloppy snowball to end the scene off

CLICK HERE for a free XXX preview
CLICK HERE for a free XXX preview
CLICK HERE for a free XXX preview 
CLICK HERE for a free XXX preview

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Movie... Fuck Bench Foursome

Dick Wadd has just released a new scene I'm in on their Raw and Rough website. It's a pretty hot foursome with Mason Garet, Cope, Hogan Wade, and yours truly. I posted the preview below. After watching the preview I realized I accidentally pissed in Mason Garet's eye. That had to burn! (SORRY MASON!!!) You can see the whole video by CLICKING HERE.


Here is the scene description: Mason Garet is in for the fuck of his life. He's face down on a fuck bench and Cope is on top of him, plowing Mason's ass deep. As Cope fucks Mason, Nick Moretti is pissing into Mason's open mouth and Hogan Wade is wetting down Cope's cock with another stream of piss, as Cope's cock slams into Mason's ass. They flip Mason over onto his back and continue to take turns fucking his hole. Mason shows off his well fucked rosebud to the boys, just before they throw him on the floor. Cope jumps on top of Mason once again, and fucks him hard and fast, till Cope pops a giant load that shoots across the room. Nick feeds Mason some more piss, then blows his hot, creamy load while sucking on Hogan's huge hog. 

CLICK HERE to see this entire video.
CLICK HERE to see this entire video. 
CLICK HERE to see this entire video.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Diversity Rules Magazine Interview

I'm excited and honored that Diversity Rules Magazine has published the first part of an interview I did with them. You guys ask me questions about how I got into the porn industry and what it's like, my views on bareback sex in porn, and other pretty intense subjects and I tackled a few of them in this interview. I've reprinted the first part of the interview below and the second part will be published in next month's Diversity Rules Magazine. Please stop by their website by clicking here, check them out, and show some love to this awesome LGBT community supporter.

Raven’s Porn Corner: Nick Moretti

A Chat With Nick Moretti:  Part I (Part II will appear in the July issue.)
© 2013 Diversity Rules Magazine. All Rights Reserved

RE:  Historically it has been rare for a star to remain in the industry after age 30 or longer than 18 months. You started your porn career around age 42,  seven years later your career is still going strong. What is the secret to your longevity in the industry?

NM: No one is more surprised at the success or longevity I’ve had in the porn industry than I am. Now that I’m a couple of months away from my 50th birthday I ask myself frequently, “How the heck did I get here and why are people still interested in me?” I never actively sought out work in the porn industry. It just kinda happened. I’m not an exhibitionist, or a voyeur, and I when I started in porn I was relatively sexually inexperienced.

Up until that time I had had one 3-way that was kind of a disaster due to my overwhelming nerves, and I had never been to a sex club or sex party. The first big movie I did, “Link: The Evolution”, won all the awards that year and got me tons of attention and porn work. Unfortunately, I was no where near being ready for that. I freaked out and backed out of a couple of commitments. I was done with porn. I just felt that everything I was doing wasn’t good enough. Everyone was younger than me and everyone seemed so confident.

After a break I was approached by Steven Scarborough from Hot House and he persuaded me to give porn another shot. He and Brent were so caring and made me so comfortable, even though I was still nervous as hell.

From that point on, I didn’t beat myself up about my performance and observed everything everyone was doing around me... the lighting guy, cameraman, photographer, director and the all models... and I asked questions about everything. Then I did the start-up shoot for Bound Gods and found BDSM. Never knew I would totally get off on being a Dom, but I did... and I do. I was one of the lead models at for many years and, again, I learned everything I could during the shoots. When the opportunity to direct for them came up I jumped at it. A few years later and I am now directing full time for Factory Videos Inc. I’m also directing scenes for Dark Alley Media and they just released the series of “fetish” scenes I directed for Treasure Island Media. And I’m still performing frequently for many companies.

So I guess if I had to explain my longevity it would be a combination of things. First, not really wanting to do porn in the first place and not having dreams of becoming a porn “star”. Second, I keep evolving within the industry as  opportunities present themselves. My evolution in front of the camera has gone from “almost pretty boy porn model”, to heavy duty “Dom”, to Bear and Daddy.

Then I expanded and got behind the camera as Director, Cameraman and Editor. Who knows what’s next? Next, coming from a very stable work background and having a very strong work ethic also helps me survive in the industry. I worked in corporate America as an Art Director for about 25 years before I made the switch to full-time porn. I see porn as my job, not as a measure of my self worth but as a job.

One that I take very, very seriously. Finally, the feedback I get from my fans is really amazing and inspires me to keep growing in the industry. Although there are some nasty people out there who send hateful messages, I have to say that the overwhelming majority of messages I get are from people thanking me for doing what I do. For doing what they only dream about doing but will most likely never be able to.

For staying “real” and not feeding into the hype that performing in porn actually makes you more important than anyone else. I’ve been blessed for the opportunities I’ve been given and I thank God every day.


RE: You directed  Treasure Island Media’s recently released  “Damaged Goods”. This movie has people talking about how rough the scenes are. What was the inspiration for some of the acts in this movie?

NM: My inspiration for the rough scenes in Treasure Island Media’s “Damaged Goods” was all of the feedback that I got from viewers while I worked at It’s not just that the interactions are very aggressive, and sometimes brutally so. It’s that these are men are really into the kink that they are doing. You can really see that when you watch the finished product. It’s not... take pretty porn models who are not into BDSM, dress them up in fetish gear, give them a 5 minute flogger lesson, yell at them about how to act, stick in some disconnected, vanilla sex, and then edit it so that it’s all real pretty.

This is real men doing the things that turn them on, and it’s hot, connected, bareback sex. There really is nothing else out there like it.

The evil, sadistic smile on Anotonio Biaggi’s face while he is dripping hot candle wax on Patrick O’Connor’s dick can not be faked. The scene where Brad McGuire and I beat Rowdy McBeal senseless as he begs for more is probably the most controversial scene in the movie. We brutally fuck Rowdy’s face and ass and leave him broken, bleeding and totally satiated. At one point Brad was pounding the boys ass as hard as he could while I was fucking his throat. I increased the pressure of my arm around his throat and started to choke him out. I’ve never seen this captured on film before and watching it gives me chills. Rowdy goes from a state of panic, to an eerily tranquil lights-out moment that is shattered by a back-to-life gasp. This abuse was like a drug to him and Brad and I fed off the high he was getting from it. Rowdy was my boyfriend at the time and I was absolutely  sure he was totally into it before we did the scene. Real life hardcore players in extreme scenes with hot bareback sex... that’s what the viewers asked for, and that’s what I gave them.


Make sure you don’t miss Nick’s feature and all the other great articles and information in the June issue. You best subscribe NOW. Queer Pride Month Special: Subscribe during the month of June and get 15 issues for the price of 12 PLUS a digital subscription for yourself AND a friend -- 2 for the price of one. Subscribe online at:

Please stop by their website by clicking here, check them out, and show some love to this awesome LGBT community supporter. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Peto Coast & Cory Koons. AWESOME!!!

So Peto Coast was in town again and I really, really wanted to shoot him again for Dark Alley Media. I mean... he's just freakin' AWESOME! I was lucky enough to talk sexy fucker Cory Koons into doing a scene with him. Hell... I didn't have to talk him into it. He jumped at the chance! He's wanted to fuck with Peto for a long time so this was a dream come true for him. Truth be told, I've had a porn crush on Cory for many, many years and I was really glad when the ex Treasure Island Media exclusive moved back to San Francisco. I couldn't be happier with the match up of these two hot men and the shoot went amazingly well. HOT!!! I'll give you an update when it is up on the Raw Fuck Club site. Here are some photos for now...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hot Raw Bears... It's a wrap!

I just finished designing the DVD box and the disc art for the Hot Raw Bears movie and sent it off the be replicated. I'm VERY HAPPY with the way the whole project turned out and I hope you guys enjoy it!!! I'll give you a heads up when it is released. For now, here is the artwork to wet your whistle.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Peto Coast and a pretty Damon Dogg?

I've been busy as hell finishing up the editing for the BarebackRT Media movie "Hot Raw Bears", shooting some scenes for Damon Dogg's website, and shooting a VERY HOT SCENE for Dark Alley Media featuring the one and only Peto Coast!

When I found out that Peto was going to be in San Francisco I took the opportunity to as Owen Hawk at Dark Alley Media if he wanted me to try to get him to shoot for us. Owen said, "Yes!", and I was completely psyched. I matched him up with slutty, bubble-butt bottom boy Patrick O'Connor. It seemed like the perfect fit since Patrick loves to get his hole pounded by really big dicks and Peto was know for destroying a hole with his huge cock. The shoot went AWESOME and Patrick even had to take a break several times. In his words, "I can't believe I finally men a man who could wear me out." I'll give you guys a heads up when the scene is available on Dark Alley Media's Raw Fuck Club site and here are some photos from the shoot to wet your appetite. How hot does it look?!!!

I discovered CT, a new model here in San Francisco, and thought it would be a good idea to put him together with Damon Dogg and see what happened. What happened was this really beautiful and hot scene! I used the natural light of a beautiful San Francisco day for the scene and it gave everything a really soft and beautiful glow. Kind of almost looks like one of those pretty BelAmi videos. Who thought a Damon Dogg video would ever look like that? Of course there is Damon Dogg's own special style of fucking that sets it apart from the pretty BelAmi twink videos. Here are some photos from the shoot and it's available for your viewing pleasure on Damon Dogg's Cum Factory right now.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stinky Pup takes a turn for the worse

Here is a photo of her with her tilted little head.
Something bad has happened to my dog Cynder. I'm not sure if she's had a stroke or if it's Vestibular Syndrome. The symptoms fit both diagnosis. Last night she kept loosing her balance and falling over and she wouldn't eat even while I was feeding her. When I took her for a walk she walked in circles and then fell over. She couldn't even make it up the first step (I usually carry her down and sometimes she walks up). She's had minor episodes like this and they have mostly passed.

Tonight when I got home Paul pointed out that here head was tilted and sure enough her head is now permanently tilted to the side. She wobbles when she walks and collapses and wouldn't eat her food tonight (although she did eat some peperoni). I know she's over 15 years old and that she doesn't have a lot of time left, but knowing that doesn't make it any easier. I've been holding here and giving her kisses and she's kissing back. A trip to the vet is in order now, even though I don't really have the money for it, and I pray for the best for my stinky little pup.

I'm going to snuggle up with my stinky, crooked pup. Hopefully she will be well enough for another match of tongue wars in the morning. Good night everyone.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Maybe it's better NOT to leave the house. Ugh

Had a really fucked up experience (again) while trying to have a very peaceful and quiet dinner with my friend Patrick O'Connor. At least this time I stood up for myself. Can't say it makes me feel that much better.... but at least I don't feel like a freakin victim. Here are the details if you are interested...