Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Peto Coast and a pretty Damon Dogg?

I've been busy as hell finishing up the editing for the BarebackRT Media movie "Hot Raw Bears", shooting some scenes for Damon Dogg's website, and shooting a VERY HOT SCENE for Dark Alley Media featuring the one and only Peto Coast!

When I found out that Peto was going to be in San Francisco I took the opportunity to as Owen Hawk at Dark Alley Media if he wanted me to try to get him to shoot for us. Owen said, "Yes!", and I was completely psyched. I matched him up with slutty, bubble-butt bottom boy Patrick O'Connor. It seemed like the perfect fit since Patrick loves to get his hole pounded by really big dicks and Peto was know for destroying a hole with his huge cock. The shoot went AWESOME and Patrick even had to take a break several times. In his words, "I can't believe I finally men a man who could wear me out." I'll give you guys a heads up when the scene is available on Dark Alley Media's Raw Fuck Club site and here are some photos from the shoot to wet your appetite. How hot does it look?!!!

I discovered CT, a new model here in San Francisco, and thought it would be a good idea to put him together with Damon Dogg and see what happened. What happened was this really beautiful and hot scene! I used the natural light of a beautiful San Francisco day for the scene and it gave everything a really soft and beautiful glow. Kind of almost looks like one of those pretty BelAmi videos. Who thought a Damon Dogg video would ever look like that? Of course there is Damon Dogg's own special style of fucking that sets it apart from the pretty BelAmi twink videos. Here are some photos from the shoot and it's available for your viewing pleasure on Damon Dogg's Cum Factory right now.

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Stan said...

What did Peto do to his hair?
The Damon Dogg, CT scene looks really good.