Thursday, May 2, 2013

Maybe it's better NOT to leave the house. Ugh

Had a really fucked up experience (again) while trying to have a very peaceful and quiet dinner with my friend Patrick O'Connor. At least this time I stood up for myself. Can't say it makes me feel that much better.... but at least I don't feel like a freakin victim. Here are the details if you are interested...


Seaguy said...

You gotta stand up for yourself and it is sad that some pathetic gossipy chatty Kathie bitch and his fag hag had to ruin your dinner.

I find it interesting that he seemed to know your work so well so he must be a fan just to chicken shit to admit.

I would have turned to him and said "bitch if your gonna sit there and talk shit about me at least have the balls to do it to my face"!

Jim said...

I'm always surprised you don't get more autograph seekers :) If I was at the next table I'd be like "that's the guy who looks Really Cool/REALLY HOT in a Slick It Up Suit :) ... good with rope too... sexy! ;)

spike said...

i'm working on getting into BB porn as well, my biggest consideration is how i will be viewed in the community. I suppose i don't really care but something like that would be a bit much to deal with.

some people have no tact, dont feel bad you did the right thing.

Stan said...

Sheesh! I thought SF was a city filled with cool people but I guess there are assholes everywhere. Hang in there and stay strong.

Unknown said...

Ok THis is fucked up I'm living in S Florida.. And I'd kill to be eating sushi next to my favorite pornstar. Just means we have something more in common. So Nick Be a duck let it roll like water off your back. It's irritating yes, childish yes but forget him. Your doing what you love that's what's important as long as your making your bread and making a living and being happy that kid has nothing to do with it. Fuck him Or maybe he's scared cause he wants you to fuck him and he didn't know how to ask. Any way if you come down to SOuth Florida..We need to go to Sushi together.

Mikey said...

Hey Nick

Take no notice of the ignorant idiot. Manners cost nothing. Clearly, he loves you, really!!!

Just like we all do buddy - keep up the good work.


Mikey xx

Ben said...

Let the Haters Hate... people will say shit but the fact that he knows all about your work related issues is supposed to get his girlfriend a big red light, don't you think?!

Anyway - Nick, i'd love to be your twink anytime!

PDQ said...

You could always turn to him and say:

"Hey - I think you're a good looking guy. Based on your conversation, I gather you know that I make porn flicks. I might have a spot for a hot submissive bottom like you in my next bareback bondage flick. Here's my card."

Ya gotta call 'em as you see 'em - ya know what I mean?

PDQ said...

I'm curious about something: Is this type of encounter more likely to happen in the Castro, WEHO, Chelsea, etc? Or do you find yourself in situations like this wherever you go?

It would seem that gay men would be more accepting, but maybe I'm wrong. I would imagine some might be a little star-struck when they see you - but you'd think that given what most of us have done behind closed doors (or on the kitchen counter, over the hood of a car, in the bushes, etc.) that we wouldn't be so damn judgmental.

Are you better off going to North Beach or the Marina District or even across one of the bridges for a quiet dinner than to somewhere in the Castro?

blacknoon said...

Hi Nick

As much as I think the guy was totally wrong, it unfortunately goes with being a celebrity. Though pointing out to his girlfriend that her boyfriend likes to watch gay videos and that he might secretly be gay would have been interesting. Ha ha.
Great for you to stand up for yourself.

buzzedben said...

You did the right thing. Some of the younger generation seem to think they have the right to say what they want when they want ie as on Twitter etc. It seem they think it has no consiquences. Well done for standing up to him. The girlfriend was just a cover I think. Good luck and I am thinking about you and you lovely dog. Big hugs ben

David said...

Well said Nick.
It is an interesting thing, people see you on TV or in movies and get the feeling that they 'own' you in some way.
I was watching a TV show here in Australia in the 1980's where the host of the midday show actually said how he had a go at a pair of women talking in the front row of the audience, about HIM.
Commenting about various aspects of his life, what they had seen in the tabloids and ultimately about his sexual orientation.
He said in the commercial break he walked up to them and asked them to leave.
"to break the mystique of the stage" by peaking through the curtains after a stage show when the audience has seen the show so you can see the reactions... that scares people... but YOU ARE REAL.
You have a life. You absolutely have the right to comment but I suggest next time you don't 'expect' the person to 'get with the program' simply say to him.

"Hi," offer to shake his hand, "my name is Nick Moretti. I couldn't help overhear your conversation with your lovely dining companion that you have been watching my movies. While I appreciate that you have the right to your opinion I'm actually out enjoying my meal with my friends and I'd rather you kept your comments about me to yourself. Okay?"
I am absolutely certain he will back right off. If he doesn't simply attract the attention of the waiter and ask for them to be moved - afterall - you are a local.
If he gets all upity... remind him that he must have seen the rock-hard body you have (I know I have noticed, very enjoyable watching your movies by the way!) and assure him that you are a real person, flesh and blood and that you won't be 'bullied' in public without there being some reaction.

Having said that, I suggest you don't make a scene, because he will simply wipe out his cell phone and take a photo and sell the story to a tabloid getting his 15 SECONDS of fame.
Alternatively - and this is what I love doing when it occasionally happens to me, "I couldn't help overhearing your conversation. So you are into sex with blokes (guys). Well when you have grown the balls to actually say "Hello" to attract my attention maybe we can fuck on camera some time? Until then, shut the fuck up, okay?" said quietly, succinctly, non-emotionally and very calmly.

I love having sex on camera. Nowhere near your league Nick.

Thank you for reading this, I love your movies. Keep it cummin'...!

Queensland Australia