Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Going with the flow.

NOTE: If the video doesn't load or play, try clicking on the header (Going with the flow) and viewing the post that way. That may help the video load.)

So my Bound Gods shoot got moved to... TODAY! I told you that you have to be flexible when it comes to this stuff. I found out who my new scene partner is and I think it will be a good match. He is actually one of the guys who was part of the Folsom show and he's in the photo I posted. No... it's NOT Drake Jaden. I'm still hoping for Santa to leave him under my Christmas tree to unwrap this year.

Here is a short video of my very exciting trip out to San Francisco. Yes... that was sarcasm. No first class here. It's not always glamorous being a BDSM Porn Star. Some HOT photos and videos will br posted next. Wish me luck on my shoot!

Oh, before anyone asks... YES, I washed my hands.

(There was a problem with the video not playing before but I think I fixed it now.)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Colton Steele MUST be beat!

Sometimes things just don't go as planned. You have to keep it positive and be flexible. I know Colton and he really must be sick. Hope he's feeling better soon and that I do get a chance to work with him soon.

In the mean time, I'm going to have lunch with my good friend Josh West and then hit the gym. There are worse ways to spend a day!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

How did you spend your Sunday afternoon?

This is pretty much how I spent my Sunday afternoon. Tied up, flogged, caned, cock, ball and nipple tourture, clothespin zippered, electroshock on my cock and balls.... ALL IN A DAYS WORK! God I love the Folsom Street Fair.

The HOT little fucker with the rope to my balls in his mouth in this photo is Drake Jaden. Now I know what I want for Christmas! Please Santa.

(Click on the photo to make it bigger. Trust me... you want to see it bigger.)

Folsom weekend 2009

Hey guys...
Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days. Been busy as hell with traveling, setting up work and doing the Folsom events here in San Francisco.

Today is the big event... the Folsom Street Fair. I'll be at the booth for part of the day where I'll participate in 2 HOT shows, then I'm heading over to the Pantheon booth to represent them for a while. Stop by and say "Hi!" if you are around!

My trip so far has been AWESOME and last night was one of the most amazing nights of my life. I had dinner with a MAJOR Hollywood star. Not gonna say who yet but I'll give you a clue, This star was on the West Side when it came to Electric and crackers come to mind when I think of her. Good luck figuring that out!

I'll post photos, videos and stories as soon as the events are over.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Massively Amateur

While surfing the net yesterday, I was accidentally directed to a webpage that had a preview video of the very first porn shoot I ever did. It's my scene from Massive Amateurs #1 by Massive Studios. I will never forget that day. It SUCKED!!! I was nervous as fuck, could hardly stay hard, and it took me forever to cum. (I actually had to get a little help from my friend with that task.) You could tell by the "deer in headlights" look on my face how freaked out I was. Thank God those days are over! I really don't get nervous at all any more. Here is the preview of that awkward scene...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

MASTERPIECE... still kickin' it!

Maleflixxx is featuring my scene from the Hot House Video film MASTERPIECE as their "Episodic Scene of the Week: Sunday, Sept 20th- Saturday, Sept 26th".

PRETTY COOL! It amazes me that the video is still top 10 on some of the charts as is the Hot House Video film Headhunters, Inc., which I also appeared in.

A triptych of chiseled flesh comes alive when Ethan Grant kneels before horse-hung studs Ross Hurston and Nick Moretti. The smooth, young bottom worships both men from head to toe, paying close attention to their muscular legs and bulging crotches. Soon Hurston and Moretti strip out of their jocks, allowing Grant to expertly service their huge cocks. After eating Grant’s ass Moretti mounts him first and plows him so deep he cums without touching himself. Hurston and Moretti prove their versatility when they flip-flop fuck until all three shoot huge loads.

Step into this steamy Hot House gallery where chiseled, perfectly sculpted men engage in wild lust-driven sex in front of stunning larger-than-life backdrops. So grab your ticket to an astonishing XXX performance art installation that has all the critics raving: Masterpiece - the hottest show in town!


Burning Angel?

Even though Blacknoon was apparently close to vomiting after my last post on the art of fucking animals (ugh), he still sent cuddles my way and I felt this was the perfect time to post a second piece of electronic art that he did based on one of my photos.

What an amazingly beautiful piece of work! I'm not so sure what the meaning of it is though. Is it that I was once an angel that was bound in the chains of my insecurities, then found my freedom, and now I'm burning with the perceived evil that has come with it.

I guess that would pretty much sum up the past few years. I went from being an uptight, judgmental, prude, to being a liberated, confident person and even a moderately successful porn star. Not that I was a bad person before I made the change and I am not claiming to be any better with my "porn star" status. I'm just happy being comfortable in my own skin and being honest with myself, instead of insecure, judgmental and shut down.

Or maybe it has no meaning. Maybe it's just a really, really beautiful piece of art created by a really, really beautiful and giving person.

And speaking of beautiful people...
OK Homer, this is a direct shout out to you.
NO! That was not me being topped by the dog in the photo in the last post. But THANK YOU VERY MUCH for suggesting that it was.

First of all, my dog is a Shih Tzu. A very old Shih Tzu. I don't think she would be able to climb up on top of me and I am WAY too old too be crouching down that low.

Second, Cynder is a girl dog and I know she doesn't have the energy or the inclination to strap on a dildo and go to work on my ass.

Third, do I really look like the skinny white dude that is getting pounded by his loyal little friend? Really?

I gotta say one of my next porn endeavors during Folsom week, although certainly not as controversial or vomit inducing to some as a guy getting fucked by a dog, is certainly another step over the line of comfort for me and maybe the bounds of taste for my fans. I'm just hoping it works out well and people get off to it. After all, Isn't that what porn is all about?

Note to Homer: I'm so glad we are still in touch after all these years. I would love to hang out again one day when I am passing through your town or you are in mine. You are one of the people who made a lasting impression in my life because you are such a sweet, caring, interested, interesting and very sexy guy. And you bake!!! (I should have tried to put a ring on it long ago! LOL)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Doggy Style?

My mailbox has been bombarded with so many intentionally misspelled dirty messages lately and it's quickly starting to lose it's charm. For example:

• A filthy teeny nailed by enormous horse penisu
Onice hot blonde has su cked very big dog co ck cump
Dyaung office woman getting dog fu ckedb
Hinnocent girl anal fu cked by hound first timec
Sgirl thrusts very huge horseco ck in cuntd
Hgolden retriever licking a pu ssyx
Svery ssexy babe fu cking with her own horsea

Never "accidentally" check out a website with man/animal sex again.

The photo seen here with this post is from the film "He is a bitch". Although I did not see it, I'm sure it's a fine film that is suitable for the whole family! (Yes... that was sarcasm.)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting even with Colton Steele

I've been working to get everything firmed up for my rapidly approaching trip to Folsom and my return to the porn world (after the 2 freaking surgeries I went through). Looks like it's going to be a good trip!

Van Darkholme asked me to do the live shows at the Folsom Street Fair again and I know that is going to be AWESOME! I'll never forget last year... suspended above the crowd, naked, hard, flogged, jacked off, electroshocked. HOT!!! Just hope my shoulder holds out for this one.

My Bound Gods shoot is set and I was really surprised to see that my scene partner was going to be Colton Steele. Long time readers might remember that Colton was my roomate when we shot Blue Movie last year. He is a little, backwoods, furry, bundle of energy and I was asked to keep an eye on him over that weekend. What a handful! You can see in the picture above (taken at the wrap party that Chi Chi Larue gave us) that he is not a quite, shy little guy. He dragged my ass up on this box and started grinding all into me and then he used his hot little ass to bump me right off the box! Well... it's time for Master Nick's payback for that little stunt. His hot little ass will be mine to do whatever I want with during our Bound Gods shoot!

I'm also booked to do another shoot that I'm not going to talk about yet. It's kind of out of my comfort zone and I don't want to psyche myself out. I'll let you guys know how it goes when I'm done with it. Hopefully it opens a new door for me. LOL! (I'm not telling so DON'T ASK!)

Here is a short video of one of the shows with Van, Wolf Hudson and I at last year's Folsom Street Fair. FUN!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The P-town Posse

My friend Matt sent links these JibJab videos of our P-town vacation via Facebook. OK... on the bad side, I'm the short one and I look constipated. On the bright side, at least I can dance! (Wish I could in real life.)

I'm finalizing my plans for Folsom week and my trip to San Francisco, a Bound Gods shoot, and hopefully another shoot. Oh... I found out who my scene partner will be for the Bound Gods shoot. Let's just say that it should be interesting, to say the least. I'll let you guys know tomorrow and hopefully have more details of my trip.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

OK, so it's not watersports but...

As I was going through my emails I found one from Blacknoon that I had totally forgotten about. He sent me a piece of art he created in his Web Design Class using my photo and some tropical images. I gotta say it really is beautiful. I'm not used to that! Usually I'm tied up or dressed in leather or something "dirty" like that. THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time create and send this to me.

I wish life was all sunny and flowery like that right now. I'm still struggling to get things more settled in my life right now. Insurance, unemployment, 401k withdrawals... NOT fun! But on the other hand, I am surviving. Actually, I'm pretty freakin' happy! I feel blessed waking up every day and not having to go into the stressful and bitter environment that my office had become. And I've been able to concentrate my creativity on stuff I am really interested in. I'm hoping to start doing some painting (probably with oil pastels) again next week. I'll share some of my work with you. Maybe. (I get very insecure about my artwork.)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Too much time on my hands

I got some new video editing software for my computer and tried my hand at putting together a little video, complete with music, edits, special effects, and cheesy credits. I actually did this without reading the software instructions at all so don't expect anything earth shattering. After watching it I gotta say that the music is a little... ok, a LOT over the top. I'm going to keep practicing and hopefully get pretty good at it. Damn, I gotta get a real job soon. LOL.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Indeed!

So here is the sweat drenched, smoke smelling, beer soaked pile of money I made from my appearance at the Ramrod bar this Saturday night. It's not a fortune, or even as much as I made in the past, but It is going to put food on the table for the dog, the birds and me for the next 2 weeks! (Honestly, Cheeseburger Lean Pockets are NOT that expensive when you find them on sale at Walmart!)

On the down side, Today (Monday) I am feeling like I got thrown under a bus, run over, backed up on, and then run over by a tractor trailer. I must be getting too old to be doing the GoGo boy thing. Of course it doesn't help that I "danced" (you guys already know that what I do can probably NOT be considered dancing) till 4:00am then slept a few hours and then woke up early for a photo shoot with my favorite photographer and friend SylvesterQ. (Photos to follow) After that I took a quick "disco nap" and then went out to the Alegria party (I bought the ticket before I was let go at my job or I wouldn't have been able to go.) The music by Tony Moran was awesome as were the decorations. The theme was Alice in Wonderland and DAMN if they didn't do it right. (The photo here shows the HUGE Cheshire cat that was rotating above the dance floor and some of the dancers in Wonderland attire beneath it.) It was 4:00am when I finally finished dancing my ass off and I went to a diner to eat like a pig. I slept a few hours, ate lunch, and then went to a pool party at my best friend Tim Kelly's house with Josh West and my friend Bobby.

Let me just say... DAMN am I tired!!! Oh... and I guess I should mention that I also did laundry, cleaned my house, filed for my first unemployment check, looked for a "real" job, practiced editing a jack-off video with the new software I got for my computer (video to be posted this week), filled out "model's applications" for some porn companies I haven't worked for yet and sent them the required photos, including the photo of my dick next to a common object. (I picked my iPod Nano because it's one of my favorite possessions and the red compliments the fleshy color of my cock. LOL! See photo.) Now I can say... DAMN am I tired!!!

So it's 8:00pm now. My body hurts. I'm hungry and horny. So I'm going to go to California Pizza Kitchen with Joe, eat the Spaghetti Bolognese (my rare time of eating red meat... my body is asking for it) and then curl up in bed with my puppy and SLEEP!!! Being unemployed is HARD WORK!!! Oh... and did I mention I was horny?

Hope everyone had an AWESOME Labor Day weekend!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

J is for asshole

I've been getting so much support and positive advice since I was let go 2 weeks ago that this message really took me off guard.
Message Title: GET REAL
Ok so you've lost your job at the XXXXXXX and now you think
you've got a career in porno.
First, you're not that good looking, you're old,
and you post videos of yourself pissing in your own mouth.
Do you think your coworkers weren't aware of this?
The only one who is really into you is YOU.
It's time to wake up and get a life, and have a little
pride in yourself. The road you're on now will
lead nowhere.
For someone who thinks he's pretty damn smart,
you're really fucking dumb.
Of course my first impulse was to want to immediately send a message back saying...
FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!! Don't know who the hell you are but...
And then go on to dispute the fucked up things he said.

But then, I stopped, thought for a second, and I laughed. This person honestly doesn't know me at all. If he did he would know that I've been doing the porn thing for about 3 years already. That it's a part-time job... or was when I had an actual full-time job. That my old employers knew about my porn work. That I am proud of my age and don't take my looks, like them or not, very seriously. That there have been videos of me online fucking, getting fucked, sucking, getting sucked, peeing and getting peed on... for years already!

The one thing he was right about is that I think I'm pretty smart. Smart enough to know when some frustrated little asshole stumbles across one of my Xtube videos while wacking off, tracks me down on the internet, wacks off to my website and maybe even my blog, and then feels guilty for doing it, and probably a little jealous for not having the balls to be comfortable in his own skin.

You know, I'm usually pretty good at finding the good intention behind things. I look past the harsh words, put my ego aside, accept the truth in what is being said, and usually I can get to the intention and even appreciate the message. That didn't quite happen this time. Maybe I'm just feeling sensitive and vulnerable or maybe this guy really just wanted to make me feel bad. Nevertheless, I did not send back a nasty hate message. What I did send back was this...
Message Title: RE: GET REAL
Whoever you are...
If you knew ANYTHING about me at all you would not have written this message to me. You are so NOT on the money about anything you write. Maybe you should know ANYTHING about me before you start spewing hate.
I'm not going to send any hate back in your direction. I can only hope you use the all of the energy you wasted on the hate you put into this message for some good. Sounds like you could use some of that in your bitter little life.
And please NEVER contact me again.
Thank you.
And then I blocked his email. Which is if anyone would like to become friends with this lovely human being who goes out of his way to kick people when they are down or maybe just send some love his way. I think he could use it.
Jeez... some people!

I hope everyone is having an AWESOME Labor Day weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Please stick a buck in my crack

WARNING: This a shameless plug for my special appearance in the cage at the RAMROD bar here is Fort Lauderdale this Saturday night.

You are officially invited to stop by the RAMROD bar this Saturday night and stick a buck, or two, or ten, or a hundred in any crack, opening or orifice that is accessible to you while I am dancing in the cage.

Seriously guys...
Now that I am unemployed I need to take the money where I can get it. Even if it means pulling it our of my ass on Sunday morning. I'm not too proud to beg. My dog Cynder needs a liver transplant and my poor reproductively challenged birds just tweet and flitter around their sad, old cage all day and night wondering where there next meal is coming from. I think I saw them draw straws to determine which one will be used for food when the real thing finally runs out. Damn, I really liked that yellow canary.
So think of me Saturday night, as I trudge the 15 miles through 4 feet of snow to get to the...
Ummm... I mean, so think of me on Saturday night, as walk the 15 miles through the scorching, South Florida heat, to arrive at the Ramrod, exhausted and weak, drag my, still recovering from surgery, self up into the cage, and start grinding my poor, old, beaten up body for tips so that I can eat and survive another day in this harsh, cruel world.

Too much?
OK... so how about this.

It would be AWESOME to see you guys out this Saturday night at the RAMROD bar in Fort Lauderdale for the first anniversary of their very popular PIG DANCE. Stop by the cage and say "Hi" and I promise I'll say "Hi" back. I would be totally grateful if you would grope me inappropriately and stick a few bucks in my jock. It's not necessary, of course, but it really would put a smile on my face and some food on my plate.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Getting high in P-Town

LONG post with TONS of photos, but if you make it to the end there's a picture of a really nice, big, juicy, cock waiting for you. Don't worry... it's not mine. You all must be tired of looking at mine by now!

As promised, here are some photos from my recent vacation in P-town. First of all, let me clear up about "getting really high". I actually went parasailing! Maybe that's not such a big thing for you, but I am DEATHLY afraid of heights and I also suffer from vertigo. Really badly. So bad that I can't even lay on my back and look at the sky unless I can see a building or a tree next to me. Otherwise, I get completely ungrounded and feel like I am falling off the face of the earth! NOT FUN! You can tell by the look on my face in the first picture that I am scared shitless at the prospect of flying solo 500 feet up. That's what makes it so much fun though. I ALWAYS try to do the things that scare the crap out of me. That's the only way you truly grow in this life.

I was lucky enough to meet Jennifer Coolidge (best known for the "bend and snap" in Legally Blonde). It was also an awesome surprise to run into my friend Conner Habib who was celebrating his birthday with a very cute guy. One night I ran into Johnny Gunn at one of the bars. It was great to get the chance to reconnect, if only briefly. I also got to see Madame out on the street with the guy who does the show with her since Wayland Flowers died. And, of course, it was Great to hang out with my friends all week!

Here are some of the sites around town. The "ladies" in the next photo were in drag from the minute they got to P-town till the minute they left. The street is always busy with bizarre characters on bicycles handing out fliers to all the shows that go on every night. The town doesn't really take itself to seriously as you can tell by the names on some of the stores. And, yes... as the picture shows, I was sexually assaulted and beaten by drag queens at Tea-Dance one day. Go figure!

The parade that they hold for Carnival is AWESOME! The theme this year was "Summer of Love ~ Peace, Love & GoGo Boots!" Let me tell you the costumes were over-the-top! My friend Jim looked just like he stepped out of the 60's with his cut-off jean shorts, cheezy mustache and fro and topped it all of with a can of Tab! My other friend Gabriel had the BIGGEST fro in the parade and looked like some kind of big, dark, mod, savage. Of course, gay icons Varla Jean Merman and Miss Richfield each had their own float... OK, pick-up truck, in the parade. My friends Jan and Val had a house on the parade route and did their yearly tradition of doing the "anti-theme". Instead of love and peace they did "war" and decorated the whole house like the set of the TV show M*A*S*H. You can see the photo of them in their M*A*S*H costumes. AWESOME!

Of course, there were some other... activities... that went on during my P-town vacation that I won't go into detail about. Let's just say they were VERY memorable! ;-)