Saturday, September 19, 2009

Burning Angel?

Even though Blacknoon was apparently close to vomiting after my last post on the art of fucking animals (ugh), he still sent cuddles my way and I felt this was the perfect time to post a second piece of electronic art that he did based on one of my photos.

What an amazingly beautiful piece of work! I'm not so sure what the meaning of it is though. Is it that I was once an angel that was bound in the chains of my insecurities, then found my freedom, and now I'm burning with the perceived evil that has come with it.

I guess that would pretty much sum up the past few years. I went from being an uptight, judgmental, prude, to being a liberated, confident person and even a moderately successful porn star. Not that I was a bad person before I made the change and I am not claiming to be any better with my "porn star" status. I'm just happy being comfortable in my own skin and being honest with myself, instead of insecure, judgmental and shut down.

Or maybe it has no meaning. Maybe it's just a really, really beautiful piece of art created by a really, really beautiful and giving person.

And speaking of beautiful people...
OK Homer, this is a direct shout out to you.
NO! That was not me being topped by the dog in the photo in the last post. But THANK YOU VERY MUCH for suggesting that it was.

First of all, my dog is a Shih Tzu. A very old Shih Tzu. I don't think she would be able to climb up on top of me and I am WAY too old too be crouching down that low.

Second, Cynder is a girl dog and I know she doesn't have the energy or the inclination to strap on a dildo and go to work on my ass.

Third, do I really look like the skinny white dude that is getting pounded by his loyal little friend? Really?

I gotta say one of my next porn endeavors during Folsom week, although certainly not as controversial or vomit inducing to some as a guy getting fucked by a dog, is certainly another step over the line of comfort for me and maybe the bounds of taste for my fans. I'm just hoping it works out well and people get off to it. After all, Isn't that what porn is all about?

Note to Homer: I'm so glad we are still in touch after all these years. I would love to hang out again one day when I am passing through your town or you are in mine. You are one of the people who made a lasting impression in my life because you are such a sweet, caring, interested, interesting and very sexy guy. And you bake!!! (I should have tried to put a ring on it long ago! LOL)


Jambrea said...

What an AWESOME picture. Blacknoon is talented. And he had a great subject. Love the picture he used.

Anonymous said...

Great Pic.... I'm DYING to know what your taboo porn scene is going to be..... is it a fisty fisty one? With my arse on the recieving end? And a big load of piss in my mouth too? lol just wonderin..........

blacknoon said...

Hi Nick,

Didn't think you would post the photo but since you did, I won't turn your wings into a couple of blacken stumps!

As for the meaning behind it. That will come later. The image came to me from the big man in the sky and was very Very driven to get it done and at that time. I knew that when right after I sent it, my celtic cross magically fell of the wall. And no, it wasn't the ghosts in the house, they do other annoying things! Yes people, I have ghosts in my house! Though I wonder which is worst, ghosts or those skeletons lurking in the closets. ;^)

Enjoy it for what it is!
A pinch, a sting, and a back message?

Homer said...

Well if I ever end up in Florida we are definitely going to hang out and I will make you a cake or pie!