Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Indeed!

So here is the sweat drenched, smoke smelling, beer soaked pile of money I made from my appearance at the Ramrod bar this Saturday night. It's not a fortune, or even as much as I made in the past, but It is going to put food on the table for the dog, the birds and me for the next 2 weeks! (Honestly, Cheeseburger Lean Pockets are NOT that expensive when you find them on sale at Walmart!)

On the down side, Today (Monday) I am feeling like I got thrown under a bus, run over, backed up on, and then run over by a tractor trailer. I must be getting too old to be doing the GoGo boy thing. Of course it doesn't help that I "danced" (you guys already know that what I do can probably NOT be considered dancing) till 4:00am then slept a few hours and then woke up early for a photo shoot with my favorite photographer and friend SylvesterQ. (Photos to follow) After that I took a quick "disco nap" and then went out to the Alegria party (I bought the ticket before I was let go at my job or I wouldn't have been able to go.) The music by Tony Moran was awesome as were the decorations. The theme was Alice in Wonderland and DAMN if they didn't do it right. (The photo here shows the HUGE Cheshire cat that was rotating above the dance floor and some of the dancers in Wonderland attire beneath it.) It was 4:00am when I finally finished dancing my ass off and I went to a diner to eat like a pig. I slept a few hours, ate lunch, and then went to a pool party at my best friend Tim Kelly's house with Josh West and my friend Bobby.

Let me just say... DAMN am I tired!!! Oh... and I guess I should mention that I also did laundry, cleaned my house, filed for my first unemployment check, looked for a "real" job, practiced editing a jack-off video with the new software I got for my computer (video to be posted this week), filled out "model's applications" for some porn companies I haven't worked for yet and sent them the required photos, including the photo of my dick next to a common object. (I picked my iPod Nano because it's one of my favorite possessions and the red compliments the fleshy color of my cock. LOL! See photo.) Now I can say... DAMN am I tired!!!

So it's 8:00pm now. My body hurts. I'm hungry and horny. So I'm going to go to California Pizza Kitchen with Joe, eat the Spaghetti Bolognese (my rare time of eating red meat... my body is asking for it) and then curl up in bed with my puppy and SLEEP!!! Being unemployed is HARD WORK!!! Oh... and did I mention I was horny?

Hope everyone had an AWESOME Labor Day weekend!!!


blacknoon said...

Hi Nick!

See your Pig dance was profitable as I hoped! Though there seems to be too many bills without enough zeros on the end.(Boo!) Do you have a pay pal account for us who are willing to donate some money?

Don't ignore doing some freelance work. Hope your web site project is going someplace.

An online portfolio site I can do. E-commerce, well I'm still working on that. Think I'll just buy one of those programs and forget about writing my own. Creating content is a bitch because it takes sooooo long to to make one complete 3 minute video clip.

For something special, look into Microsoft Silverlight. It looks really cool. I don't know if it's free or not but looks better than flash.

Best of luck!
Hugs, cuddles, and a message for those sore muscles!!!!

Sue said...

I luvs me some spaghetti bolognese! YUM! Well, at least you haven't forgotten how to party being unemployed and all... Wait until those unemployment checks start rolling in; things will be just fine while you look for other employment. That is so long as you manage to stay healthy. The horniness, I can't help you with unfortunatley. Sorry [for me!]!

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Stan said...

Doesn't look like too bad a take for a night's work. Like they say: "from the acorn, grew the mighty oak!"
Best of luck to you in the job search!

PauloCatete said...

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Anonymous said...

I wanna suck that cock. It looks positively delish!

Leatherpigboy said...

Well hope you got some food in ya and are restin up a bit so that you can go shake your money maker again soon :)

Jambrea said...

Wow...I was distracted by the nano pic. lol

I'm glad you made some money! I hope the applications work out! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Tim Kelly