Saturday, September 5, 2009

J is for asshole

I've been getting so much support and positive advice since I was let go 2 weeks ago that this message really took me off guard.
Message Title: GET REAL
Ok so you've lost your job at the XXXXXXX and now you think
you've got a career in porno.
First, you're not that good looking, you're old,
and you post videos of yourself pissing in your own mouth.
Do you think your coworkers weren't aware of this?
The only one who is really into you is YOU.
It's time to wake up and get a life, and have a little
pride in yourself. The road you're on now will
lead nowhere.
For someone who thinks he's pretty damn smart,
you're really fucking dumb.
Of course my first impulse was to want to immediately send a message back saying...
FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!! Don't know who the hell you are but...
And then go on to dispute the fucked up things he said.

But then, I stopped, thought for a second, and I laughed. This person honestly doesn't know me at all. If he did he would know that I've been doing the porn thing for about 3 years already. That it's a part-time job... or was when I had an actual full-time job. That my old employers knew about my porn work. That I am proud of my age and don't take my looks, like them or not, very seriously. That there have been videos of me online fucking, getting fucked, sucking, getting sucked, peeing and getting peed on... for years already!

The one thing he was right about is that I think I'm pretty smart. Smart enough to know when some frustrated little asshole stumbles across one of my Xtube videos while wacking off, tracks me down on the internet, wacks off to my website and maybe even my blog, and then feels guilty for doing it, and probably a little jealous for not having the balls to be comfortable in his own skin.

You know, I'm usually pretty good at finding the good intention behind things. I look past the harsh words, put my ego aside, accept the truth in what is being said, and usually I can get to the intention and even appreciate the message. That didn't quite happen this time. Maybe I'm just feeling sensitive and vulnerable or maybe this guy really just wanted to make me feel bad. Nevertheless, I did not send back a nasty hate message. What I did send back was this...
Message Title: RE: GET REAL
Whoever you are...
If you knew ANYTHING about me at all you would not have written this message to me. You are so NOT on the money about anything you write. Maybe you should know ANYTHING about me before you start spewing hate.
I'm not going to send any hate back in your direction. I can only hope you use the all of the energy you wasted on the hate you put into this message for some good. Sounds like you could use some of that in your bitter little life.
And please NEVER contact me again.
Thank you.
And then I blocked his email. Which is if anyone would like to become friends with this lovely human being who goes out of his way to kick people when they are down or maybe just send some love his way. I think he could use it.
Jeez... some people!

I hope everyone is having an AWESOME Labor Day weekend!


Jambrea said...

Well...not all J's. :) I'm sorry you had to go through that. Hate mail is one of the things being on the internet makes easy. You know who loves you and I'm glad you didn't send hate back. It makes YOU the better person.


Unknown said...

Good for you!
assholes like him is not worth any time at all!
He has lots of issues, so keep this problem with him.
I for one, prefer real man/men, not twinks skinny boi looking types, yuck.
So keep doing what you love doing!
Have a great week!

Stan said...

I agree your a better person for not spewing hatred back nick. Good for you! What I can't believe is that this person has nothing else better to do with their time then to write an e-mail like this to you.
I totally disagree with the part about you not being that goodlooking. This person needs an eye exam bad. I'm into real masculine looking men like yourself and not into boys. I won't waste my time writing to joseph6060mk either!

Robert A. Geise said...

It's very easy for J to attack you as someone who is at a crossroad. You're vulnerable, even if you are optimistic about your prospects and other aspects of your life, and people like J smell and feed on that. If he didn't like piss, he could have clicked off the vid the moment he saw you urinating. He chose to watch the entire clip, and perhaps that is why he is so upset. You are a very much a "take me as I am" guy, and J must not be. He's jealous, and sees your success as a person as his failure. The email says way more about him than it does you. You reacted very well, though I would not blame you for blasting the guy. Still, there's no reason to because, as you say, he has no idea who you are.

I think your regular readers and friends do, and I know no matter how shameful J tries to make you feel, he is the only one here who will feel shame, the shame that he doesn't know himself and can't accept whoever he is as a person. Of course, maybe he's an asshole anyway, so...

Be well, Nick.

blacknoon said...


Hope you had a profitable time at the pig dance!

As for J, he's mostly off base but unfortunately true about the porn and your day job. It could have been more of a factor than you realize. Also, it could have a huge impact on your ability to get another full time day job.

Employers are looking at all source of places like face book, my space, etc., when doing background checks on future employees. If you don't have a squeeky clean image, forget about the job. Sad but it is a fact. I've heard of stories and it has been on the news as well as job sites to clean up your social neworking sites if your in the job market.

As far as employers go, you still represent the company even off the job.

As far as your looks, you get five stars. I think J is a dumb ass teen or 20 something jerk. He just doesn't know how age can really jack up your looks.

As for pissing into your mouth or on yourself, I personly find that really gross. Wallowing in ones own excrement to me is really sick but that is MY personal feelings and I DON'T push it onto anyone else which is why I don't make comments on your pissing videos you post. If you really enjoy doing that, then by all means do it, just don't ask me to join in.

And before anybody decides to flame me, at what point do you consider someone's sexual behavior sick?

And Nick, thankyou for taking the high road in your response, it shows you have better morals than jerk who critisized you which is why I keep liking you more and more.

Best of luck!
Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Robert A. Geise said...


No flaming here, but...

"Sick" may be subjective, but to some, anal sex is sick, any gay sex is sick, even fellatio can be considered sick. What some folks find sick, also, might be the thing that turns them on more than anything else.

Something you may not realize about urine is that it is sterile and can be innocuous, especially if diluted because of drinking lots of water. This is very much unlike feces, which can be very harmful because of its bacterial content. It also smells very bad, again because of the bacteria, and aren't you glad? Perhaps some folks are into scat, but calling scat sick is probably closer to the mark, as it can literally make you sick. Urine won't.

Another tidbit: in nature, urine is very much part of the sexuality of all manner of animals--lizards, birds, and mammals, including primates. We're pretty darn close to apes, you know, whether you believe in Creationism or evolution. We share the same number of chromosomes, in fact.

None of this will probably change your mind, but it's disappointing how quick you are to judge and call it "sick" in someone else's blog, no matter how polite you're being about it.

blacknoon said...


I know that urine is sterile but it's not something you really should be drinking. I lean more into putting finger in ass and then inserting into mouth gross. More so because it is very dangerous. I also think it's gross when my dogs eat another animal's feces.

As for urine in mating rituals. Yes I understand that very well. Urine usually contains hormones or other chemicals indicating whether a female is in season, as well as identification. All I need to do is look at my dogs sniff every fire hydrant and sign in the neighborhood.

As you said and I agree is what I call sick someone else finds it a turn on. But where do you cross the line? Is it sick if a 50 year man wants to fuck that cute 8 year girl. What about Daddy getting his little 12 year daughter pregnant? What about Jeffery Dahlmer who raped his 'lovers' and then killed and ate them. Well it was a turn on for him. So according to you, I should not consider him 'sick' because it was a sexual turn on for him.

As for saying I'm quick to judge. I disagree. There are behaviors that turn me on and some that don't. Piss, shit, and fingers up my ass turn me off. It is something I will not do. I did not condemn anyone here for doing it and I said that!. It's just that I care not for it and find it to be a very unhealthy thing to do.

And if you really want something gross, ask any married man what he thinks when he accidently walked in on his wife changing her tampon.
But if you want cute, go here.

Robert A. Geise said...

You compare water sports (between consenting adults, or in this case, ONE adult male) with pedophilia and necrophilia? And then you expect not to be flamed? Sounds to me like you're looking for it. Guess what? You're not even worth my fuel. But I will say this: You're passionate, but you do not persuade.

Nikos said...


Im a 20 year old in Australia, of Greek ancestry. I was straight last year a little curious, but I saw a video of you from Hot House, Masterpiece I think it was, and fuck it got me so into men I couldn't help it. You are the hottest human being I know of so i wouldnt even consider what he says an insult. Already been signing J's email address up to as much straight porn as possible, since he's clearly such a pussy.

Keep on the good work, and if I was in America Id be sticking hundreds down your pants any chance I got.

Your number one fan, Nikos.

Sue said...

Nick, Life is way to short to be bothered with twits like J. Just file his message in the round one and move on. Don't take anything he says to heart at all. He is a major asshole, you are right about that.

You are the hero in your life.

Pick said...

Hey Nick,

I hear you were having some fun cage dances with a guy I've been chatting with on You guys would have had a few bill from me that's for sure! Glad you had fun!

As for the J asshole ... man, what a creep. In this case J obviously stands for JERK!

Good for you for taking the high road ... I don't think I would have even bothered to honour him with a reply. He was annoying and hurtful but not worth the energy. If it helped get it off your chest though that's great. Just don't let his words have any more import to you now that you've replied. Easier said than done, I know.

Is this asshole a fellow worker do you know?

You know how all of your readers and fans feel about you so trust in us and in yourself.

I can't possibly say this better than Sue has just above me here so I'll just second her comment. She's SO right on the mark!

Hugs always, and you know I wish you well!

Anonymous said...

Nick, you and Tyler Saint are inspirations as to how great men can like at 40-something. I am into watersports a little bit (though I rarely indulge that kink), and I think the first thing I saw you in was that scene with Tyler and Bo Matthews in Link: The Evolution. You were so hot in it. I want to thank you for putting yourself out there; I know it's gotta be a tough row to hoe sometimes. I hope your future works out exactly the way you want. Again, many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Shit. Need to copy edit better. "…inspirations as to how great men can LOOK" (not like)

Nick Moretti said...

WOW!!! I can't believe that there are so many comments on this post. I guess we need to add Water Sport to the list of Politics and Religion NOT to talk about. LOL

No, seriously, I completely understand that people are not into watersports and may even find it repulsive or "sick". It's completely OK to feel that. In fact, if you would have met me 4 years ago, I probably would have fell into that category.

What I can say, is that Blacknoon is an AWESOME guy who has shared probably more of his life with me then I have shared with mine. And although he doesn't like the pee stuff, he treats me with respect and I value the friendship I have developed with him through this blog.

That's the way life is supposed to be. You might not like something, but you can still respect the person who does like that. I mean, does anyone want to think of their parents having sex! HELL NO!!! But you know it happens and you still love them. OK... maybe you haven't met my mom. She was a handful... maybe the exception to this rule! LOL!!!

Anyway, THANK YOU everyone for their responses... favorable or not. I do not hold back with the posts I do and I don't expect you guys to hold back on your responses.

And for the record...
I am feeling a little regretful for posting "J's" email address. I guess it was kind of passive aggressive on my part. Like I said hate only breeds more hate and I would not like to be the cause of suffering for anyone. Even if they were not very nice to me. So no hate messages towards him. Messages of enlightenment and love are always encouraged... at least here. :-)

Tadeu said...

Nick, you're handsome and smart - something that that Mr J certainly isn't. Don't worry about him. He is probably a closeted and repressed idiot.