Saturday, January 30, 2010

Interview before Cocksure Shoot

Jasun, the really, really cool guy who directed the Cocksure Men video I shot with Tyler Saint yesterday, did a little impromptu video interview with me yesterday and posted it on his blog. I posted it below as well.

Also, make sure you check out his blog. I had never been there before but I know I am going to be a big fan from now on. The guys is a sick little piggie... like me!

(The "Thumbs up, Dick down" photo above is courtesy of Jasun at

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cocksure Men shoot part 2

I always tell you guys how things in porn change about every 30 seconds. Shoots get postponed, models cancel, the cops bust the set. Well, yesterday was no exception.

I flew to LA and made it to the Jake Cruise ranch (FUCKING AWESOME PLACE!) only to find out that my scene partner was not going to be Berke Banks. It was going to be Devin Draz. Can I get an "AMEN!"

DAMN was that boy HOT! Like a big slab of meat with a beautiful face and a great personality. Having sex with a straight guy is so much fucking fun. It was hot, and hard, and heavy.

I spent the rest of the day and night working on the Real Estate Website I am designing right now. What a huge and hard project it is.

This morning, I gave myself a haircut, worked on the website some more, ate a protein bar, and now I'm off for my scene with Tyler Saint. We have always had such a great connection I know that this will also be another HOT scene. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

For now, here is the view from my 17th floor hotel room and a photo of me and my new haircut.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

In too Deep

I have a couple of minutes before I board the plane for my flight to LA and my two Cocksure Men shoots so I wanted to give you guys a quick update.

Yesterday's shoot was, BY FAR, the best Bound Gods shoot I have ever had. Van has been working with me to take things to the next level and yesterday that happened. It was the hardest BDSM ever scene on Bound Gods. Partly, thanks to new slave boy Dylan Deep (the slave who completely stole the show at Saturday's Live Bound Gods Sex Party shoot), partly due to Van's excellent direction and guidance, both on and off stage, and partly do to my sincere desire to be the best Dom I can be.

I'm not going to give details about the shoot but, believe me, it is really going to be a cut above all the previous shoots.

They just started boarding so I have to go. I am shooting with Berke Banks today and then a different scene partner on Friday. The model I was supposed to shoot with had an emergency and had to be replaced. So now I am shooting with... TYLER SAINT!!! Considering how many times we have worked together, it will be the first time we actually have sex with each other. (Fucking, that is.)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

From the set of Bound Gods

I thought that I would be completely exhausted today and I was right. But there is no rest for me. I just got booked for another Bound Gods shoot tomorrow! Six shoots in one week. Is that some kind of porn record? Please say a prayer for me or send good energy my way because I'm going to need it!

The shoot tomorrow is with the slave boy who stole the show at the Bound Gods Live Webcast Sex Party on Saturday night. He was my slave boy for the night and I couldn't have been happier. Of course, he was so hot I couldn't keep him all to myself. He ended up covered in cum by the end of the evening. Lucky boy.

Here are some photos from the set of the Bound Gods shoot I did yesterday with Tyler Saint and Drake Jaden. I'll give details of that shoot when I get a chance. For now I'll just say that we did things that I have never done on film before, Drake had never done on film and in real life, and that have never been seen on Bound Gods before. Going to be hard to top this one. But there is always tomorrow. LITERALLY!

Here is a photo of Tyler, Drake and I at brunch the day before I shoot. What awesome guys!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bound Gods Live Sex Party and Butt Machine Boys

I'm here in San Francisco just starting the first part of my pornapaloza week. Last night was the first Live webcast of the first Bound Gods Upper Floor sex party.


That about sums it up. Van Darkholme, Tyler Saint, Spencer Reed, Drake Jaden, Patrick Rouge, and a big group of hot and horny guests that included; Race Cooper, Alessio Romero, Derrick Hanson, and a slave boy named Dylan who stole the fucking show and became everyone's favorite of the evening. Fucking, sucking, flogging, canning, electroplay, buttplugs, feet worship and explosive bukakke ending. What was there NOT to love!!! If you didn't see it live it will be coming to the Bound Gods site in an edited version shortly.

I'm still recovering from last night's shoot! I don't think I've ever fucked so much in one night in my whole life. Today was the gym and then brunch with Tyler, Drake, Coop, Alesssio and Daddy Aaron, followed by the beer bust at The Eagle. Tyler, Drake and I just got back to the Armory and are calling it quits for the day. The three of us all have an early call time for our Bound Gods shoot in the morning. I'm not worried about having energy tomorrow because the chemistry between the three of us could power the entire west coast for a month! You guys know I have had a HUGE porn crush on Drake since Folsom and that Tyler and I have had a great connection since the Link film and some awesome shoots together since then. It's even HOTTER now cause Drake and Tyler have incredible chemistry. The three of us together is going to be FUCKING AMAZING!

I won't be able to post tomorrow and will probably be in a post-porn related coma on Tuesday so I will leave you guys with some photos from my Butt Machine Boys that was just released. (Click them to make them bigger.) Even though I had a great time on the shoot. and it felt like it went really well, I was still really worried about what it would look like on film. Well, I watched it the other night and DAMN!!! It was HOT AS FUCK! Seriously. This hairy porn daddy did a good job with those machines. I think they may have had to retire at least one of them. LOL

If you want to check out my Butt Machine Boys video click here. I hope you liked it as much as I did!

If you want to check out my Butt Machine Boys video click here.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Men Over 30 - All Choked Up

The scene I did for Men Over 30 with Sebastian Keys was released on their website today. I don't have a membership for the site but I did see the trailer and I have a bunch of photos from the shoot. It looks pretty hot to me! Sebastian is so cute, smooth and white and I am so... not cute, not smooth and not white. I think it's a good combination!

The setup is: I'm showering as Sebastian is spying on me from the door. I catch him and confront him and give him a shot at the real thing. We suck. We fuck. And fuck. And fuck. The best part is when we actually fuck the art off the wall! I'm not sure if they kept that in or edited it out. I sure hope they left it in.

Here are some photos from the shoot. Click on them for a larger version. (Who doesn't like it bigger!) If you want to see more you can check it out by clicking here.

If you want to view this video check it out by clicking here.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sex Party on the Upper Floor!

In my last post I mentioned that I just got booked for another shoot and it sounds like it is going to be HOT! It's a LIVE shoot for and Bound Gods

The description reads...
It's an all male bondage sex party on the Upper Floor. House slaves Patrick Rouge and Drake Jaden will be tested. Members will vote on the slave performance and decide which slave will get bukkake from the party goers.

From what I know they invited 40 guys to the party and the Porn Stars that will be attending will be Van Darkholme, Tyler Saint, Patrick Rouge, Spencer Reed, Drake Jaden and me. AWESOME!

I was just added to the list and I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing yet. I may be just greeting the party attendees when they show up or I may be getting down and dirty with the guys. Knowing me I will get into some trouble for sure!

You can check out Bound Gods and the videos I've done for them if you CLICK HERE.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cocksure for sure!

I promised I would give details on the other 2 shoots that got added to my San Francisco trip, which is coming up on Friday. I finally found out all the details today. HOLY CRAP!!!

I'm going to be flying to LA and shooting with Cocksure Men. My first shoot is with Berke Banks, where I bottom for him (see first photo). The next day I shoot with Devin Draz and we flip-flop fuck (see second photo). How HOT are these guys? Happy freakin' New Year!!!

As if I wasn't excited enough about all the shoots that are coming my way, I just got booked for another one today. I'll tell you guys about that in my next post. Yup... 5 shoots in 1 week! Up until then I'm going to get plenty of rest, work out like a dog, and pray. Pray that this old man makes it through next week without breaking a hip.... or a dick!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

FLIRTing... with a Dominatrix?

I spent the weekend doing some volunteer work for the big gay bowling event Fort Lauderdale International Regional Tournament (FLIRT). I've been helping them out every year for at least 4 or 5 years now. Usually, I will help with registration and then sell raffle tickets at the bowling alley during the tournament. Basically, I wear skimpy clothes and act slutty. Pretty much what I do all the time. This year I designed their event booklet and the other printed materials that they needed. It's what I do... graphic design. (I posted the cover of the booklet above.)

Volunteer work is good for the soul, but doesn't really do much for the wallet. So this morning I drove up to Boca Raton to do a shoot for a BDSM site. Nothing new for me... except this time I was going to be the sub... for a WOMAN! Yup, Nick Moretti getting his ass beat by some hot Dominatrix. Fun! (I posted a graphic from the website I'm talking about at the end of this post.)

Unfortunately, I arrived at the beautiful, upscale, gated community and was approached by the security guard. I gave him the house number I was going to and he asked for my name. Ugh. I hate when that happens. So I give him my porn name, Nick Moretti. No Nick Moretti on the list. Then I give him my real name. Not there either. Ugh.

He calls the house where we are supposed to be shooting and... no answer. After 10 minutes of trying he finally gets an answer and comes back to tell me that they have no idea who I was and that I should probably be on my way now. Ugh.

A quick call to the manager who arranged the shoot and everything was clarified. The shoot had been canceled a few days ago and someone forgot to tell tell me. Oh well. I really could have used the money but I have to admit that I was worried that some of the marks and bruises that I was going to receive would not heal in time for my shoots next week. So all good.

Speaking of my shoots next week...
What started out as 1 Bound Gods shoot, then turned into 1 Bound Gods shoot and 1 Pantheon Productions shoot, is now up to 4 shoots! Yup. I'll give you guys more details in my next post.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Now you see it... Now you don't!

This was supposed to be a happy post. It's not going to be.

Remember on Christmas Eve when I found one of my birds wounded on the floor of my cage and that it died later that day? Well, I figured out why it died.

The next day one of the other birds went near the white Zebra Finches nest and was viciously attacked by several of the white finch family. The mother and father bird have alternately been in the nest non-stop for a couple of weeks and I knew there were babies in there. Thank God no birds were hurt in this attack.

For a couple of weeks I've waited patiently for a glimpse of the new baby birds.

Yesterday morning I went to feed the birds and I saw one of the smaller birds on the bottom of the cage. It didn't look sick, but it couldn't fly. The big problem was... I couldn't identify it! It didn't look like any of my birds and I confirmed that they were all present and accounted for.
It was the new baby! But it was so big and it wasn't white at all.

I checked in the nest and it was empty except for one egg that was a little broken. I picked up the little baby and it was so sweet and curious in my hand. Not afraid or timid at all. I placed it back in the nest and it stood on the edge for the rest of the day and watched the other birds coming and going. One of the parents went back in the nest and I was sure that the baby would not be abandoned and would grow up fine, like his brothers and sisters.

Then something really bizarre happened.

I went to feed the birds today and I checked the nest for the baby Zebra finch. It wasn't in there. I checked the floor of the cage and it hadn't fallen there. I checked the other 3 nests, the plants, the food bowls, the water dish, the gravel tray outside the cage. Then I emptied all of the nesting materials from each of the nests. Finally, I checked the floor in the living room, where the cage sits, and the kitchen, foyer and family room. No baby bird. The crushed egg was gone too.


I thought that maybe the birds decided to reject it and eat it as a midnight snack, but there were no bones, or beak, or legs, or feathers, or ANYTHING! Surely they would have at least left the feathers.

I would think that I was just plain crazy, but, thank God, I had taken a bunch of photos of the baby when I found it and even some in the nest when I put it back. I posted one of the photos above. I don't have a fucking clue what happened at this point. All I do know is that I feel really sad about it. That bird was so cute and pure and sweet.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just cock

I woke up this morning with cock on my mind and I thought I should just go with it.

So here is... my cock!

(So much for my posts being thoughtful and well written.)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Daddies in Suits

I just got confirmation that I'm shooting another scene for Pantheon Productions while I'm out in San Francisco in a couple of weeks! This one is going to be a "Daddies in Suits" movie. Two things I LOVE!

I've done two films for Pantheon Productions so far... Brief Encounters and Bears in Paradise. I still get so many comments about my scene in Brief Encounters with Conner Habib where I was the Daddy and he was the Boy. We were so connected and it was just about as real and passionate as sex can get on film. The Bears in Paradise scene was with my best friend (who I used to date) Tim Kelly. My first on screen only bottoming role.

This time I will be with a big, rough Brit Daddy from England, Ben Martin (see photo above). I'm already practicing my lines with an English accent. I think the famous one from Oliver Twist should work... "Can I 'av some more please?" Should be a lot of fun!

(Click on any of the box covers below if you want to find out more about the movie, watch my scene online, or buy it.)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting some head!

Yup... I got some head!

Buddha head, that is.

I got another huge section of my tattoo sleeve done yesterday. It's the inside portion of my arm and my right bicep. I wish I had a better picture but IT'S FREAKING FREEZING HERE and I am not keeping my sweatshirt off for more than 10 seconds to snap a picture.

I should have one more round of tatt work left and then I'm done! All that's left is color for the buddha head (it is going to look like weathered wood) and doing the colorful waves and stuff around it. I'M SO HAPPY with the way it is coming out. Maybe I'll even have it done for my next Bound Gods shoot in a couple of weeks.

By the way, I am still pretty psyched over the Bound Gods video that was released on Thursday! It's rare that I really like something I've done that much.

OK... enough typing... I have to put my gloves back on. Brrrrr!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

BOUND GODS - The Reluctant Slave

I am SO FREAKIN HAPPY with the way the Bound Gods video that was released today turned out!!! I've been patiently waiting and hoping that all of the work director, Van Darkholme, put into it would show in the final product... and it does!

(I've posted quite a few pictures here because I'm really proud of this video and my work in it. Hope the guys at Bound Gods don't get pissed at me.)

I actually wrote this on the Bound Gods comment section for the video (something I rarely do):

Nick Moretti here... I've been looking forward to the release of this video! When Master Van talked to me about doing this scene he said he wanted to take things back to the way they were in the beginning at Bound Gods. Hard,non-stop punishment... pure and simple. That's what we did. No long build ups, no complicated story, just not stop punishment. I have to say this was some of the most extreme flogging, cropping, electro-shock and fucking I've done. And, in my opinion, Shane Frost was an awesome slave boy. His cocky attitude made me want to keep him in line and break him down. I know that everyone has different tastes in men, boys and punishment, and I respect that completely, buy I really hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I did when I was filming it. - Nick

It is actually a beautiful and classic story...
Dom Master meets cocky, fuck-up slave boy.
Dom Master beats slave boy with a crop.
And makes him suck his cock.
Then he electro-shocks the hell out of the still not cooperating slave boy, paying special attention to his dick.
Frustrated that he is not getting the slave boy to submit, the Dom Master flogs the shit out of him, very, very hard... for a very, very long time.
Even the flogging doesn't get the slave boy to behave.
What is the poor Dom Master to do?
He fucks the hell out of the slave, tortures him by denying him the pleasure of cumming, over and over again and shoots a big load all over the slave boys ass.
Dom Master finishes his session with the slave boy by licking his warm cum off the slave boys ass, smacking it really hard, and walking away, leaving the beaten and fucked slave tied up till he's ready to try to teach him another lesson.

Beautiful story... isn't it? (Insiders note: In the real life version, the Dom and the Slave went to a Mexican restaurant and downed burritos and margaritas after the shoot.)
If you want to view the FREE PREVIEW of this video CLICK HERE.

Here are the pictures I promised...

CLICK HERE if you want to go to the website and view the free preview of this video.