Thursday, January 21, 2010

Men Over 30 - All Choked Up

The scene I did for Men Over 30 with Sebastian Keys was released on their website today. I don't have a membership for the site but I did see the trailer and I have a bunch of photos from the shoot. It looks pretty hot to me! Sebastian is so cute, smooth and white and I am so... not cute, not smooth and not white. I think it's a good combination!

The setup is: I'm showering as Sebastian is spying on me from the door. I catch him and confront him and give him a shot at the real thing. We suck. We fuck. And fuck. And fuck. The best part is when we actually fuck the art off the wall! I'm not sure if they kept that in or edited it out. I sure hope they left it in.

Here are some photos from the shoot. Click on them for a larger version. (Who doesn't like it bigger!) If you want to see more you can check it out by clicking here.

If you want to view this video check it out by clicking here.


Jesse E said...

Looking great Nick! As usual the beautiful body and sexy smile are big turn ons, and you look really into the scene. I'm sure this is going to be a popular one! Dunno about the other guy though- he'd look better with some facial hair, hair on his chest, and more Sicilian features don't you think?

Jambrea said...

Love those pictures. Thanks for sharing. :)

blacknoon said...


You're much better looking than the young stud you're fucking. Stop being so hard on yourself. Open up and let the sunshine inside of you come out.

Oh, how did you like playing with your new car? Pretty cool but it looks supsiciously like an angry catfish.

wink, wink, kisses


Anonymous said...

Great shots! So hot!!! I'm gonna post some!

Pick said...

Oh My God! Somebody bring me a mint julep quick ... I think I've got the vapours!


Really love the 2nd to last pic ... if anybody looked at me like that, I'd let him do ANYTHING to me.

Great shoot Nick ... as always! WOOOOOOOOOF!

Stan said...

I'm way over the age limit here but I'd still love to get caught spying on you doing anything.

mac20 said...

You're too good for that skinny, shaved pup. More hot, hairy pics here:

rsfan2006 said...

I joined the site just to get the full video... worth the pay!

JT said...

WOW...the first ever porn store blog I have EVER read. YOU are AMAZING...not to mention HOT as HELL