Monday, January 18, 2010

Cocksure for sure!

I promised I would give details on the other 2 shoots that got added to my San Francisco trip, which is coming up on Friday. I finally found out all the details today. HOLY CRAP!!!

I'm going to be flying to LA and shooting with Cocksure Men. My first shoot is with Berke Banks, where I bottom for him (see first photo). The next day I shoot with Devin Draz and we flip-flop fuck (see second photo). How HOT are these guys? Happy freakin' New Year!!!

As if I wasn't excited enough about all the shoots that are coming my way, I just got booked for another one today. I'll tell you guys about that in my next post. Yup... 5 shoots in 1 week! Up until then I'm going to get plenty of rest, work out like a dog, and pray. Pray that this old man makes it through next week without breaking a hip.... or a dick!


starbman said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I am very happy for you. not only getting all the work, but also with such HOT guys that excite you!
I have to admit I spend too much time observing the porn world, but Devin Draz is completely new to me. He is EXTREMELY HOTT!!! That is a scene I really will be waiting to see!

Stan said...

Berke Banks! Devin Draz! Why you lucky fucker! I'd just love to be the meat in that sandwich. I really like some of the stuff that cocksuremen does. Have a great time and good luck!

Nax Caminiti said...

Way to go Nick! That's a lot of work! I am beyond jealous of you getting to be with Berke! I have had such a thing for him for a while. I will definitely be getting that release! Two of my favorite stars together! Oh yeah!

Jambrea said...

How awesome! I'm happy you're getting all these shoots. Congrats. :)

Dmorphis said...

Berke Banks is a hot guy, especially when he's fully hairy and bearded! I hope this will be the case for your scene. I can't wait to see the result!