Monday, January 4, 2010

Facebook can KISS MY ASS!

Assbook... I mean Facebook is a lot of work. I always refer to it as a full time job. There are always 2357 people requesting to be your friend and 642 notifications and 249 new emails. On top of that you have to suck on someones lollipop? WHAT THE FUCK?

Well... I got fired from that job today.

The fuckers at Facebook deleted my profile and disabled my account today. I guess someone reported something that I posted offensive. ME? OFFENSIVE? What ever could they mean?

I saw it coming. Many of my friends have been deleted recently and Assbook does not give a reason why when you ask. I actually went through my hundreds and hundreds of friend requests yesterday and approved over 200 people. I didn't know any of them but I felt bad saying no. I guess one of them had a stick up their ass. In my defense, I never posted any totally naked photos and I always wrote "F@ck" instead of "Fuck" Well... FUCK them. There, I said it.

In case you were wondering... Yes, that is an actual picture of my actual hairy ass next to my laptop. Now is that offensive?

(God, I have to get a life... I just did a photo shoot of my chocolate starfish next to my computer.)


Stan said...

Yeah but it's such a nice looking ass. You should be proud of it! I don't have a facebook account and don't want one either. I got so fucking tired of those e-mail notifications and logging on and off and on again with myspace I just about had enough like you said.
It's so hard to get it deleted so now I just have all that crap e-mail blocked and sent to spam.

Stan said...

Oh and btw I'd love to kiss and rim your ass Nick Sir! My pleasure!

Jesse Evans said...

iI was JUST trying to figure out why you suddenly weren't my FB friend anymore. HOW ARE WE GOING TO COMMUNICATE NOW?!?

Anonymous said...

Nick Moretti is still up though?

Dmorphis said...

Hairy ass? It looks like it has been shaved recently, has it?

Robert A. Geise said...

You may have been suspended for accepting so many friend requests in one day. FB thinks you're an ad-bot or some other non-human thing who is looking to spam folks with messages or viruses or whatnot.

Anonymous said...

Let it be known that I joined facebook because of you Nick. I wanted to see your thank you video and the ONLY way to see it was to join facebook. Now that fb has kicked you out, where does that leave me???? Of course right after I joined and you were my only friend, a past friend from high school asked if she could be my friend. But she was "born again", if you catch my drift. So I could offend her and deny her request or go ahead and approve it. So I approved it.

I think it is a fine photo of one of your best sides and facebook should be honored by the photo and put it up in their hall of fame. They should pay you for the photo, since you are, after all, a professional. Some one there must admire it! Would you like me to put it up on my FB wall?

Nick Moretti said...

Stan... Thanks about the ass! ;-)

Jesse... Sorry man, it was NOT my fault. I SWEAR!!!

Anonymous... Yes, Nick Moretti is still up although I NEVER check it.

Dmorphis... I had to trim it up for my Butt Machine Boys shoot. They were afraid one of the machines was going to get lost in the wilderness.

Robert... Hmmm, I didn't know about that. The thought I was spam? Yuck! Couldn't they think I was a Cheeseburger Lean Pocket? LOL! I sent an email asking for an explanation but, from what I heard from friends, they never will get back to me.

Sue... you are a dirty, dirty girl. I LOVE YOU!!! :-) I wish I would have posted that photo before I got booted. I'm sure I'll end up back on there again though. It really is a good way to keep in touch with friends. Only this time I will NOT approve EVERYONE who asks.

Pick said...

Like Stan, I'd gladly kiss your ass Nick.

URGH Facebook! Can't live with it ... yeah, damn right I can live without it! Way too much work staying on top of all the messages.
Better things to do ... like kisses hot asses. Btw, what size MacBook Pro is that? Just trying to get a reference point here. lol

Not sure if I enjoyed your post or you comment to the comments more.

Gave me a good smile though either way ... so thanks!

Pick said...

Like "Kissing" hot asses ... that was supposed to be obviously.

Nick Moretti said...

Pick... my Macbook Pro is the BIG one. 17 inches of power in my lap. Why were you asking? Were you trying to figure out the size of my balls? LOL

blacknoon said...


Never cared for social networking sites and maybe getting deleted is a mixed blessing. It is getting much more common for employers to check out these sites when interviewing prospective employees. If they don't like what they see, kiss the job goodbye and right now you don't need that.

Really like the ass, did you shave your bush too?

Hey, did you get my email with the car?

And Sue, where in the ten commandments that porn is forbiben?
It may state that I can't covet the neighbor's spouse but it didn't say I couldn't watch!!!!!! LOL Try to explain THAT to your born again friend. I love finding loop holes.


Pick said...

Yup ... just sizin' you up Nick.
WOOF! ;o[)

Anonymous said...

So your love bud doesn't look any worse for wear after Tristan Jaxx. How as he as a lover? Can you share?

Nick Moretti said...

I got your artwork and it's AWESOME!!! Most of the photos I have are me next to my beat up pick-up truck. The car was NICE! I'll probably post it this week. THANK YOU!!!

My chocolate starfish is doing just fine. Just needed a little TLC afterwards.
As far as what kind of a lover Tristan Jaxx is, I couldn't really say. Having sex in front of a camera for a movie is WAY different than having sex in real life. If you're asking how was the sex... it was HOT. Tristan is passionate and knows how to fuck. After spending some time with him and talking afterward I would suspect he would be an awesome lover in real life.

Jambrea said...

Ahhh..the evil that is Facebook. lol I have an account, but I don't go to the site much. I think the only time I go is when I have a book releasing. For the most part, I delete all thee aps that they have. I have a few friends that I'll talk to every now and again. :) I don't think its a big loss, Nick.

Anonymous said...

Will you be my real friend?