Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fuckable Art

I just got a text message from my friend Leo Forte with this image included. I guess the Rom "Ropes" McGurk video I did with him is out. You can check out "FUCKABLE ART" at the Tom "Ropes" McGurk website by clicking here.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fucking the All American Jock is HOT!

It's been almost four months since I've had the pleasure of performing in a Bound Gods video. I was so freakin thrilled when I got to shoot one a few weeks back. I was even happier when I got to pick the sub (Blake Daniels who has actually become a good friend since then) and also pick the fetish, the storyline and the set design. I go WAY FUCKING CRAZY for sports gear. Long socks, sweaty jock straps, caps, sneakers... I can come right now just thinking about it. Put all of that on a BIG and BEAUTIFUL ALL AMERICAN BOY, throw in some bondage, flogging, nipple torture and CBT, and some good hard fucking... and I am so far over the edge there is no cumming back. This video has all of that! Click here to check out my latest Bound Gods video "Innocent baseball jock gets violated by his nasty coach!"

Here is the official description of the scene: Coach Nick Moretti keeps Blake Daniels after practice to get him into better shape. Blake is made to run the bleachers and do push-ups. After a long workout, Blake takes a well deserved hot shower. Coach Nick catches him with an erection and Nick can not help himself. He gropes the boy and gives him a good old fashioned OTK ass spanking. He cock-teases the boy until he practically goes insane. After some rough corporal, Nick fucks him with a baseball bat and then he fucks him even harder with his cock. Blake doesn't care about the abuse. He's just happy that he finally gets to cum.Click here to check it out this video!Click here to check out this video!Click here to check out this video!Click here to check out this video!Click here to check out this video!Click here to check out this video!Click here to check out this video!Click here to check out this video!Click here to check out this video!Click here to check out this video!Click here to check out this video!Click here to check out this video!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Goofing around while Bound in Public

Been working so hard and so much lately and trying not to burn out. That means you have to keep injecting the hard work with some soft fun. Here are some photos and a little video of the Bound in Public "To catch a predator" shoot that we did on Monday. The first "predator" shoot with Brenn Wyson was so successful that we couldn't wait to do another one. My good friend Josh West and I are back as the law enforcers that take manners into their own hands... errr... I mean onto our own dicks.... errr... hell, I don't know.
And thank God for friends! My friend Rowdy definitely won the "best t-shirt award of the day" with this awesome t-shirt!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm alive... I mean LIVE!

You know the line... "Sorry, I've been so freakin busy I haven't had time to post anything!" So I'm not going to repeat it. Ummm... I guess I just did. Never mind.

So here's a part of what's going on...

First, tonight is my first Naked Kombat Live! Yup, it's a live tag team match with Trent Deisel, Leo Forte, Cameron Adams and DJ. It will take place in front of a live audience and will also be broadcast live on the internet at I am so excited and nervous!!! So much involved. I am directing and refereeing and managing all the models. SO MUCH INVOLVED!!! If you want to check it out just click here and head on over to at 7:00pm PST.

And speaking of LIVE... I will be doing a live web show for Raging Stallion this Sunday at 8:00pm PST with Lance Navaro. I will be fisting and fucking him. Not sure if fisting is your cup of tea. I've been practicing my skills lately and I hope it's going to be a HOT show! You can check it out by clicking here and going to the Raging Stallion Rearstable site at 8:00pm PST.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Working my butt...

From the Raging Stallion film THIS WILL HURT

I have been WORKING MY BUTT OFF!!! Directing or performing or location scouting... EVERY DAY!!! Don't get me wrong... it's been fun. But I'm freakin exhausted and It's starting to take it's toll on me. I filmed another HOT Bound in public last night here at the Armory, got home after midnight, and had to wake up at 6:30am to head to the DMV to register my truck and get a new California license. I passed the test and my license picture is HOT if I do say so myself. I don't know why I come out so well in pictures when I'm held together with lube and duct tape and I feel like I'm about to blow away in the wind.

I promise to update with LOTS of photos and stories starting this weekend. (Even though I am working all weekend. Ugh.) For now, here is a photo I received from Raging Stallion yesterday from the film THIS WILL HURT which just came out. You can CHECK IT OUT HERE. (The film that is... not my butt!)

OK... after reading the first comment I have to add this...
I am sharing details about my life with you. It is a great life but it is NOT perfect or completely peaceful or a charmed life by any means. There is lots of good but also lots of stress and bad... like everyone's life. So if I mention some of the stress and exhaustion in my posts PLEASE give me a freakin' break and let me express it. Respect that and respect me. Again, I am not complaining... well, I am complaining... but NOT ONLY complaining. I'm just trying to share that the life of a BDSM Porn Star and Director is NOT a glamorous and perfect thing. (Not that anyone should have thought that in the first place.) And I am still settling in San Francisco and dealing with a lot of loose ends and new details. (Like the fact that I have absolutely no money right now because I am still paying for my Florida place until the rent from that starts kicking in and have so many unforeseen expenses that came from the move and the problems that I've had with it... like the asshole I was renting a room from trying to steal my rental deposit (still have to get legal help with that) and all the repairs I had to do on my Florida house before it was ready to rent.) So let me talk about the bad with the good or I stop sharing my personal life and will just give you pretty pictures and tall tales of fun and partying with hot porn stars. (Damn! I wish that life really existed.) I definitely need to make time to go to my meditation class again. LOL