Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Goofing around while Bound in Public

Been working so hard and so much lately and trying not to burn out. That means you have to keep injecting the hard work with some soft fun. Here are some photos and a little video of the Bound in Public "To catch a predator" shoot that we did on Monday. The first "predator" shoot with Brenn Wyson was so successful that we couldn't wait to do another one. My good friend Josh West and I are back as the law enforcers that take manners into their own hands... errr... I mean onto our own dicks.... errr... hell, I don't know.
And thank God for friends! My friend Rowdy definitely won the "best t-shirt award of the day" with this awesome t-shirt!


Jambrea said...

Some great stuff there and I LOVE that t-shirt. lol

Sue said...