Thursday, March 10, 2011

Working my butt...

From the Raging Stallion film THIS WILL HURT

I have been WORKING MY BUTT OFF!!! Directing or performing or location scouting... EVERY DAY!!! Don't get me wrong... it's been fun. But I'm freakin exhausted and It's starting to take it's toll on me. I filmed another HOT Bound in public last night here at the Armory, got home after midnight, and had to wake up at 6:30am to head to the DMV to register my truck and get a new California license. I passed the test and my license picture is HOT if I do say so myself. I don't know why I come out so well in pictures when I'm held together with lube and duct tape and I feel like I'm about to blow away in the wind.

I promise to update with LOTS of photos and stories starting this weekend. (Even though I am working all weekend. Ugh.) For now, here is a photo I received from Raging Stallion yesterday from the film THIS WILL HURT which just came out. You can CHECK IT OUT HERE. (The film that is... not my butt!)

OK... after reading the first comment I have to add this...
I am sharing details about my life with you. It is a great life but it is NOT perfect or completely peaceful or a charmed life by any means. There is lots of good but also lots of stress and bad... like everyone's life. So if I mention some of the stress and exhaustion in my posts PLEASE give me a freakin' break and let me express it. Respect that and respect me. Again, I am not complaining... well, I am complaining... but NOT ONLY complaining. I'm just trying to share that the life of a BDSM Porn Star and Director is NOT a glamorous and perfect thing. (Not that anyone should have thought that in the first place.) And I am still settling in San Francisco and dealing with a lot of loose ends and new details. (Like the fact that I have absolutely no money right now because I am still paying for my Florida place until the rent from that starts kicking in and have so many unforeseen expenses that came from the move and the problems that I've had with it... like the asshole I was renting a room from trying to steal my rental deposit (still have to get legal help with that) and all the repairs I had to do on my Florida house before it was ready to rent.) So let me talk about the bad with the good or I stop sharing my personal life and will just give you pretty pictures and tall tales of fun and partying with hot porn stars. (Damn! I wish that life really existed.) I definitely need to make time to go to my meditation class again. LOL


bill said...

Damn, what a glorious butt. Regarding your work schedule, you remember how excited you were when you first described us your new job? Well, lets see how it goes.

Sue said...

Um, you look hot in photos because you are hot!

Pick said...

Hey wow, you have to re-test for a license in a different State? God Bless Canada ... I'm not sure I'd have the guts to do another driver's test at this point.

All the hard work isn't making you any less hot. My God man ... can you GET any hotter. I'm looking forward to you having a few gray hairs on that handsome head of yours. You're the kind of guy who just keeps getting better. I *think* there's a Clairol ad in there somewhere. lol

Crappy that you're having those rent problems ... damn, maybe you should take that guy to the Armoury, and along with a few other sexy TOP guys tie that fella up, work him over and make him cough up the money. You could title the shoot the bullies! ;o)

Hugs bud. Be well!

rtmaster4all said...

Please give us the good and the bad you have the right to a balanced blog its what makes it interesting and everyones life has rainy days. You have alot of balls in the air things will settle down. We are with you all the way.....Ned

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way: Now that you've gotten the truck registered in California you can renew the registration online and pay with your credit card. Every couple of years you'll probably need to have a smog test done. No big deal.

Sorry to hear about the landlord/deposit issue. I would think there are tenants rights groups that could help you out with that.

Oh....your ass is way hot, dude!!! You've still got it. Don't tell yourself otherwise.

Robert A. Geise said...

This is your blog, Nick. Personally, I'm glad to hear you're busy and worried that you're working yourself to death, but that's my own "stuff," not yours to worry about. Express as you will. I certainly wouldn't have it any other way, and neither should you.

As much as pictures are nice, I like the other stuff, too.

WeighTrain said...

Damn, I just found your blog via MetalBond (I know, like 3yrs late right?). Was reading about all your troubles and wishing I was in California to be your assistant. I'm very organized, anal about details (pun intended), and know how to get stuff done and find what's needed (not to mention my excellent grammar ;). I could take care of the swindling movers, lazy tenants, and new apartment setup (also great at organizing furniture) for you so you could focus on work.

Alas I'm stuck, closeted down here in the unaccepting south, just drooling over the opportunity to enter the SteamWorxxx bathhouse, let alone to have a bathhouse that is actually active enough to be worth the gas and entrance fee to get to. So buck up, Nick, and if you ever need an attaché to south Texas or even have a layover in SA and want someone to worship your muscles and big cock in the airport bathroom, you just let me know!! ;)

blacknoon said...

Love the photo. Don't know which I want to do first, grab something or poke my finger inside something. LOL

And Nick, your up and down life is what makes your blog so interesting. Though it seems somebody keeps raining on your parade so here is an umbrella and sunshine. Things could always be so much worse be grateful for the things you have, keep priorities straight, chin up, and take each hurdle as a personal challenge to conqure. Looking forward to your next post.

Hugs and kisses

Last note, I don't get that popup anymore from that gay site so whatever you did most have worked!


alleen said...

Hi Nick,
To write about all the good things and bad things that is what we all love, and why your blog is so interesting. Hmm and you are still looking great.
Big hugs

bill said...

I'm just saying, you were ready for this and took the opportunity of a life time. I guess no one really knows what all goes on besides you, and we need your insight for what all is behind the scenes.

Stephen said...

Wow. Now that is a HOT butt. There are always going to be a**holes out there to post negative comments.
Whatever you post, its always interesting to read. Everything will turn out better soon.

Nick Moretti said...

Bill... THANK YOU for posting another comment and clearing up what you meant. I really took your first comment as a negative statement. I get you now and you're right... "Let's see how it goes."