Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who knew?

I've been so busy with work and getting settled in San Francisco that I didn't even realize I had some new videos out. It seems that Raging Stallion has released two new videos featuring yours truly!

The first one is called This Will Hurt and includes a scene I did with Logan Scott, their newest exclusive. Flogging, sucking, fucking... FUN! You can check it out by clicking here.

The second video is Edger 9: Race to the Edge. It's a compilation of scenes taken from Race Coopers website Edger 9. The scene I did for them that is featured here has me as a hitchhiker and Race as a horny pig searching for cock... just like in real life! (Gotta love that boy.) We found a secluded, industrial location to film it at but it wasn't secluded enough. We actually got busted by security just as we were finishing the fucking and going for cumshots. I wonder how they edited around that? Can't wait to see it myself. You can check it out by clicking here.

As for my personal life. I'm finally feeling like I am somewhat settled in San Francisco. My dog Cynder has been the link to some sense of stability and family for me. We go for walks in the back yard and she's always either on my lap or sleeping at my side. Thank God for her.

I went to a dance party called PLAY on Saturday evening after I finished up with my latest Bound in Public shoot. It was great to dance and mingle with all the guys who are now my new neighbors and friends. I also got to hang out with Frank from Work in Progress. I've been trying to hang out with him for a while but I've always seem to be out of town when he's here. Here is a photo he took of us at the PLAY T-Dance party. Why do I always look that short in photos? Ugh.

Gotta get back to work now. I'm editing some Naked Kombat shoots today and prepping for my Bound Gods shoot tomorrow. Been a LONG time since I've shoot one of those and I am looking forward to it!

Oh.... I'm trying to get the problem with my blog fixed but I've had no luck. For now you can just click CANCEL when the annoying pop-up window appears on the screen. You actually have to click it four times until it disappears for good. If anyone knows how I can fix the problem (seems like my blog was hacked and hijacked my another website) I would be eternally grateful!


Sue said...

I cannot wait to see your RSS movie!


Pick said...

I happen to like "short" guys. Especially if their porn name is spelled "Nick Moretti!" ;o)

Glad Cynder is back with you and is helping you stay grounded and making you happy.

Bill said...

Hey nick, found out that if you just click the x on the top of that pop up menu instead of clicking cancel over and over again, it seems to work just fine. Just a temporary fix to the issue. Stay handsome.

Unknown said...

Your posted photo is now my new background. Good luck with the BG shoot. Can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

Handsome man.

Jim said...

Hi Nick! Hope all's well by you. I was experiencing the same pop-up problem...mine only came up once. After an hour of investigating I realized it was when my Blog List came up (at first I thought it was a recent picture re-post). The Thumblogger blogs for some reason now trigger the pop-up when your blog list loads...perhaps they've enhanced their security or protocol. In any event, I had to remove MetalBond's link and that solved the problem...thankfully, I have my banner that links to him & that still works without a problem. You, indeed, have four links to Thumblogger: Al's Gay Porn Stars, MetalBond, Master Dro & Mr. Kristofer. You may want to delete them from your list and use banners to link to them instead (though, like me, I think you do have a MetalBond banner). You don't necessarily have to publish this comment...I thought it was the best way I to contact you...but you can publish it if you think it will help others. Take Care, Jim

Bill said...

God Damn, that top picture is freaking hot as hell.

Anonymous said...

Nick you look hot as usual glad you are adjusting to SF. I cannot wait to see your scene with Logan Scott