Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm NOT dead!

This has been the longest period of time I've EVER gone without a blog post. I have literally not had a moment to stop and put one together. The last week... 2 weeks... hell, I don't even know at this point... have been so fucking crazy!!!

I flew back to Florida to sell all of my stuff and get the house ready to rent. After only having 6 hours sleep in 2 days I took the red eye directly from work and landed in the morning to meet with the Property Management guy and sign the contract. Then it was 3 days of garage sales, selling stuff on Craigslist, delivering furniture to the people who bought it, selling my birds :-( and packing the rest of the stuff up and getting ready for a charity thrift store or throwing it out. I had 6 hours sleep during those 3 days. I'm not fucking kidding you! And the worst part of it all was the garage sale. It was basically people coming to my house and stealing things. SERIOUSLY!!! Everyone was stealing everything. Old people, young people, every ethnic group... EVERYONE was stealing shit! (I've posted some photos of my house in Florida and the stuff that was left after my garage steal... I mean sale. Can you believe it's the same house that I posted pictures of in my last post?)

I made it through all of that and got back to San Francisco just in time to be here for the arrival of truck with all of the possessions that I had shipped 3 weeks ago. $69o on top of the moving fee was paid to the moving company's "expert and complete packing service" so that they would box everything up and it would all be safe during the transport. EVERYTHING was broken!!!
Seriously. My Mac computer was smashed, my Thomasville wood desk, and matching wood shelving unit, and wood filing cabinet were broken and smashed, my artwork and collectible sculptures were broken, my dishes and glasses were broken. My floor and table lamps were broken. Almost every box was crushed. And the "expert" packers used my good linens and towels to wrap up some of my belongings instead of proper packing materials. They also "lost" my heavy metal bar but delivered the 2 heavy metal barstools and 2 heavy metal shelves. All useless without the bar. I am in the process of trying to get compensation for the massive destruction of most of my possessions but they are already being dickheads and the paperwork I filled out says they will pay 60¢ per pound for damaged items. That means my $2500 smashed computer should bring about $8.00. FUCK!!!! I guess I'm going to have to fight them and maybe even use my homeowners insurance to help. Ugh.

On the bright side... I went to Ikea and bought some new furniture to replace the smashed stuff. Never been there before and I LOVED IT!!!

Work has been non-stop and stressful as hell. Again, I'm NOT complaining. Just stating a fact. My 3 month probation period is over and my position is secure now and my insurance will kick in. The only thing left is renegotiating my salary. Keep your fingers crossed!

I've directed a bunch of Naked Kombat and performed in a bunch of Bound in Public. I've actually performed in 13 Bound in Public in the last 3 months! That is a lot!!! (I've attached some photos of the Bound in Public I did last Friday night with Trent Deisel and Christian Wilde after the house photos.) HOT AS HELL!!! Oh... and I filmed a movie for Tom Ropes McGurk on Saturday with Leo Forte. BUSY!!!

I have 2 more days of work, directing and performing then on Friday night I take the red-eye back to Florida for a week long Atlantis gay cruise!!! THANK GOD!!! I need a vacation so bad. I'm going with my ex Joe and I am looking forward to relaxing (even though it is going to be a super party atmosphere). And when I get off the cruise the following Sunday I fly back to San Francisco with my dog Cynder!!! YEAH!!! I miss her so much.

I may not be able to post until after the cruise but I hope you guys keep checking back and don't forget about me!


Sue said...

What moving horror stories you have! Your stuff getting smashed sounds the worst - did they just toss it around??? Good luck getting your money back Nick!

Damien said...

Shalom and welcome back.

Movers broke all my stuff three moves ago *sigh*

I empathize Mr Moretti

Jim said...

That sucks about your stuff but now you've discovered the joys of IKEA :) Maybe it was time for new stuff ('cept for the computer, which is just plain annoying & the birds as pets are hard to replace or part with). Have fun on the cruise!

alleen said...

Glad that with you is everything allright. The things that are broken that sucks. Have a lot of fun on the cruise. And thanks for the pictures of Trent Diesel he is really hot.

twink4daddy said...

yay! i've checking everyday too see if youre back!

Jacob said...

sorry for being absent here for such a long time, i've been similarly busy too :(

so i understand the stress and pressure you're going through. all you need is a good vacation, Nick. just relax and you'll feel all the tension gone.

and poor you! what lousy movers are those?! hope you get your money back (: all the best!

hope to see more posts soon(:

your loyal fan,

Ed said...

You NEED that cruise -- not that the Atlantis people don't have a full agenda planned. Have fun, and remember that the horror of moving will pass.!!

Pick said...

Oh man stud, you're scaring me here. I'm most likely moving all my stuff back to Nova Scotia in May or July and this is exactly the kind of thing I'm dreading.

I've had big delays in deliveries in some past moves I've made but never any breakage. YIKES bud, I'm sorry you went through all that. I thought there was mover's insurance to cover that sort of thing.

IKEA's fun huh? There's a huge one in Toronto ... you can plough around that store for days. If you want to "Window shop" for some really nice furniture though, check out ... LOVE that stuff but just a little outside my budget at the moment. lol

Hope you thoroughly relax, unwind and enjoy yourself on the cruise.

Also congratulations on passing the probation period at work (I'm sure that was with flying colours and then some).
Can't wait to see your input to the sites as you settle in and they give you more freedom.

Unknown said...

Aawww, so sorry about all your stuff getting smashed. Moving really does suck. In the last 25 years, I have moved six times. UGH !!

Glad you are getting a vacation cruise. You deserve it. Also so glad to hear that Cynder will be back with you soon. I bet she misses you as much as you miss her!

Oh, and so glad you are not dead. I was beginning to wonder...

Stephen said...

Nick, that's horrible what the movers did to your stuff.
You may have to take them to court.
Have a good time on the cruise.

cmR said...

good luck & fun in your future, from your fan

Anonymous said...

good luck & fun from now on, from your fan

blacknoon said...


So sorry to hear about your stuff being ruined. From an old 60 minutes story it seems like your experience is way to common. Sometims the movers will hold your stuff hostage until you pay additional 'fees' not listed in the contract and threaten to auction your stuff off if you don't pay and insist on what is listed in the contract. Perhaps you should have gotton one of those pod containers and pack your own stuff. They will deliver it where ever you need it to go. Expensive but you won't get ripped off. Enjoy your vaction hope it it's warm!