Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Steaming up Steamworks

I was really nervous before the live show that I did on Saturday at Steamworks. I've never done a live show like that. I've done web cam shows with other guys... but never an actual live show with just me! What the fuck was I going to do? I'm really not that exciting. LOL. This was also broadcast on Cam4 so besides all of the people watching me live and in person at Steamworks, there were people at home paying to see me.

So I started out in a jock strap and played with my cock until it got hard. Then I pulled it off and stroked it for a while.

Next I started fingering my hole while I stroked my cock. The audience was dead silent. Having done Bound in Public for so long, I know that most audiences just sit back and are afraid to get interact or even make noise.

I reached down and pulled a butt plug from out of my bag. Sucked on it for a while and then started poking it in and out of my hole. Thank God there was some Bear Slick Lube on the stage for me to use cause it took a while and some extreme effort to get it in all the way! (Been a long while since I've had anything in my butt.)

As I was working the butt plug up my ass and stroking my cock, a hot, furry bear wandered up to the stage. YEAH!!! He started out licking my nuts while I jacked off and then sucked me off a little. I pulled him up on stage and returned the favor. He layed down and I tea bagged him for a while and then fucked his face. He got up on his knees and started licking my balls again as I continued to stroke my dick. A couple of minutes later I shot a huge load into the air and all over my chest.

Apparently, the show was a huge success. The guys at Steamworks said it was their best attended event of that type and that made me feel really good. I gotta say there were tons of hot MEN there that day. Mostly furry and beefy... the way I like them. So I guess there was nothing to worry about!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Video from SX Video!

SX Video just released the latest film I did with them... "MEN BAREBACK!".

My scene was a hot raw 3-way with uber-bottom Dominik Rider and massively hung Luca Bondi. To check it out go to my VIDEO ON DEMAND theater by clicking here. Hope you like!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Inflicting Pain – The Good Kind

Found this on the Lavender Lounge Blog today...

"Nick Moretti is a kinky bastard

He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, but he really likes to inflict pain – the good kind. And if Nick leaves bruises or marks on one of his victims, that is a measure of success for him

In this scene with Blake Daniels, Nick gets to wail on Blake’s back with a flogger. Throughout the scene, both on-camera and off, he kept commenting on the marks he left, referring to them almost as an artistic achievement. What makes the scene even more intense is that Blake is a good moaner, and he gets very verbal in the heat of passion, too. Verbalizing can heighten the excitement and intensity of a scene, and I had to keep checking on Blake between shots to make sure he was okay."

Music to my kinky bastard little ears!

You can check out a preview of the video by clicking HERE and then scrolling down to where my video with Blake is.

After a day of directing another awesome BreeDSM video for Treasure Island Media I'm heading to bed and getting some rest before my live show at Steamworks tomorrow. Hope to see you there!

Monday, March 19, 2012

All work and no play

I just got back home to San Francisco after filming with Tyler Saint for Robert van Damme. Robert was a really sweet and good director and it was an awesome experience. Tyler was looking better than ever! In the scene he plays a frustrated businessman who hires an escort to relieve some tension. I play the escort. Quite a stretch! LOL. Here are some photos from the past week and all the work I've been doing.
Tyler Saint looks HOT as fuck in and out of clothes. Woof!
Directed my 3rd video for Treasure Island Media on Friday. BreeDSM is cumming your way!
Rowdy was the 2nd camera for the shoot and let's just say he's very hands and mouth on when it comes to work. Ed Hunter has big muscles, a big dick, and was an awesome dom/top.

I directed the last two Butt Machine Boys in my contract last week.
I can't wait to see the new series of scenes I directed for them!!!
Here is sexy Tony Hunter who took it like a pro in the meat packing plant.
As an added bonus, Tony pissed all over himself while getting plowed by this machine. HOT!
Dominic Sol did my last Butt Machine Boys shoot last Monday and he was awesome!
I really hope I get to work with this hot and sweet man again.

I took a break from work on Saturday and went to see The Lorax in 3D on Saturday afternoon.
After the movie I had to pee and this is what I saw in the stall next to me.
Starting young... isn't he? LOL Thank God it wasn't what it seemed! just released this photo from one of the scenes I did in Toronto a couple
of weeks ago. That was one crazy shoot! I can't wait to see how it turned out.
Cum see me at Steamworks in Berkley on Saturday.
I'll be doing a live show and hanging out all day. Should be fun!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I guess I'm a sure thing

I'm nothing if not classy.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Double Dickin' Damon Dogg

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to do a scene with Damon Dogg and Jesse O'Toole
 for the soon to be released Factory Video "Double Dickin' Damon Dogg". It was crazy, hot and fun! Jessie has a huge dick and mine is not so bad. Put them together, shove them up Damon's hole, and let's just say a good time was had by all! I gotta say that Damon is one of the nicest guys I've met in the business and I wish him so much success with his new line of videos for Factory Video.  Click here if you want to check out his blog and find out more about him and his work. Here are a fuckton of photos from the shoot. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My new scene from SX Video

SX Video just release my new scene for their upcoming movie Men Barebacking on their website. It was a hot 3-way with uber-bottom Dominik Rider and Luca Bondi (who has a HUGE dick!). Here are a few photos from the scene and you can check it out by clicking here.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Still Barebacking That Hole

I'm still in Toronto filming for Bareback That Hole. We just finished day 5 of shooting with 1 more shoot tomorrow before I hop on the plane back home to San Francisco. 6 Shoots and 2 photoshoots in 6 days is exhausting! I don't even want to touch my weiner it's so overworked. LOL. Thank God all of the models have been awesome and the director, Ricky Raunch, is cool as hell to work with.

Tonight Ricky took the cast out to a really nice dinner and his friend Steven came along. Turns out that not only is Steven a great guy, but he's also Mr. T.O.R.N. (Toronto Ontario Rubbermen Network) 2012. I'm glad I got to meet and talk to him. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's shoot and then a peaceful and uneventful flight home. The flight here was absolutely horrible! Got bumped off my flight, then added back on last minute only to get the last seat, in the back row, in the corner... and it didn't recline at all. Then half hour into the flight there was a medical emergency with much craziness and a total stop of all food and beverage service. Top it off with bad turbulence and a really rough landing and I arrived in Toronto stressed and exhausted. Wish me luck for a better flight home!

It's 1:30am and I am turning off my computer and collapsing into my bed. Sweet dreams everyone. Here are a couple of photos from the shoot I did with sexy British fucker Ben Statham and rough and rugged Chad Brock. You can check out Bareback That Hole by clicking here.
Sexy British fucker Ben Statham sucks my dick after I pull it out of Chad Brock's hole.

Chad Brock and me double fucking Ben Statham. Damn is that boy HOT AS FUCK!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bareback That Hole in Toronto

I'm in Toronto this week filming for Bareback That Hole with some amazingly hot guys. It would be perfect accept that I'm having to deal with some really really bad news from home. I'm just breathing and trying to get through it all. Thank God for work!!! Here are some photos I took on the set today. I told you they were hot!