Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Steaming up Steamworks

I was really nervous before the live show that I did on Saturday at Steamworks. I've never done a live show like that. I've done web cam shows with other guys... but never an actual live show with just me! What the fuck was I going to do? I'm really not that exciting. LOL. This was also broadcast on Cam4 so besides all of the people watching me live and in person at Steamworks, there were people at home paying to see me.

So I started out in a jock strap and played with my cock until it got hard. Then I pulled it off and stroked it for a while.

Next I started fingering my hole while I stroked my cock. The audience was dead silent. Having done Bound in Public for so long, I know that most audiences just sit back and are afraid to get interact or even make noise.

I reached down and pulled a butt plug from out of my bag. Sucked on it for a while and then started poking it in and out of my hole. Thank God there was some Bear Slick Lube on the stage for me to use cause it took a while and some extreme effort to get it in all the way! (Been a long while since I've had anything in my butt.)

As I was working the butt plug up my ass and stroking my cock, a hot, furry bear wandered up to the stage. YEAH!!! He started out licking my nuts while I jacked off and then sucked me off a little. I pulled him up on stage and returned the favor. He layed down and I tea bagged him for a while and then fucked his face. He got up on his knees and started licking my balls again as I continued to stroke my dick. A couple of minutes later I shot a huge load into the air and all over my chest.

Apparently, the show was a huge success. The guys at Steamworks said it was their best attended event of that type and that made me feel really good. I gotta say there were tons of hot MEN there that day. Mostly furry and beefy... the way I like them. So I guess there was nothing to worry about!


Jim said...

Congrats! :) And, damn, that's a hot pic!!!

Grady said...

Damn man!! Wish I was there to catch that show :)

Stan said...

Good for you! Sounds like a hot show.

CT said...

So hot! Wish I was there!

pomir said...

I would love to play with you Mr Nick moretti