Sunday, March 4, 2012

Still Barebacking That Hole

I'm still in Toronto filming for Bareback That Hole. We just finished day 5 of shooting with 1 more shoot tomorrow before I hop on the plane back home to San Francisco. 6 Shoots and 2 photoshoots in 6 days is exhausting! I don't even want to touch my weiner it's so overworked. LOL. Thank God all of the models have been awesome and the director, Ricky Raunch, is cool as hell to work with.

Tonight Ricky took the cast out to a really nice dinner and his friend Steven came along. Turns out that not only is Steven a great guy, but he's also Mr. T.O.R.N. (Toronto Ontario Rubbermen Network) 2012. I'm glad I got to meet and talk to him. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's shoot and then a peaceful and uneventful flight home. The flight here was absolutely horrible! Got bumped off my flight, then added back on last minute only to get the last seat, in the back row, in the corner... and it didn't recline at all. Then half hour into the flight there was a medical emergency with much craziness and a total stop of all food and beverage service. Top it off with bad turbulence and a really rough landing and I arrived in Toronto stressed and exhausted. Wish me luck for a better flight home!

It's 1:30am and I am turning off my computer and collapsing into my bed. Sweet dreams everyone. Here are a couple of photos from the shoot I did with sexy British fucker Ben Statham and rough and rugged Chad Brock. You can check out Bareback That Hole by clicking here.
Sexy British fucker Ben Statham sucks my dick after I pull it out of Chad Brock's hole.

Chad Brock and me double fucking Ben Statham. Damn is that boy HOT AS FUCK!!!

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Mario said...

Damn, two pairs of hot looking feet. Woof!