Saturday, February 25, 2012

Not your daddy's Butt Machine Boys!

I haven't mentioned Butt Machine Boys in a while so it's time to give an update on that. Let me just say that the shoots I've been directing are OUT OF CONTROL CRAZY!  I've worked in bondage, suspension, water sports, aliens and robots, a creepy "gimp" character, vegetable sex, huge dildos, huge cocks, beautiful round butts, hot men and boys... wait till you see what's coming your way. This is not your daddy's Butt Machine Boys!

The list of hot guys that have taken their turn on the machine in this round of shoots is Sebastian Keys, Tober Brandt, Emanuel, Lance Navarro, Blake Oscar and Ethan Ayers. I still have two more shoots left in my contract and those will feature Tony Hunter and Dominic Dominic Sol. I'll keep you posted on when they go live on the Butt Machine Boys site. Hopefully the response will be good and they will hire me to do some more shoots for them. If not it's on to other projects with other companies... one of which I've been in serious negotiations with and am very excited about. For now here are a buttload of photos I've taken on some of the recent Butt Machine Boys shoots.
Sebastian Keys liked getting fucked my the machines so much the first time he's back for seconds. Can you guess who works his ass over real good?
Sebastian taking this HUGE black dildo is a beautiful sight to see.
Tober Brandt is a sick and twisted pig. Now he proves it!
Tober Brandt's playground.
Tober Brandt's playground.
Tober Brandt getting plowed after he eats his veggies... with his ass.
Tober smiling after the butt machine lovin.
Sexy Emanuel. Watching him get fucked is an almost spiritual thing.
I'm always on hand to help when needed.
Just when you thought it couldn't get more extreme.
Talk about being at the mercy of the machine.
Better like that?
Or better like this?
Damn does that guy creep me out.
Many thanks to my good friend Brent Ganetta for his AWESOME ropework. You can email him at or find him on twitter @knottybrent.
Is Lance Navarro ready for what's coming his way?
Bound, suspended, helpless and fucked hard. Nice!
Blake Oscar probed and fucked by aliens and robots. A hot nerd fantasy!
Ethan Ayers looks so innocent in his baseball uniform. The coach is gonna straighten his ass out!
The toolbox... it gets your hole fixed up real good.
Butt Machine 1 - Ethan Ayers 0

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hot Daddy Work Week

I'm in my hotel room here in Milwaukee. Cold and exhausted after a long couple of days and nights. Awesome days and nights actually. My buddies Chad Brock and Clay Towers have great to work and hang with.

First up I competed in a Hot Daddy Contest at the Ram Bookstore in Chicago. I won! First time every winning a contest like that!!! Chad came in second place. We all went out to a named called Hydrate for celebratory drinks and then to a country western bar named Charlie's so Chad could get his dance on.

The next day I did a HOT bareback fuck scene with a guy that I met out the night before. It was his first time ever in a porn but I know it won't be his last. Hes sexy as fuck and an awesome performer. Welcome to the wonderful world of porn Jake Mullen.

Next up was a road trip to Milwaukee where Chad and I danced at a bar named Boom. Again, another first for me. I was nervous as fuck but it ended up going really well and it was so much fun!

After four hours of sleep we were up and back at the bar where Chad and I filmed a scorching bareback fuck scene. We had to finish up before 2pm when the bar opened. I shot my load at exactly 1:59pm and it was a wrap! Clay did an awesome job with the camera work. I can't wait to see the two scenes that I did on this trip. I know Clay and Chad are going to be really successful with their new production company.

Now I have to try to fit all of my crap back into my suitcase and get some sleep. Gotta get up in a few hours and drive back to Chicago for my flight home to San Francisco. I can't wait to get home and cuddle on the couch with my dog cynder. Anyway, here are some photos from the last couple of days.

Chad and I were up against each other in the Hot Daddy Contest.
It got aggressive. Actually... I kinda got naked. Imagine that?

Here is Chad, me, Clay and Don celebrating after the contest.

The next day I filmed a scene with a really hot guy that I discovered the night before.
It was hot as hell!!!
Welcome to the wonderful world of porn Jake Mullen.
A star is born!
Next we were off to Milwaukee where Chad and I danced at Club Boom.
Well... Chad danced and I did this awkward monkey shuffle that I do.
It was my first time dancing like that at a bar and I had a blast!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dad was right!

Seems this was circulating all around the Facebook world. AWESOME!!! Dad was definitely right.

I just landed in Chicago a couple of hours ago. Going to spend the week with my good friends Chad Brock and Clay Towers and film some hot porn with them. Saturday we are driving to Milwaukee for an appearance at Club Boom. I can't wait!!! Life is good.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Load!

Here's a little lovin' from Nick Moretti.
Click here to see this video.
For free of course!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Manhandled - The Hustler

The Video I did LAST WEEKEND for Manhandled just went live on their site. Damn was that fast! You can out a FREE PREVIEW by clicking here.

Here is the scene description if you care, followed by lots of naked photos from the video.

Nick Moretti wasn't expecting much when he grabbed a guy off CL to get him off in his hotel, and Cylus seemed perfect for the job. Sometimes a dom stud just wants a couple holes to use, abuse and toss away. Except turns out there's a potential diamond lurking under all Cylus' roughness, as Nick hammers away at his bought boytoy and finds a natural submissive beneath the tattooed surface....

Click here to see FREE PREVIEW!

Click here to see FREE PREVIEW!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

See... I do have a life outside of work!

I haven't been posting much about my personal life lately so here are some photos and details of some stuff that's been going on with me.
I'm painting my bedroom. I'm tired of the white walls in every room. The room is going to be a nice beige color with a deep brown accent wall. It means I'm going to have to paint the walls back to white when I move out... so I guess I'm never moving!

Rowdy and I took an awesome day trip to Santa Cruz and stopped at this awesome seafood restaurant in Half Bay Moon. The day was warm and sunny, the food was great, and sitting outside on the bay was awesome!

Turns out Rowdy like riding coasters as much as I do and the Giant Dipper wooden coaster at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk kicked ass.

The Giant Dipper got two thumbs up from Rowdy.
I haven't ridden on a carousel since my real father took me to Coney Island in Brooklyn when I was a kid. This one even had the rings that you reach out and grab as you pass by.
Rowdy had never been on a carousel before but he really liked straddling a big, black horse and riding up and down. Pun intended.
The day was warm and beautiful and we hung out on the beach after riding the rides and watched the sunset.
Rowdy proudly sporting his new Treasure Island Media hoodie. He's really enjoying his new job there as cameraman.
Saturday I flew out to LA to do a shoot with Of course they searched my carry-on bag at security and ended up pulling out the 5 butt plugs I had in there, swabbing them for chemicals, and running them through the x-ray machines... in front of everyone! I just laughed cause it's not the first time and it won't be the last.
This time on I was a businessman in a hotel that picked up a trashy street hooker to work over.

Sexy Cylus Kohen was the trashy street hooker. He plays the part a little too well, if you ask me. (I'm allowed to say that... he's a friend of mine.)
This Saturday night is the Mr. San Francisco 2012 Escort of the Year Contest.
Did you vote for me yet? You can vote by clicking here.
I hope to see some of you at the Powerhouse Bar to cheer me on.