Thursday, February 2, 2012

Raw Bears and Bare Boys

Just saw the cover for the new DVD "Raw Bears and Bare Boys". It's me and Rowdy McBeal on the cover again. I'm actually featured three times on the cover three times! Remember when I used to complain that I was never featured on a cover?

Like I said, the main photo is Rowdy and me. The other two shots of me are not as prominent... to say the least. LOL. In one someone is sitting on my face, and in the other I'm facing the other way and bent over while I'm getting my ass eaten. Not that I'm complaining!

I will let you guys know when it is available to view or purchase.

Tomorrow I have another shoot with Treasure Island Media. I gotta say that I really like working with that company. I know they have a reputation for pushing all the limits, and pushing people's buttons, but what's wrong with that? They've been honest, professional and fun to work with. That was a nice surprise!

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luco40 said...

you went to bareback, it is very great and now you are on the cover. i hope that for treasure island it was also a bareback scene.