Saturday, February 25, 2012

Not your daddy's Butt Machine Boys!

I haven't mentioned Butt Machine Boys in a while so it's time to give an update on that. Let me just say that the shoots I've been directing are OUT OF CONTROL CRAZY!  I've worked in bondage, suspension, water sports, aliens and robots, a creepy "gimp" character, vegetable sex, huge dildos, huge cocks, beautiful round butts, hot men and boys... wait till you see what's coming your way. This is not your daddy's Butt Machine Boys!

The list of hot guys that have taken their turn on the machine in this round of shoots is Sebastian Keys, Tober Brandt, Emanuel, Lance Navarro, Blake Oscar and Ethan Ayers. I still have two more shoots left in my contract and those will feature Tony Hunter and Dominic Dominic Sol. I'll keep you posted on when they go live on the Butt Machine Boys site. Hopefully the response will be good and they will hire me to do some more shoots for them. If not it's on to other projects with other companies... one of which I've been in serious negotiations with and am very excited about. For now here are a buttload of photos I've taken on some of the recent Butt Machine Boys shoots.
Sebastian Keys liked getting fucked my the machines so much the first time he's back for seconds. Can you guess who works his ass over real good?
Sebastian taking this HUGE black dildo is a beautiful sight to see.
Tober Brandt is a sick and twisted pig. Now he proves it!
Tober Brandt's playground.
Tober Brandt's playground.
Tober Brandt getting plowed after he eats his veggies... with his ass.
Tober smiling after the butt machine lovin.
Sexy Emanuel. Watching him get fucked is an almost spiritual thing.
I'm always on hand to help when needed.
Just when you thought it couldn't get more extreme.
Talk about being at the mercy of the machine.
Better like that?
Or better like this?
Damn does that guy creep me out.
Many thanks to my good friend Brent Ganetta for his AWESOME ropework. You can email him at or find him on twitter @knottybrent.
Is Lance Navarro ready for what's coming his way?
Bound, suspended, helpless and fucked hard. Nice!
Blake Oscar probed and fucked by aliens and robots. A hot nerd fantasy!
Ethan Ayers looks so innocent in his baseball uniform. The coach is gonna straighten his ass out!
The toolbox... it gets your hole fixed up real good.
Butt Machine 1 - Ethan Ayers 0

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Anonymous said...

I haven't been on your site for a while. Reading this last post shows me how far u have come with confidence in directing and using your creative side to produce unique and exceptional work. Definitely something to be proud of. (this I am very much of too). I look forward to hearing about more wild, exciting new endeavors from director Nick.