Thursday, January 7, 2010

BOUND GODS - The Reluctant Slave

I am SO FREAKIN HAPPY with the way the Bound Gods video that was released today turned out!!! I've been patiently waiting and hoping that all of the work director, Van Darkholme, put into it would show in the final product... and it does!

(I've posted quite a few pictures here because I'm really proud of this video and my work in it. Hope the guys at Bound Gods don't get pissed at me.)

I actually wrote this on the Bound Gods comment section for the video (something I rarely do):

Nick Moretti here... I've been looking forward to the release of this video! When Master Van talked to me about doing this scene he said he wanted to take things back to the way they were in the beginning at Bound Gods. Hard,non-stop punishment... pure and simple. That's what we did. No long build ups, no complicated story, just not stop punishment. I have to say this was some of the most extreme flogging, cropping, electro-shock and fucking I've done. And, in my opinion, Shane Frost was an awesome slave boy. His cocky attitude made me want to keep him in line and break him down. I know that everyone has different tastes in men, boys and punishment, and I respect that completely, buy I really hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I did when I was filming it. - Nick

It is actually a beautiful and classic story...
Dom Master meets cocky, fuck-up slave boy.
Dom Master beats slave boy with a crop.
And makes him suck his cock.
Then he electro-shocks the hell out of the still not cooperating slave boy, paying special attention to his dick.
Frustrated that he is not getting the slave boy to submit, the Dom Master flogs the shit out of him, very, very hard... for a very, very long time.
Even the flogging doesn't get the slave boy to behave.
What is the poor Dom Master to do?
He fucks the hell out of the slave, tortures him by denying him the pleasure of cumming, over and over again and shoots a big load all over the slave boys ass.
Dom Master finishes his session with the slave boy by licking his warm cum off the slave boys ass, smacking it really hard, and walking away, leaving the beaten and fucked slave tied up till he's ready to try to teach him another lesson.

Beautiful story... isn't it? (Insiders note: In the real life version, the Dom and the Slave went to a Mexican restaurant and downed burritos and margaritas after the shoot.)
If you want to view the FREE PREVIEW of this video CLICK HERE.

Here are the pictures I promised...

CLICK HERE if you want to go to the website and view the free preview of this video.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! That was hot!

Stan said...

All I can say is: Damn lucky Shane Frost! Good job Master Nick Sir.

Pick said...

Could somebody please bring me a Mint Julep? I think I've got "the vapours" never had 'em before so I'm not sure, but I'm sweatin' and horny now, so I guess "thems" the vapours. LOL

Thanks Nick ... you guys and my imagination are going to make it really tough to get to sleep tonight. ;o{)

Pick said...

Oh yeah, and if the Bound Gods guys DO mind you posting all these pix ... guess we know who'll be takin' the punishment NEXT time don't we! Mwaaa Haaaaa Haaaaa! ;o{)

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blacknoon said...


I really like the way you made hime sweat!

You still have it in you.

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