Friday, September 17, 2010

Inverview with Van Darkholme at METALBOND!

Metal at METALBOND blog just posted about his recent visit to The Armory and a great interview with by friend, mentor and hero, Van Darkholme.

Van is a pretty shy guy and he rarely does interview so it's definitely worth checking out. And apparently...

"He also shared some humorous behind-the-scenes anecdotes, one of them involving the actor Nick Moretti, who … well, let’s just say he got a little “over-enthusiastic” one day with a fellow actor. "

Who me? LOL! I ALWAYS get over-enthusiastic with my fellow actors. I think it clearly comes across in my performance. Still, I'd LOVE to know the incident he was talking about. Maybe the time I pushed DJ, who was hanging on a meat hook suspended from a track on the ceiling, into a concrete wall, really, really hard (oops!).

Anyway, click here to check out the awesome post and interview at METALBOND.


alleen said...

Hi Nick, I am glad you are doing a little bit better these last few days. Thanks for the interview about Van and Bound Gods. Hope you make a good video again over a few weeks for Bound Gods( always love your video's).

Mathias N Oz said...

Met Van in the steamroom at Golds Market/Noe... he is one hot mother f*ckr